9 Best Wine Decanting Sets In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Do you want to excite your friends and family with a beautiful vintage that has been sitting in the cellar just waiting to be opened? If so, you will need a wine decanting set to remove sediments and enhance your wine’s flavor!

To help you choose the ideal one, here are the 9 Best Wine Decanting Sets in the market today!

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Our Top Picks

Chateau La Derive Wine Decanter Set
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Best Overall - Chateau La Derive Wine Decanter Set

Includes an opener, pourer, foil cutter, filter, stopper, and cleaning pearls

Best for Standard Wine Bottle - Mixologist World Wine Decanter Set

Unique waterfall design
Double layer filter
Includes built-in aerator with filter, cleaning pearls, and drying stand

Most Portable - Fengyet Wine Decanter Aerator Set

Easy pouring
Efficiently aerates wine

1. New Pacific YouYah Wine Decanter Set

New Pacific YouYah Wine Decanter Set
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Pros Cons 
  • Handblown Decanter
  • Lead-free 
  • Classic decanter shape
  • Includes a stopper, brush, holder, and cleaning pearls 
  • The stopper is not airtight
  • Thin glass

What Customers Have to Say

One of the shoppers adored this decanter set because of its classiness. She said it is perfect when people come over to serve wine, mimosas, and juice. It can also contain up to one and a half regular-sized bottles of wine.

Why We Think It’s Great

You won’t be disappointed if you choose YouYah's classic Wine Decanter set, which includes the most conventional and classic decanter that can be used for any occasion.

Each YouYah Wine Decanter is constructed entirely of lead-free crystal and is entirely handblown. A box of stainless-steel cleaning beads and a drying stand are included in each kit for convenient maintenance. 

Who Should Buy It

The New Pacific YouYah Decanter Set comes in specially designed packaging. This is why this set is perfect for people looking for a beautiful gift for their friends or family. It may be given as a Christmas gift or even at weddings. 

2. Onearf Wine Decanter Set

Onearf Wine Decanter Set
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 Pros Cons
  • Decants wine in 3-5 minutes
  • Lead-free 
  • 1200 mL decanter
  • Iceberg detail
  • Includes a stopper, drying stand, and cleaning pearls 
  • The decanter lid might not be so secured
  • Thin glass


What Customers Have to Say

One of the customers used this decanter set for their blind wine tasting. He said that they decanted four bottles of wine in only 10 to 15 minutes. He also confirmed that the design of the body of the decanter really made it easier to handle without the fear of it falling and breaking. 

Why We Think It’s Great

This lead-free crystal decanter enhances the purity, fragrance, and taste of your favorite wine while adding shine to any environment. It is an elegantly crafted wine decanter that is robust and practical with its 1200 mL capacity. Onearf wine decanter set requires about 3 to 5 minutes to get the same impact as a 1-hour traditional wine decanter.

Using the silicone breathing port, you may pour wine from a wine bottle into the decanter and vice versa. The wine decanter stopper is easy to clean and composed of stainless steel and silicone gel that are both food-safe. The bottom of the Iceberg wine decanter has been enlarged to improve grip and avoid accidents.

Who Should Buy It

If you want to upgrade the taste of your wine in a quicker time than the traditional decanters, then the Onearf Wine Decanter Set is the product to consider. It aerates red wine efficiently, and it has a stopper that fits in different bottle mouth sizes. 

3. Chateau La Derive Wine Decanter Set - Best Overall

Chateau La Derive Wine Decanter Set
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 Pros Cons
  • Rainbow color decanter
  • Swan shaped 
  • 750 mL decanter
  • Includes opener, pourer, foil cutter, filter, stopper, and cleaning pearls 
  • Small compared to other decanters 


What Customers Have to Say

A pleased buyer commented that the decanter from the Chateau La Derive set is completely iridescent and beautiful whether natural lights or bar lights are hitting it. He also said that he liked the filter that comes with the decanter because it catches everything, making decanting more convenient.

