15 Best Soda Makers in 2020: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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  • Our Top Picks

  1. Best SodaStream: SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker
  2. Best Starter Kit: SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit
  3. Best Design: Aarke Carbonator II
  4. Best Handheld: iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon
  5. Best Versatile: Drinkmate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker Drink
  6. Best Overall: DrinkMate IDRIP-Free Carbonating Bottle
  7. Best Value: SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle
  8. Best for Small Kitchen: IKICH Sparkling Water Maker
  • Runner-ups

  1. KitchenAid KSS1121OB Sparkling Beverage Maker, Onyx Black
  2. Nuvantee Soda Siphon
  3. Impeccable Culinary Objects ICO011 Soda Siphon
  4. Spärkel Beverage System Sparkling Water and Soda Maker
  5. SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine with CO2 & Glass Carafes
  6. FIZZpod Soda Maker
  7. iSoda 31-03 Eco Plus Carbonated Soda Maker, Black

Why add fizz to water? In 2018 alone, about 800 million gallons of sparkling water were sold in the United States alone. While water is still the best beverage, not many prefer it from the tap, unchilled especially during the summer months. However, soda is the culprit for many decayed teeth, elevated blood sugar, and other health problems. To enjoy the fizz without the health complications, make your own soda water. Here we rounded 15 soda makers in the market to help you make a better choice. 

Benefits of Soda Maker

Companies producing soda makers insist on the long-term value of making your own soda at home. 

1. Convenience

Making soda beverages in the comforts of your home any time of the day is a very good selling point for this product. Whether it can just make soda water or other beverages, it is still a good addition to any kitchen for soda lovers.

2. Big Savings

You can save big when you have your own soda maker at home since you don’t need to go to the grocery to buy your favorite soda. All you need is to have a replacement CO2 cartridge when yours is all used up. 

3. Environment-friendly

You also save on the use of plastic bottles by reusing the canisters. Since you are more likely to be using tap water than bottled water then you can dramatically decrease the number of single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans that find its way to bodies of water resulting in pollution and harm to marine life. In fact, one bottle of CO2 cylinder (60L)  can potentially reduce up to 3,000 single-use plastic bottles or cans. That’s a lot less carbon footprint there. 

4. Healthier Choice

Instead of drinking sugary drinks, you can control the amount and type of sugar or sweeteners to use in your beverages. Research also shows that kids who drink carbonated drinks are more hydrated than those who don’t. As long as you monitor the amount of sugar in those homemade carbonated drinks then you should be fine. 

Buying Guide

Here are a few tips you might consider when buying a home soda maker machine. 

1. Setup

You can choose between a handheld or countertop soda maker. If you have very small counter space, buying a handheld soda maker can be a good choice. However, if there are 5 of you who drink soda at least twice a day, then a countertop setup is a better option since it can make more soda in a shorter amount of time.

2. Source and storing of CO2 cylinders

Since CO2 is a consumable, you need to stock up on it if you are using a handheld soda maker. Find a soda maker that has the nearest available seller and gives you the most value. It should also be kept between 50-70oF (10-21oC) to keep it from bursting due to an increase in pressure. 

3. The time needed to carbonate drinks

Handheld soda makers make soda water a lot longer than countertop soda makers because the countertop ones have more power to it. Also, countertop makers can make more soda water in one go compared to handheld soda makers. Different brands take slightly different lengths of time to make a single batch too. 

4. Versatility and value

There are soda makers in the market now that can carbonate beverages other than water. If you like to carbonate almost anything, look for this type. They are a bit pricier than the regular soda maker but are totally worth it. 

5. Design

If you have small counter space, find something that is sleek but functional. The design also entails ease of cleaning. Taking apart a soda maker to clean can be hard but a well-designed soda maker will take cleaning into consideration.

15 Best Soda Makers

Here are 15 best soda makers in the market today that are most endorsed by many reviewers and users. 

Our Top Picks

To narrow down your choice, we corralled 8 best options for the category you are considering. 

1. Best SodaStream: SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker - AdvancedMixology

Made by the pioneer in homemade soda, SodaStream International Ltd based in Israel, this soda maker set comes with a 60-liter CO2 cylinder and 1-liter reusable carbonating bottle. This can produce up to 60 liters of carbonated water. We consider this as the best soda maker machine because of its sleek design that is small enough to set up even in small kitchen counters. Amount of fizz in the drink can be controlled by the three buttons on the top of the soda maker. Replacement CO2 cylinders can be bought on SodaStream online shop, Amazon, and other online stores. 


2. Best Starter Kit: SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit - AdvancedMixology

For those who want a starter kit that will not leave a hole in your pockets, this is a good kit to start. This is one SodaStream sparkling water maker that you can lug even when you go on campings since it does not need any electricity or batteries. Just push in the carbonating bottle and push the button on the upper part of the soda maker. In seconds, your bland tap water is turned into sparkling water. You can add flavoring syrup which you can also buy from SodaStream website, Amazon, and other online shops. One cylinder can make 9 liters of sparkling water. The CO2 carbonator cylinder can also be bought from above mentioned shops. 


