A carafe beside two wine glasses

Carafe: What It Is And Why You Need To Have One

A carafe beside two wine glasses

A carafe is a vessel for serving alcoholic beverages, primarily wine. The carafe is often composed of glass or crystal. Unlike a pitcher, a carafe usually does not have a handle.

It is used to aerate the wine and provide a bigger surface area for air and wine exchange than an open bottle. It may also be used to decant wine, allowing any deposits that have developed over time to be removed.

What you need to know about carafes is contained in this article. Read below for more information!

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What Are the Purposes of Using a Carafe for Wines?

The beverage determines the purposes of a carafe. A glass carafe is a must-have item for serving drinks at home! You can use it to serve water, iced tea, or lemonade, as well as juice. If you enjoy wine too, this item will enhance its aesthetic appeal by adding an elegant touch with gorgeous crystal glasses that match every setting.

Aesthetic purposes

When serving customers, a sommelier or waiter at a restaurant may pour wine into a carafe to boost a great impression. The container makes a striking appearance for visitors and elevates the wine-serving experience. When wine is served in a carafe, it adds a vintage and elegant sense.

Serve wine

To avoid overpouring, precisely serving the wine using a carafe is encouraged. Its traditional flared form minimizes spillage when pouring and aids with wine aeration. A carafe, however, can be damaged if mishandled because of its glass composition.

Decant wine

Decanting is the process of transferring wine into a new container in order to separate the deposits from the wine. The wine is decanted by gently pouring it against the inside surface of the carafe. The idea is to pour the wine without any impurities that may have built up over time.

Aerate wine

When we aerate wine in a carafe, the surface area of contact between the oxygen and the wine must be significant. As a result, a carafe with a wide opening and a flared container is recommended. This is to achieve efficient wine aeration and improve the wine’s taste and aroma.

What is the Difference Between a Carafe and a Decanter?

The fragrance and tastes of the wine are typically subdued when it is bottled. As a result, aeration is necessary for a wine's full taste to emerge.

Aeration is the act of exposing a drink to air in such a manner that it becomes oxygenated, and all of its tastes and aromas are liberated. Using containers like a decanter or a carafe to aerate and oxygenize wine is one of the most traditional and elegant ways to do so.

Shape and Form

Carafes are standard liquid storage containers with an extended body and a compact base that can carry a significant amount of liquid while taking up little table space. Wine decanters have a flat and a wide bottom and a long, narrow, and curved neck.

Some decanters also include stoppers that cover the wine being poured until thoroughly aerated, slowing the wine's decomposition after contact with the air.

Type of Beverage

Carafes are more generally used to contain any type of liquid like juice or coffee. Meanwhile, decanters are used exclusively for wine, especially old and red wines. Old wines are more likely to include sediments and shattered cork since they have been bottled for a long period.

In contrast, red wines are recognized for their high sediment content. Consequently, the decanter assists in filtering sediments of stored wines.

What is a Coffee Carafe?

Glass coffee carafe

A coffee carafe is a pot usually included in many drip coffee machines. It's where the coffee is brewed. It comes with a handle, lid, pouring spout, and a cup measure marked down the sides of the container.

Coffee carafes are more conventional and are what people expect to see when they buy coffee. Glass or stainless steel can be used to make these containers.

Best Carafes

Netany Glass Carafe with Lids

These carafes are made of thicker glass and are dishwasher safe, perfect for everyday and party use. Plus, they are easy to grip with an elegant design and a narrow neck.

Hiware 50-Oz. Glass Drip-free Carafe with Stainless Steel Flip-top Lid

Hiware's carafe is the perfect size for your fridge. It is made of real borosilicate glass and comes with a flip-top lid for longevity and easy liquid pouring. This carafe is designed for all beverages, including water, juice, soda, wine, and spirits!

Savino Glass Wine Carafe

Savino, suitable for both red and white wines, acts as a buffer between the wine and the air, ensuring that your wine remains fresh glass after glass. The Savino wine preserver comes with its own beautiful and lightweight tube container to ensure it is accessible and secure at all times.

Libbey Wine Carafe
This Libbey single-serving wine carafe is a stylish way to pour the wine of your choice. Include this handy individual wine carafe in your barware to allow your wine to breathe and provide a consistent pour.

Bezrat Wine Carafe

This glass wine decanter has dramatic curves that enable a whole wine bottle to oxygenate as it flows in and out, making a gorgeous centerpiece for your tabletop while entertaining. When you pour a full bottle of wine into this carafe, the alcohol achieves the decanter's maximum diameter, providing optimal aeration.

NUTRIUPS Wine Carafe

The snail pierced form is a conversation starter when you have visitors around. When placed on the table, the modern style of the red wine decanter adds styles and decors. The hollow round form naturally acts as a handle, providing a secure hold. It also makes pouring and cleaning easier.

Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon Wine Carafe

The carafe by Bormioli Rocco features a sleek, elegant design that will match your dining table and improve your wine drinking, whether you're at home or in a restaurant! This 36.5-ounce size is great for serving wine, but you may also use it to serve a variety of other beverages.

Carafe FAQ

1. How much wine can a carafe hold?

A standard-size bottle of wine can fit in a typical carafe. A full carafe is equivalent to one full bottle of wine, 750 mL. In most cases, one bottle equals four glasses of wine. Half carafes carry two glasses of wine, generally 375 mL.

2. What is a thermal carafe?

A thermal carafe is a double-walled stainless steel container. A vacuum exists between the walls to reduce heat transmission through convection. The contents of the thermal carafe pour servers may maintain heat for hours with minimal heat loss.

3. How long can you keep the wine in a decanter?

If you keep the wine in a decanter, you'll want to drink it within 2 to 3 days. It's not a great idea to keep the wine once it's been opened for any longer than that. Even if it has a cork, it is not entirely airtight, and the wine within might get stale due to excessive aeration.


The carafe is a specialized vessel that allows you to serve your favorite wines in style. It can be made from any material preferred, but most often these days, it's made of glass or crystal. It also comes with an aerator for letting out more oxygen, so the drink tastes better than ever before!

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