SodaStream with 3 bottles of liquor and check and x mark on each side

Can You Put Alcohol In SodaStream? Which Drinks Made The Cut

SodaStream with 3 bottles of liquor and check and x mark on each side

Soda makers such as SodaStream are innovative and helpful tools that allow you to make sparkling water at home. But can you put alcohol in SodaStream? Surprisingly, yes, but there are certain limitations given that alcohols have different densities and viscosity. 

Read on to find out if you can add your favorite alcohol in SodaStream.

1. Wine

Two glasses of white wine with the bottle and grapes

Want a cool hack? Transform your white wine into sparkling wine using SodaStream! Don’t bother with red wine, though, because it doesn’t work due to its viscosity and sugar level.

2. Beer 

Glass of beer with bottle and wheat on the side

SodaStream has a model that’s intended for brewing beer. But regarding re-carbonating flat beer, adding alcohol in SodaStream can be messy if the pressure is not right. We suggest storing your beer in a beer growler instead.

3. Vodka 

Vodka shots with hand holding one

Vodka seems to carbonate and blends well with other liquids that are not diet-type, resulting in a lightly carbonated and smooth palate beverage.

4. Tequila 

Tequila shots with lime slices and salt

Sorry tequila fans, but it’s not possible to make a carbonated version of your favorite liquor. There’s an off-taste that ruins tequila's quality when incorporated with bubbles, so it’s better off pure.

5. Rum 

Rum cocktail with ice and lime wheel garnish

Adding alcohol in SodaStream like rum is not recommended. Bubbles in rum are one way to make it dull because it is too dense, so save your carbon dioxide for something else and enjoy your rum straight or as a cocktail.

6. Whiskey

Glass of whiskey on a wooden surface

Yielding the best results when carbonated is whiskey. It becomes light, refreshing, and keeps its taste intact. Try using top-shelf whiskey for a more sophisticated drink.

7. Gin

Gin cocktail with a bowl of lime slices

Gin and carbonation is a win, but it needs help from mixers like lemon juice to give it a bit of flavor as the carbonation tends to make it flat. It’s also recommended to make gin into a cocktail before carbonating it.

Can you make a cocktail drink using SodaStream?

Some alcohols pass the carbonation test. While some taste just as good before carbonation, others don’t retain their flavor. You can make a cocktail instead to have a more flavorful drink. Just make sure that the ingredients are not dense, so instead of simple syrup, you can use liquid stevia.

What happens if you put juice in a SodaStream?

SodaStream recommends using only water. But people have been experimenting with other liquids, and juice seems compatible enough. You can easily carbonate apple juice, but orange juice is tricky because it foams up sometimes, especially if pulps are present. We recommend adding water to the fresh juice.


SodaStream is ideally for water alone. But you can still make fun and fizzy drinks from this soda maker machine. It works on some liquids, but others may explode. If you carbonate booze or juice in it, we suggest that you do it occasionally. 

Would you consider adding alcohol in SodaStream? Let us know your experience in the comment section.



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