A tray of sparkling wine

The Secrets Of Serving A Good Prosecco In A Champagne Glass

 A tray of sparkling wine

Prosecco has been living in the shadow of its famous and more expensive cousin, the Champagne, by being served in the same type of glass the champagne flute. Even though both are sparkling wines, a large wine glass or a champagne tulip glass does wonders to maintain the Prosecco’s taste and fizz.

Learn more about Italy's most refined and modest wine and why we shouldn't just serve it in any type of sparkling wine glass.

What is the Right Glass to Serve Prosecco?

The champagne flute may preserve the bubbles of the white wine, but Prosecco should be able to breathe and release its perfume-like scent. Due to its dry nature, a large wine glass will aerate this drink and not sully its flavor.

  • Tulip Sparkling Wine Glass

Sparkling wine in tulip glasses

If you're worried about the bubbles dissipating too fast, there’s no need to fret! The champagne tulip glass is perfect for serving Prosecco. 

Compared to the champagne flute, the tulip’s wider shape helps release the wine's fragrance, while its tapered rim prevents the bubbles from escaping too much. Tulip glasses are designed to have the wine near the surface for the bubbles to be on full display while letting the air evaporate the wine’s alcohol. 

You can also serve Prosecco using a coupe glass as it does aerate the wine, but the wider rim causes the bubbles to dissipate quickly, which can turn your drink flat.

  • Wine Tumblers

A person holding a red cocktail with both hands

You can use wine tumblers to serve Prosseco. They also have a wide body for the wine to breathe and a tapered rim for the bubbles to stay just a bit longer. Although this stemless container may warm up your drink, the best thing you can do is leave your wine tumbler on the table and only hold it when it's time to drink.

How to Drink Prosecco?

1. Serve the Wine Chilled

A bottle of sparkling wine in an ice bucket

First and foremost, always chill your bottle of Prosecco before drinking. Remember that wines are generally not served with ice because it'll water down the drink's flavor.

Have an ice bucket or wine bucket prepared, and place your bottle of Prosecco inside. With the bottle submerged in ice, wait for it to chill for 15- 20 mins. If you feel like that's too long, distract your guests with friendly conversation and banter.

2. Tilt the Prosecco Bottle at 45-degrees

A person pouring sparkling wine in a Champagne flute

When opening a bottle of Prosecco, tilt the bottle at 45-degrees. Doing this will help let the fizz inside last longer. 

Loosen the cage around the cork by turning the wire six times, then remove it from the bottle with your thumb on top of the cork to avoid pre-popping. Hold the wine cork when you're about to open the bottle, and instead of twisting the cork, turn the bottle for a controlled pop. If you pull the cork first, the pressure will release and overflow out of the bottle. 

When pouring the drink, angle your wine glass at 45 degrees and pour slowly. Doing this will ensure the bubbles will not immediately disappear, as the sparkling wine bubbles are also a huge part of the wine-drinking experience. 

3. Sniff and Enjoy the Aromas

A man sniffing a glass of wine

After serving the wine in a tulip wine glass, let it aerate for a bit. The alcohol from the wine will evaporate, and this will release a strong sweet aroma. Make sure you sniff your wine by placing the glass just below your nose. Enjoy the rich scent and let the bubbles tickle your face as you do.

The sensations will elevate your palate, and you'll be able to taste every flavor Prosecco has to offer. Don't forget that taste relies heavily on smell. One of the many reasons why using a champagne tulip glass is advantageous.

Try Some Prosecco Recipes

A sangria cocktail with a lemon and lime slices

Since Prosecco is an affordable wine, you can enjoy it at any time. You can use it for cocktails like a morning Sangria or an afternoon Bellini

You can also use Prosecco to make delicious desserts such as Zabaglione (Italian custard) or Sabayon (French custard). If you prefer it in its purest form, you can enjoy a wine and cheese night with your friends and family or pair this clear bubbly with a savory dinner.


While there are differences between Champagne and Prosecco, we can all agree that their countries of origin are among the most romantic and poetic places. It's no wonder Italy and France produced excellent sparkling wines.

So next time you serve Prosecco, use a champagne tulip glass instead of a flute to unleash this drink’s wonderful smell and flavor.

We hope you enjoyed this article and as they say in Italy, "Buon vino fa buon sangue" (Good wine makes good cheer).


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