Expert barman is making cocktail night club bar

Jump-Start Your Education With Professional Mixology Literature

Expert barman is making cocktail night club bar

Mixologists are driven by passion, and every glass of cocktail they make attracts many new and returning clients. There is a vast difference between drinks made by an educated mixologist and an ordinary one. The former creates well-balanced drinks that leave their clients with unforgettable experiences. 

Technology has availed information online, and any passionate individual can learn the art of mixology. Those already with experience can add knowledge and become professionals through mixology literature available online.

Join a Bartending College

There are colleges offering certificate courses in professional bartending education. Students learn all the importance of becoming a professional bartender and the art of mixing drinks to make excellent cocktails for customers. 

The colleges cover detailed topics like preparing the bar, drinks recipes, and customer service. They also teach you about laws and duties governing alcohol and ways to identify levels of intoxication. You crown your training with topics on how to check identifications and how to deal with harsh conditions.

By the end of the training, students can recognize various liquor brands, bar tools, how to identify great tastes, point of sales system, and good service skills. All students sit for the National Restaurant Association advanced exam.

Learn Mixology Online

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Online sources are unlimited, and every individual with a passion for mixology can search for information and start learning. The most significant advantage of online learning is time, freedom, and you can set aside your study time any time of the day. 

Online learning can take two forms. One, you DIY and buy notes from websites or download free notes. You get the information, but you don’t sit for an exam meaning there will be no certificate. 

Two, you join an online college, pay tuition fees and start learning. You will sit for an exam and get a certificate. The second option is better if you want to advance your career.

Research Paper Writing Service 

Online learning has opened limitless education opportunities for college students. One of them is the opportunity to become a professional in mixology by choosing the right literature.

It’s as essential as choosing the appropriate research paper writing service if you are a university student. For more than once, I have visited the StudyClerk website for writing help. It is always as simple as saying “write my research or type my research paper” to get the work done on time. It’s affordable, and the students love it.

Read Mixology Books

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Great authors have written a lot of literature on the art of mixology, providing in-depth information on hundreds of cocktails, drinks, different types of services and clients. The books are available online or in hardcopies from a library near you. Some of the books are as follows:

  • Bartender’s Field Manual

Bartender’s Field Manual is an engaging book fit for any individual desirous of becoming a bartender fast. Its early chapters provide tips on how to land a bartending job quickly, even for newbies.

It is also useful to those who never want to settle long in one bartending but want to keep moving from one place to another. If you have experience in mixology, this is the book for you because you will always have someone willing to hire a mixologist for a party

Any reader can be scared by the title of this book. Surprisingly, Death & Co is not about being in the company of the dead or tasting death. The book is about mixing the most intriguing cocktails globally. 

It is co-written by David Kaplan, Alex Day, and Nick Fauchald, who spend their entire life working as mixologists. They discussed in-depth their cocktail-making journey, the techniques they used, its philosophies, and infusions. 

The New Craft of the Cocktail narrates historical facts about cocktails and goes deeper into their early and current records. The book was recently updated and now contains more than 100 recipes.

Any keen reader will note the recipes’ uniqueness and how easy they are to mix as the guest awaits. The book is useful for all mixologists at any level of experience.

The Drunken Botanist is written by Amy Steward and instills knowledge to bartenders about all different liquor types. It details whiskeys, rums, traditional banana liquors, wines, and so on. 

According to Amy, liquor knowledge is the key to becoming a renowned, most sought-after cocktail creator. Guests expect a mixologist who can answer every question without stammering or asking for time to refersuch a professional will create doubt.


Professional mixology is a respected career because it helps draw clients to the bars. The job is in high demand globally, and you can even get employed in a cruise ship to mix and serve cocktails to guests.

Every working mixologist should desire to advance their knowledge through online literature, buy books, or enroll in a college. An extra certificate earns you better chances to advance your career.

Vendy Adams is the marketing head for a business consultancy where she advises clients on improving their brand visibility and reputation through online campaigns. She’s a brilliant writer and works for a leading essay service serving US and UK markets.


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