Elderflower Cocktails Inspired By Harry And Meghan's Wedding Cake

Elderflower Cocktails Inspired By Harry And Meghan's Wedding Cake

Want to have a taste of the royal wedding right in your own home? You don’t have to be royal to feel like royalty. Try creating elderflower recipes inspired by Harry and Meghan’s Lemon Elderflower cake and celebrate this year’s most awaited union.


Elderflower is an odd but interesting choice for a wedding cake. Elderflowers are edible white blossoms that grow on roadside hedges. They are believed to contain medicinal properties and can taste quite unpleasant before cooking. When prepared properly, however, elderflowers become sweet and fragrant. Perfect enough to bake a cake with or even mixed in with liquors.  For mixing cocktails with elderflowers, you can try the following gorgeous recipes.

A Martini with Elderflower

Garnishwithlemon.com has given a new twist to the classic martini.  Mixed with the flavorful goodness of elderflowers and the surprisingly delicious pairing of vodka and gin, this delightful drink is utterly addictive and will surely make you reach for another glass. So, get your lime juice and lemons ready for this mouth-watering treat.

Elderflower Smash

This elderflower cocktail recipe from Bakedbree.com is absolutely smashing. This minty and fruity concoction was recreated from celebrity TV host Rachael Ray’s original recipe. One of its ingredients is St. Germain elderflower liquor. When combined with gin, bitters, a zest of lemon and sprigs of mint, expect a truly refreshing drinking experience like no other.

Grapefruit cranberry elderflower cocktail

Get ready to fall in love with this sweet and heady combination of elderflower liqueur, grapefruit, cranberry, and vodka by Alison Randall. A sip of this pretty-in-red cocktail recipe will make you believe in fairy tales and happily-ever-afters.   

Sparkling Grapefruit, Elderflower & Rosé Vodka Cocktail

Another delicious cocktail combination using grapefruit and elderflowers is from thebojongourmet.com. The elderflower liqueur and Rosé vodka bring out an enticing floral aroma to the drink while tannins and oak provide just the right amount of sweetness to it.  This mild cocktail recipe is the perfect pick-me-up afternoon drink.

Elderflower gin fizz

Cucumber and elderflower in a drink? Sounds a bit off, right?  This recipe from Mango Saul of asdagoodliving.co.uk may surprise you. A gin infused with fruit and vegetables may just be the thing to perk up an otherwise boring party. This easy to prepare cocktail recipe is made up of simple ingredients of apple and lime juices, elderflower gin and cordial, and soda water. Finish it off with a few slices of cucumber for a uniquely flavoured spirit.

Vodka elderflower lemonade

Take the flavor of elderflower liquer to a higher, more refreshing level with the addition of vodka and freshly squeezed lemonade. This recipe by Lisa of garnishwithlemon.com will show you how to turn a classic vodka lemonade into something fancier and more delicious this summer.



  • The images are awesome. Would love to read your blog on cocktail garnishing using flowers & leaves.


    Manjari Gupta

  • One of my favorites is 2oz Johnny Walker, 1.5 oz St. Germaine, .5 oz dry vermouth.


    David C

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