SodaStream machine with carbonating bottle on a kitchen counter

How To Set Up SodaStream Fizzi? Instructions & Troubleshooting

SodaStream machine with carbonating bottle on a kitchen counter

Did you know that you can make sparkling water at the comfort of your own home? If you have a knack for seltzer water, then a soda maker is what you need for a more eco-friendly alternative. Among the leading brands of soda makers is SodaStream Fizzi. 

SodaStream Fizzi instructions include setting it up, inserting the cartridge, and adequately pressing the button for an optimal amount of bubbles. In this article, we’ll teach you the step-by-step process of how to use SodaStream Fizzi as well as troubleshooting tips.

Different SodaStream Fizzi Models

There are different SodaStream models. For example, there is the SodaStream Fizzi and the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch. The latter is a more advanced model because it carbonates automatically with its three settings, while the former is a manual machine with only one big button on top of it. This button is similar to the pulse button on the best blenders for frozen drinks.

The SodaStream Fizzi is also more affordable and easier to use. It is simple but functional enough to keep the components secure and provides sufficient bubbles for your drink. It also doesn't need electricity to work and is very portable, unlike the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch, so you can practically bring it anywhere.

What You’ll Need

To set up the SodaStream Fizzi, you will need the following components, which are usually sold as a set.

Step-by-Step SodaStream Fizzi Instructions

Step 1: Preparing the CO2 Canister

1. Peel the plastic covering on top of the CO2 cylinder.

Removing the seal of the canister

2. Unscrew the cap. Keep the lid for safekeeping. 

Unscrewing the cap from the canister

Step 2: Assembly of the CO2 Canister 

1. The back part of the SodaStream Fizzi is divided into two. Remove the sticker and open the back panel.

Opening the back panel

2. At the bottom part of the soda maker, there is a hole. Insert the canister through this hole and ensure that the top is properly positioned.

Inserting the canister

3. Twist the canister tightly to prevent gas leaks.

Twisting the canister tightly

4. Place the back panel back. It should just snap easily. 

Putting back the back panel and locking it

Step 3: Adding the Carbonating Bottle

1. Remove the cap from the bottle, then fill it with water up to the fill line. 

Filling the bottle with water 

2. Pull the lever of the machine outward.

Pulling the plastic lever outward

3. Insert the bottle in the dispenser or nozzle. It should lock securely. 

Sliding the bottle in the nozzle

4. Push the lever back along with the bottle. You’ll know that the SodaStream bottle is inserted correctly if there is a gap between the bottom of the bottle and the machine’s base. 

Pushing the bottle and the lever back.

How do you make soda water with SodaStream Fizzi? 

If you have correctly followed the SodaStream Fizzi instructions above, then you’re ready to make your sparkling water. Above the machine is a button that you should push firmly to start the carbonation process.

Hand pushing the button on top

Aside from the bubbles that you can see being incorporated in the water, you should also hear a bubbling or hissing sound that indicates that it’s working. Repeat the pressing until the desired carbonation level is reached.

To remove the bottle, slowly pull it from the nozzle. If you do it swiftly, you’ll risk losing some carbonation and creating spills and mess. If you intend to consume the water at a later time, put the cap on immediately. But if not, pour the sparkling water into a glass with ice. 

If you want to add a bit of flavor to your soda water, you can do so by adding fresh juices after carbonating it. Add 1-2 tablespoons of fresh juice (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) into the freshly carbonated water and put the cap back on. Tilt the bottle once and enjoy. SodaStream Fizzi also offers fruit flavor essence to make flavored water.

How many times do you press the SodaStream Fizzi button?

As mentioned, SodaStream Fizzi is manual, so you have full control over the times you press the button. However, there are standard frequencies of pressing the button. Because this soda maker model doesn't have a light indicator when the carbonation process is done, following the standard pumping is essential to prevent over carbonation.