3. Best Design: Aarke  Carbonator II

Aarke  Carbonator II - AdvancedMixology

Best design is given to the Aarke Carbonator II with its stainless steel finish and no mess base. The model is available in 4 finishes - black, gold, copper, and stainless steel that fits in any kitchen design and color scheme. It can be operated without electricity or batteries. Just press down the lever 2-3 times to get the carbonation you need. The kit comes with a carbonator and 1-liter PET bottle. However, you have to purchase the gas cylinder to use your soda maker since it does not come with a free CO2 cylinder. It uses SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinders. The downside of this soda maker is the price. The soda maker, PET bottle, and CO2 cylinder is available on Aarke website, Amazon, and other online stores. 


4. Best Handheld: iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon

iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon - AdvancedMixology

Sleek design, classic colors, and portability are the best attributes of the iSi Steel Soda Siphon that earned its best handheld soda maker reputation. So easy to use: just fill the container with chilled water, shake, and insert a CO2 charger in the designated valve. Shake it again for at least 6 times, remove the charger and voila, your soda water is ready to use. The chargers are available in 10, 30, and 100-piece boxes and are totally recyclable. Each charger can carbonate up to 800ml of pure water. It can only be used for water, though. 


5. Best Versatile: Drinkmate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker Drink

Drinkmate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker Drink - AdvancedMixology

Make your own soda for your mojito or Tom Collins with this handheld soda maker that can also carbonate other drinks such as juices, tea, wine, and cocktails. It comes with its own spritzer, 500-ml bottle for your on-the-go drinks, fizz infuser, and 2 10-L CO2 cylinders. The 10-L CO2 chargers are not available on Amazon but can be ordered on the DrinkMate website. 

This soda maker is so easy to use. Just fill the bottle with your desired beverage and insert into the fizz infuser. Thread in the CO2 chargers, pull the lever for 3 seconds and you get your favorite carbonated drink. Surprisingly, the fizz infuser perfectly fits the DrinkMate countertop infuser. 


6. Best Overall: DrinkMate IDRIP-Free Carbonating Bottle

DrinkMate IDRIP-Free Carbonating Bottle - AdvancedMixology

Take out your store-bought or fresh juice from the fridge and give it a new life with just a few steps. Revive your flat soda or beer instead of throwing it down the drain. It works with any standard 60-L CO2 cylinder so whatever brand you can get your hands on is perfectly fine. The two-year no-fuss warranty gives you the peace of mind that you will get to enjoy every drop of your favorite beverage. It comes with a 10-L CO2 cylinder which can be swapped with a standard 60-L cylinder later. 


7. Best Value: SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle - AdvancedMixology

This is the best value soda maker bundle that you can get from the market. Kit comes with the Fizzi sparkling water maker, 3 1-L reusable bottles, 2 60-L CO2 cylinders, and 2 zero-calorie flavorings for an amazing drinking experience. Why drink ordinary tap water when you can get delicious, flavored sparkling water at a quarter of the price of standard sparkling water? 

The sleek design and the timeless black color make it fit in any small kitchen while providing you the best drinks to keep you hydrated each day. 


8. Best for Small Kitchen: IKICH Sparkling Water Maker

IKICH Sparkling Water Maker - AdvancedMixology

Rightfully earning the honors as the best soda maker for small kitchens is the Ikich Sparkling Water Maker. Although the kit (soda maker and 2 1-L BPA-free bottles) does not include the CO2 cylinders, this brand can use any standard 60-L CO cylinder. With its slim design, you’ll have no problem bringing it anywhere with you, especially if you are watching what you drink. All you need is fill the bottle with water, press the button on top for 4 minutes and you have your sparkling water minus all the unnecessary ingredients. 



Here are some good choices you should also consider before deciding to buy your soda maker. 

9. KitchenAid KSS1121OB Sparkling Beverage Maker, Onyx Black

KitchenAid KSS1121OB Sparkling Beverage Maker, Onyx Black - AdvancedMixology

Available in 8 colors to choose from - contour silver, empire red, onyx black, aqua sky, cobalt blue, green apple, tangerine, and white - you can choose the color that best fits your kitchen theme.  The set comes with a 60-L standard CO2 cylinder and 1L PET bottle. Add carbonation to your water with just a push of the lever. It also comes with a pressure gauge so you don’t add too much carbonation to your water. Too much pressure may cause the bursting of the bottle. 


10. Nuvantee Soda Siphon

Nuvantee Soda Siphon - AdvancedMixology

This works pretty much the same with the iSi Steel Siphon Soda Maker but just a bit longer. If you have the patience of a saint to wait for 15 minutes it takes to fully carbonate your water, then this one soda maker is for you. This is also the cheapest soda maker in this lot so maybe the price can make up with the wait. It can be washed in the dishwasher so that’s one less thing to wash with your hands. 