Chateau La Derive Wine Decanter Set review

Why We Think It’s Great

Our wine carafe decanter's exquisite design provides a distinctive rainbow hue to the bottle, making it more extraordinary. When you're sipping your ideal wine from a conventional decanter, you'll notice a big difference. It's designed to fit into a regular 750-ml wine bottle.

Aside from the decanter, the package contains several useful extras, including an air pressure opener, an anti-drip pourer, a foil cutter, a filter, a vacuum stopper, and cleaning beads. The air opener and foil cutter will aid you in effortlessly opening the wine. If you don't have time to finish it, use the vacuum stopper to store it for an extended period. 

Who Should Buy It

Are you tired of the decanters' usual clear and transparent glass appearance? If you like to try something new and unique, try this rainbow-colored and swan-shaped decanter that will surely level up wine drinking nights.

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4. New Pacific YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set

New Pacific YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set
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Pros Cons
  •  Unique shape
  • 1400 mL capacity
  • Waterfall pouring design
  • Decants wine in 3-5 minutes
  • Includes filter, drying stand, and cleaning pearls 
  • Not recommended for storing unused wine



What Customers Have to Say

One of the satisfied customers mentioned that this decanter pours wine perfectly without any leaks. He appreciated the filter that screens broken cork pieces when it breaks while transferring the wine.

New Pacific YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set Review

Why We Think It’s Great

When utilizing this product, you just need to wait for roughly 3 to 5 minutes to receive the same decanting effect as a regular decanter does in half an hour, avoiding the prolonged wait period. In addition, the aerator spout has a fine filter that can remove sediments while also aerating the water.

The double-layered filter will help filter out contaminants while pouring wine. The beautiful decanting technology evenly distributes the wine across the whole glass body, considerably increasing the contact surface between the air and wine, providing a full decanting effect. The clever design of the beveled lid allows the wine to be readily poured out in only a few minutes.

Who Should Buy It

People who host big parties with many guests would adore this decanter because it can handle up to 1400 mL of wine. You won't have to replenish as often as you'd want. It also boasts an iceberg design at the bottom, prompting a conversation between you and your guests. 

5. Brew To A Tea Decanter Set

Brew To A Tea Decanter Set
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 Pros Cons
  • Easy to grip
  • Slanted mouth
  • Offers widest surface area for 750 mL of wine
  • Includes cork, brush, drying stand, and cleaning pearls 
  • Thin glass
  • Not dishwasher safe



What Customers Have to Say

The favorite feature and inclusion of one of the buyers of this decanter set is the quick-drying stand. She strongly suggested this decanter as it is very convenient to use and clean. 

Brew To A Tea Decanter Set review

Why We Think It’s Great

The broad base of this decanter allows for quick and effective aeration. Although it has a capacity of 1800 mL, its design produces the maximum surface area for a 750-mL wine bottle.

The decanter comes with accessories like a drying stand, cleaning beads, and a cleaning rope to make decanter maintenance easier.

Moreover, it has a slated top and a decanter neck that is simple to handle, making pouring out of the decanter spill-free. In an outdoor situation, the cork ball will keep your wine free of dust and mosquitoes.

Who Should Buy It

Individuals who enjoy full-bodied wines would love this item! The Brew To A Tea Decanter base is wide enough to get your wine aerated and aromatic. Enjoy these features with the decanter’s elegance and sleekness. 

6. Mixologist World Wine Decanting Set - Best for Standard Wine Bottle

Mixologist World Wine Decanting Set
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Pros  Cons
  • Has unique waterfall design
  • Double layer filter
  • 750 mL capacity
  • Includes built-in aerator with filter, cleaning pearls, and drying stand
  • Small capacity



What Customers Have to Say

A satisfied buyer said that she could tell the improvement of the wine from when it is stored in a decanter with a built-in aerator including a filter. She mentioned that this decanter smooths out harsh tannins of wines, especially the young ones. She also likes that it is convenient to clean.

