help energy drink and alcohol pairings

6 Best Energy Drink With Alcohol Pairings That Won't Harm Health

help energy drink and alcohol pairings

Nearly 70% of adults in America drink alcoholic beverages each year. While it certainly has some severe adverse health effects, there can also be benefits when alcoholic drinks are paired with an all-natural energy drink like Liquid Help.

The combination of energy drink with alcohol provides several health advantages. Plant extracted caffeine, Vitamin B, zero sugar, zero calories, and natural flavor make you physically active and provide excellent vitality without the negative impacts of drinking alcohol.

We will share some of the best Liquid Help Energy Drink with alcohol pairings that you should try today.

Alcoholic Drinks You Can Pair with Help Energy Drink

Next time you are considering drinking energy drink with alcohol, pick one of these alcoholic beverages:

1. Dry Wine (White or Red) Wine with barrel and hay

We know that not every wine is created equally and can pair with an energy drink, so always choose wisely. 

Most of the sweetness from the grape has been converted to alcohol liquid during the fermentation procedure. Nevertheless, the wine remains a certain number of calories. It varies depending on the sugar level of the grape you select, but a glass of white or red wine ranges on average from 80-90 calories.

The average dry wine only contains 1 to 2 grams of sugar in a standard 5-ounce serving. So steer away from the sugary ones and opt for dry wines instead to pair with Liquid Help Energy Drink Pucker Up (Lemon Sour).

2. Vodka Soda Refreshing Vodka Soda Drink with rosemary

Ordering this crowd-favorite drink and pairing it with Liquid Help Energy Drink Shake That FROOTY (Guava, Pineapple, Mango) gets you some significant health advantages.

Since soda is carbonated water with zero calories, you get most of the calories from vodka. This drink is undoubtedly an excellent option for people who’re watching their fat. 

You can enjoy this alcoholic beverage with Liquid Help Energy Drink Pucker Up to give you more flavor if you crave a refreshing twist.

3. Ultra Brut ChampagneTwo glasses of Champagner and Cooler

Champagne is an exquisite white wine that has excellent flavor and a top choice among alcohol drinkers. But if you genuinely wish to stick to your healthy intake, choose Ultra Brut Champagne and pair it with the best energy drink.

Ultra Brut and Liquid Help Energy Drink Pucker Up (Lemon Sour) are similar with no added sugar and artificial flavors. This means it can provide great taste with the refreshing punch of vegan-safe caffeine, which reduces the chances of getting jitters and dreaded hangover the next day.

Since Liquid Help has a lower calorie count and provides all the essential nutrients and punch, any other energy drink you’ll add to the alcohol will most likely double its sweetness.

4. Bloody MaryBloody mary cocktail

If you are a brunch lover, then a Bloody Mary is the perfect alcoholic drink for you. You can pair it with Liquid Help Energy Drink Shake That FROOTY (Guava, Pineapple, Mango) and enjoy it without any hangovers or lags. 

Skip the mimosa and order Bloody Mary mixed with the best energy drink. Not only does Liquid Help have zero sugar, but it is also packed with Vitamin B, zero calories, all-natural flavors, and plant extracted caffeine. 

So if you want to enjoy Bloody Mary without the adverse effects on your health, try this vodka-based cocktail with Liquid Help energy drink.

5. Paloma

Grapefruit and Tequila Paloma Cocktail

Paloma is a tangy alcoholic drink made with tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit. It is just like a margarita when it pairs with Liquid Help Energy Dink Puck Up (Lemon Sour) flavor without adding extra calories. 

You can grab this after-five refreshment without worrying about excess sugar and its hazardous effects.

6. MojitoMojito with ice and bright straws on the bar

If you are a rum drinker but don’t want the sugar bombs that come with usual cocktails, you can pair Mojito with Liquid Help Energy Drink Shake That FROOTY (Guava, Pineapple, Mango).

This classic combination has a refreshing punch of caffeine and flavors without adding calories. Although sometimes, bartenders would put more sugar in your drink. 

Ensure they go easy on the guava, pineapple, or mango juice. You can also request to leave these ingredients out altogether and only add extra lime and some mint leaves.


As you can see, cutting out alcoholic beverages from your life is not the single method to stay energetic and refreshed. Several alternatives like pairing energy drink with alcohol is an excellent method you can adapt in your health journey without entirely depriving yourself of booze.

Sean Kaptaine is the CEO of Liquid Help energy drink. A freshman in the beverage business, he studied B.S. Neuropsychobiology and M.S. Neuroscience. He wants to help individuals beyond what he can as a firefighter, paramedic, or doctor.


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