11. Impeccable Culinary Objects ICO011 Soda Siphon

Impeccable Culinary Objects ICO011 Soda Siphon - AdvancedMixology

Here’s another soda siphon you might want to try. This is also on the cheap side, using single-use CO2 chargers. The liquid inside may be hard to see with the stainless steel container but making soda water on the go is a breeze with this soda siphon. 


12. Spärkel Beverage System Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

Spärkel Beverage System Sparkling Water and Soda Maker - AdvancedMixology

This one is also available in 5 colors - white, black, metallic red, seafoam, and silver, though the other colors are pricier than the basic white. It can also be used in adding fizz to a lot of other beverages - fruit juice, wine, tea, herbs, spirits. If you want to carbonate your spirits, that is. Add fizz to your flat beer so you can still enjoy it and make the most of your bucks instead of just going down the drain. Control the amount of fizz you add to your beverages with the 5 levels of carbonation. It does not need a CO2 cylinder since the patented Sparkel Carbonator A+b pack gives you the fizz that you need. 


13. SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine with CO2 & Glass Carafes

SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine with CO2 & Glass Carafes - AdvancedMixology

Set consists of one unit soda maker, 60L CO2 carbonator, and 2 glass carafes. The standard 60L CO2 cylinder can be used for this soda maker. No need for batteries or electricity. The glass carafe can be washed in the dishwasher. 


14. FIZZpod Soda Maker

FIZZpod Soda Maker - AdvancedMixology

If you love fizz so much, you can add it to almost any beverage you love with the FIZZpod soda maker. Although it does not come with a CO2 cylinder of its own, any standard 60L cylinder can be used with it. It comes with 1 carbonator, 3 PET bottles, 3 caps, 1 fizz infuser, and a manual. 


15. iSoda 31-03 Eco Plus Carbonated Soda Maker, Black

iSoda 31-03 Eco Plus Carbonated Soda Maker, Black - AdvancedMixology

For something as sleek and compact as the iSODA soda maker, it sure is a powerful carbonator that can give a refreshing fizz to water, making it more enticing to drink without additional calories. It also comes in 4 colors - black, matte black, red, and white. It also comes with a soda maker, 1 BRA-free PET bottle with cap, and 3 oz food-grade carbonator that is refillable for less garbage and recycling. 



1. Are soda makers worth it?

Cost per liter, there is not much difference between homemade soda water compared to commercially bottled ones. Depending on the brand, it could either be slightly more expensive to make soda water. However, the benefits can be far-fetched since it dramatically reduces the number of plastic bottles that end up at sea. Recycling costs money too so soda makers may not save that much money but can potentially save the environment. 

However, if you are buying drinking water by the bottle, then the same bottles can have the same fate as the soda bottles, thus defeating the point of reducing the carbon footprint. In the end, the answer to the question remains with the consumer. While it is delightful to drink sparkling water, it is not that important. The worth of the soda maker lies in the fact that we have consumed this kind of beverage like our life depended on it when in reality it does not. 

Another issue of soda makers is convenience. While it can be convenient to make your own sparkling drinks at home, it is not always that convenient. Not all soda makers are versatile enough to be used in other beverages such as juices. Also, you should always use chilled water to make your sparkling water. 

2. Does sparkling water make you fat?

There is no evidence that carbonation and being gassy are related. However, artificial sweeteners found in soda water or zero-calorie soda can actually make you gassy. If you like drinking directly from the bottle or through a straw, you might be guzzling gases together with your beverage, resulting in a bloated feeling, eventually making you feel gassy. 

3. Is it cheaper to make your own sparkling water?

Makers of carbonators argue that it is safer to make your own sparkling water rather than drinking store-bought ones, especially if you are using your own tap water. 

4. Is carbonated water bad for your kidneys?

The whole point of adding carbonation to water is to make it more enticing. Studies show that children who drink carbonated water are better hydrated than those who drink plain water. The added sweetness plus the carbonation also makes you more satiated. For this reason, research also showed that people who drink carbonated water are less likely to rehydrate after exercise. This could potentially hurt your kidneys, having to flush out the toxins from the body without the aid of proper hydration. 

On the other hand, research shows that there is strong evidence linking carbonated beverages with kidney problems and other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. While cola beverages are the guiltier party, carbonated water using artificial sweeteners are not altogether in the clear. Research is divided on this issue, though, some claiming that artificial sweeteners can have aggravating effects on diabetes, which ultimately hurts the kidneys. However, without any aggravating issues, some artificial sweeteners should be safe enough. 

5. Can kids drink sparkling water?

Yes, kids can drink sparkling water. In fact, a few studies show that kids who drink sparkling water are more likely to stay hydrated than those who don’t. However, the downside of it is that sparkling water can potentially replace other healthy drinks such as milk and natural fruit juices. The carbonation can also cause bloating, resulting in sluggish and uncomfortable movement of the kids. So when it comes to kids, especially younger kids where habits are most likely to be formed, allowing them to drink sparkling water should be an issue that should be taken judiciously. Habits formed in youth can lead to life-changing decisions in the future.


Finding the soda maker that will work well both for your budget can be a bit daunting with the many options you have in the market. Try some cocktails using club soda or soda water such as the classic mojito

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