Mixologist World Wine Decanter Set Review

Why We Think It’s Great

This decanter's built-in aerator, which has a unique waterfall shape, distributes the over the body of the carafe, speeding up the oxygenation process. It contains a two-layer filter that helps eliminate sediments when decanting and prevents spills and drips. The decanter set comes in a beautiful box, making it an excellent gift idea for any occasion.

Who Should Buy It

Wine connoisseurs who want to be extra sure that there aren’t any sediments or residues in their wine should check this decanter set out. Apart from its double filtration system, it also includes cleaning beads and a drying stand for the efficient maintenance of the glass. 

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7. Physkoa Wine Decanter Set

Physkoa Wine Decanter Set
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Pros Cons
  •  Excellent gift idea
  • With handle
  • Includes cork ball and cleaning beads
  • Light 


What Customers Have to Say

According to one of the shoppers, this decanter set is a great gift option as it comes with a nice package and handmade certificate. The quality of the crystal surpassed his expectations, and he said that the decanter is light but solid.  

Physkoa Wine Decanter Set

Why We Think It’s Great

Physkoa has made a high-quality wine decanter that also serves as an aerator. A typical 750 mL bottle of wine can be poured into the biggest diameter of the aerator, which not only removes sediment and debris from the liquid but also aerates and brightens the flavor of the wine.

Physkoa Wine Decanter Set includes stainless cleaning beads that are effective at removing wine stains. The high-quality hardwood stopper will ensure that your wine remains fresh and clean. Its beautiful design will elevate your wine-drinking experience to a new degree of sophistication. 

Who Should Buy It

If you are searching for an elegant present for your wine lover friends, this decanter set is an absolutely great choice. The decanter handle makes it unique and convenient and will surely be adored by your friends.

8. Fengyet Wine Decanter Aerator Set - Most Portable

Fengyet Wine Decanter Aerator Set
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 Pros Cons
  • Durable 
  • With gift box set
  • Easy pouring
  • Portable 
  • Efficiently aerates wine
  • Made from acrylic



What Customers Have to Say

According to one of the buyers, this decanter aerator has a shockingly nice quality. He said that this decanter looks like a high-end product in person. 

Why We Think It’s Great

Allow the wine to aerate fast, improving the flavor and fragrance while softening the tannins and improving its taste. The wine aerator comes with a base stand and a drawstring pouch, making it ideal for use at home or on the go.

The ten-hole aeration and innovative injection line technology allow this wine dispenser to improve the flavor of red wine ultimately. It's simple to use, allows for quick oxygenation of the wine, and is resistant to leaks and drips. 

Who Should Buy It

Wine enthusiasts will truly be excited to try this decanter aerator out. It aerates wine quickly, and it comes with a pouch so that people on the go would not have to worry about drinking wine outdoors.

9. VOOV Wine Decanter Set

VOOV Wine Decanter Set
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 Pros Cons
  • With foldable stand 
  • Space-efficient 
  • 1800-mL capacity
  • Slanted mouth
  • Includes microfiber drying cloth, brush, and cleaning pearls 
  • Thin glass
  • Glass has bubbles



What Customers Have to Say

One of the shoppers remarked this decanter set as a great value for money because it is already complete with a cleaning set, making it labor-saving. The customer also approved the angled lip of the decanter because it prevents creating a mess while pouring. She also liked the cork stopper, which helps to keep the wine fresh.

VOOV Wine Decanter Set review

Why We Think It’s Great

VOOV's Decanter Set has contemporary 5-piece cleaning tools that will protect your decanter and glasses for years to come. This cleaning kit is created using high-quality materials and includes instructions on adequately cleaning your wine accessories!

Your decanter may be dried upside down on an industrial-grade stainless steel pedestal. Scratching is avoided thanks to the rubber ring. When the decanter stand is not used, it collapses for simple storage.

The decanter has a large capacity and can accommodate up to 1800 mL of wine. It has a slanted mouth for easy and mess-free pouring.

Who Should Buy It

Wine connoisseurs and even wine novices who are having a hard time cleaning their decanter should consider purchasing this decanter with a cleaning set. It is complete with cleaning equipment to help protect and maintain the crystal barware.

