Different glasses of whiskey

Do Whiskey Glasses Make A Difference? Defining Whiskey Beyond Taste

Different glasses of whiskey

Every connoisseur knows that part of appreciating a good whiskey is understanding why the whiskey glass matters as much as the spirit itself. Whiskey glasses make a world of difference when attempting to get a full taste of the oaky flavors as well as the aromatics of a well-aged drink. The way glass manufacturers shape a whiskey glass plays a role in delivering a full sensory experience.

Facts You Must Know to Elevate Your Whiskey Drinking Experience

1. There's no one-size-fits-all solution

High quality and top-grade whiskey, whether it's a whiskey cocktail or a single malt, are best enjoyed in two different glasses.

Single malt is best consumed in a stemmed nosing glass, which is the original Glencairn whiskey glass. Resembling a wine glass, it's tulip-shaped with a long stem that reveals a whiskey's depth, allowing you to nose the drink before going for a proper sip.

An old fashioned whiskey glass is perfect for a whiskey neat. It's a short but delicate tumbler with a thick base and a wide brim. Usually, chilled whiskey or a whiskey-based cocktail is best enjoyed in this kind of glassware.

Pour whiskey in a glass

2. Distilling whiskey is a craft

Distilling whiskey is a highly unappreciated craft. Maturing the spirit in a particular barrel at a specific temperature for years on end is no easy feat. Most often than not, the result is not appreciated or received the right way simply because it's drunk from the wrong glass.

Anyone who's been on a whiskey-tasting tour would know that drinking whiskey right from the barrel should be served in the Glencairn glass since it's able to concentrate vapors for betting nosing correctly. 

Aging whiskey in wooden barrels

3. Using your senses can make a difference

As odd as it may seem, your hands, nose, and mouth have to be in sync when trying to maximize the full whiskey experience.

Smelling the whiskey is the first step in absorbing each unique aroma of its ingredients. The second step is to let your hands and the whiskey glass guide you into appropriately swirling the whiskey to activate the aromatics fully.

The final step is to simultaneously let your nose and hand guide the glass into your mouth as you let the concentrates of aroma and flavor narrow out from the rim of the whiskey glass.

Man nosing whiskey from a rocks glass

A Win for Whiskey

Whether you're looking for a shot glass, a rocks glass, or an oldy but goody Glencairn glass, know that the secret to a great whiskey is your well-activated senses. The right whiskey glass also matters as much as the nitty-gritty that goes into the craft.

Let us know in the comments which whiskey glass pairs well with your whiskey drinking experience.


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