Bubbles in a carbonating bottle

Three pumps are for light carbonation, whereas five pumps are for heavy carbonation. Normally, you hold the button for about two seconds, and once you hear that gas exhaling sound, let go of the button and pump again.

Do not over-carbonate because the bottle may explode, and you’ll risk wasting the carbon dioxide. It may also alter the taste of the water in a bad way.

Troubleshooting SodaStream Fizzi

Like all devices, you may experience some difficulties operating your SodaStream Fizzi. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate them.

1. Problems with leaks 

    • Nozzle

The nozzle is the thin and long straw-like part at the machine’s front where the bottle is inserted. To know where the leak is, you can disassemble the front part of the machine and check whether the valve that connects the nozzle to the canister is weak or loose. Just twist it to create a proper seal. Make sure that the nozzle is also fitted properly and tightly.

    • Bottle

SodaStream Fizzi has specific measurements and structure on the bottle, so use only those intended for the model. Seal the SodaStream bottle properly according to the Snap and Lock feature so the carbon dioxide will not overflow. Make sure that the bottle is upright rather than at an angle.

    • CO2 Cylinder
Check first if the valve is properly sealed. It has to be twisted tightly. If there are still leaks, it may be due to a canister manufacturing defect. Just replace the damaged canister if you have extras.
    • Air Hose

The air hose is located inside the soda maker machine. If the leak’s cause is not due to the mentioned factors, then it must be due to the air hose; only then can you disable the SodaStream Fizzi and replace the hose if needed.

2. There is not enough carbonation

    • Running Out of CO2
One way to check the contents of the CO2 canister is by pressing the button on top of the valve. If you hear gas escaping, it means that it’s too empty to work and needs to be replaced.
    • Loose Canister

Ensure that the canister is tightly screwed but not too much. There should be a smooth passage of the carbon dioxide to the bottle.

    • Only Use Cold Water

For best results, only use cold water because they hold carbonation better than warm water. This ensures sufficient bubbles in your drink.

3. The lever is not moving

    • It May be Caught

If the lever is not pulling outward, let it rest for a while and then try to lift it away from the machine slowly. Don’t yank it out, as this will cause more damage. 

4. The machine is not working

    • Excess Sealer Washers

The sealer is located in the valve where the top of the canister is inserted. To check how many are there, remove the canister first and turn the machine upside down. Inside the valve, you’ll see a black rubber ring. If there's more than one, remove the extra with tweezers. The soda maker machine only needs one to work.

    • Damaged Sealer

If you have observed that the sealer is damaged or worn out, replace it with a new one or the extras you have taken out. 

5. The bottle is not inserting or detaching well

    • Apply the Snap and Lock Correctly

Make sure that you’re using the bottle that the machine comes with. Once you insert it in the nozzle, push until it clicks. When removing, allow the bottle to release itself. If it’s still not loose, set it aside for a few seconds. Then push the bottle back, and it should release.

SodaStream Fizzi FAQ

1. Can you add the flavor before carbonation?

No. If you add the flavoring before you carbonate, there’s a chance that the liquid might overflow and cause a mess. The sugar residue can also clog up the nozzle and form mold over time.

2. What happens if I use milk on my SodaStream Fizzi?

You’ll get curdled milk. Unlike water, when you attempt to carbonate milk, it turns to curdled milk rather than the expected fizz. That’s because when you agitate the molecules in milk, it combines and forms solid particles, leaving a weird and foul taste.

3. What happens if I use wine instead of water?

Much like adding the flavor before carbonation, there’s a chance that the liquid may explode. Wine is made from fermented sugar, and adding carbonation to that type of drink can increase the pressure and cause it to explode. You’ll end up with a mess and foamy red wine that doesn’t taste as good.


Setting up your SodaStream Fizzi is easy. If each step is done correctly, you’ll be making your favorite fizzy drinks and mix cocktails with vodka or other liquors in no time. Following our SodaStream instructions and troubleshooting guide ensures an uninterrupted soda maker operation.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? If so, share it with others or leave your thoughts in the comments.


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