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Best Wine Decanting Set Buying Guide

Using a decanter is a terrific option if you prefer red wine or consume wine frequently. Decanting may appear insignificant, but it significantly improves the flavor of wine by softening harsh tannins and allowing fruit and flowery aromas to emerge.

Here are some practical factors to assist you in determining which decanter to buy if you're looking for one.

Size of Decanter

The size of the decanter matters on the volume capacity that you prefer on wine. If you like drinking alone or just serving wine to 1-2 persons, a regular 750 mL capacity decanter will do. However, if you want to host a bigger party, you may opt for magnum sizes that can accommodate up to 2 bottles of wine.

The type of wine to decant is also vital when choosing the size of the decanter. For small decanters, light-bodied red, rose, and white wines. Medium-bodied red wines like merlot, dolcetto, and grenache are better for medium-sized decanters. Meanwhile, full-bodied red wines are finer and have large decanters.

Type of Decanter

Wine decanters exist in various forms, with many of them being as much about beauty as they are about usefulness. The neck of the decanter, on the other hand, is one of the most important elements that relate to usage.

Wide neck decanters are ideal if aeration is your primary objective. They let more oxygen into the wine, allowing it to aerate more quickly and efficiently. They're also easier to clean than versions with a thin neck.

On the other hand, the tiny neck allows less air in; therefore, they aren't excellent for aeration. They might also be challenging to keep clean. You'll likely need to purchase a specific brush and cleaning beads to clean them properly.

Shape of Decanter

There are various decanter shapes available in the market. There are traditional ones, and there are also unique forms. Unique shapes include cornett, swan, duck, horn, and others. This choice is up to you, and you have to decide based on your preference. 


It is worth investing in one of the higher-end versions if you want something more attractive or capable of separating the sediment for excellent, older wines. After all, if you've decided to make a significant wine investment, it's well worth it to ensure that all of the connected accessories you own are in good working order.


Buying a decanter set means having extra components apart from the decanter glass. The most common features to consider are cleaning kits, wine opener, stopper, and filter.

If you want a substantially complete set, you would probably need to spend a little more money. But if you just have specific needs and wants for a set, you may choose more affordable equipment and tools.

Best Wine Decanter FAQ

1. What is the use of a wine decanter?

Decanting wine serves two purposes. Pouring into a glass decanter for older, well-aged wines helps to remove the sediment that forms over time. This results in a wine that is smooth and not harsh.

Second, wine decanters and carafes allow oxygen to enter the wine, allowing natural aromas and tastes to emerge that would otherwise be confined in an airtight container.

2. How long should wine aerate?

Allow your wine to aerate in a wine decanter for 30 minutes to several hours before serving, depending on the kind and age of the wine. Younger wines usually require extra decanting time to mellow any harsh or strong acidic flavors.

3. Is decanter only for red wine?

White wine, unlike red wine, rarely forms sediment, so it doesn't need to be decanted. White wines, in particular, can benefit from a bit of air to help them open out. Decant older red wines to remove any sediments. In contrast, younger red wines require time to "breathe" to realize their full taste and fragrance potential.


You’ve found the best wine decanting sets on the market, and now you know how to choose one that suits your needs. The right set can help you get more value out of wines that have been sitting in your cellar for years by making them taste better!

The best product on this list is the Chateau La Derive Wine Decanter Set. It is a rainbow-colored decanter that is swan-shaped and includes an opener, pourer, foil cutter, filter, stopper, and cleaning pearls.

Another excellent product is the Mixologist World Wine Decanter Set. It has a unique waterfall design, has a double layer filter, 750 mL capacity, and includes an aerator, cleaning beads, and a drying stand. It also includes four wine glasses.

Check out the Fengyet Wine Decanter Aerator Set if you want a portable set. It is durable and has a gift box set. It is also easy to pour and efficiently aerates wine.

Did you like anything from this list? Share it with us!

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