35 Classy Scotch Whiskey Gift Sets That Make Drinking More Enjoyable

35 Classy Scotch Whisky Gift Sets For The Sophisticated Drinker

Classy Scotch Whiskey Gift Sets That Make Drinking More Enjoyable

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Whiskey of any type is one of the most beloved liquors. As luxurious as it is, you can honor it through classy scotch whiskey gift sets that are perfect for aficionados and enthusiasts alike. We have compiled an extensive list of elegant whiskey-related items you can give to those who enjoy this drink.

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Our Top Picks

Jillmo Whiskey Decanter Set

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Best for Display -  Jillmo Whiskey Decanter Set

• Impressive design
• Easy to pour whiskey
• Large capacity

Best for Retaining Taste - ROCKS Whiskey Glasses & Chilling Stones Set

• Stones have a distinct design
• Comes in a neat and sturdy box
• Great for connoisseurs

Best Durable Container - SNOWFOX Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

• Provides insulation
• Easy to handle
• Does not break easily 

Best Packaging - Mixology & Craft Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

• Perfect for military and veterans
• Includes multiple accessories
• Long-lasting

Scotch Whisky Glass Gift Sets

1. VACI GLASS Scotch Whiskey Glasses

 VACI GLASS Whiskey or Scotch Glasses

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These scotch glasses can add satisfaction to the whole drinking experience. 

This classy whiskey gift set consists of four crystal glasses made of lead-free premium silicate glass with a unique and timeless design. It also comes with four cork drink coasters to protect your furniture. All pieces come in a decent box.

Everything you are looking for in a whiskey glass, the VACI GLASS has it all, such as durability and safety. This will make a very good gift for a friend or yourself.

2. TOOWELL Whiskey Glass SetTOOWELL Whiskey Glass Set

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Whiskey is a work of art, so it’s only fair to serve it in an artistic glass. Introducing the TOOWELL Whiskey Glass Set.

This gift set is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. The surface of the glass displays an intricate black and white scenery. And you don’t have to worry about the print fading away because it is long-lasting.

The materials used in making these scotch glasses are high-quality and completely safe. If you know an artist who enjoys drinking, send them this gift.

3. VACI GLASS Diamond Whiskey Glasses

VACI GLASS Diamond Whiskey Glasses

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These drinking vessels make some of the prettiest whiskey glasses on the market. The VACI GLASS Diamond Whiskey Glasses Gift Set comes with four crystal glasses with a detailed geometric design. 

Every glass is well-designed and absolutely stunning. The texture allows the drinker to hold it more comfortably, making it less likely to slip. This set will make a great addition to your bar. 

There are also four cork coasters, each with a witty quote to go along with the glassware. They all come in a sturdy gift box which makes it even better.

4. Godinger Whiskey Barware Set Godinger Whiskey Barware Set

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Getting two pretty crystal glasses as a present is great, but pairing them with two ice ball molds is even better! Ice balls are cute and uncommon compared to ice cubes. That’s why the ice ball molds add a wow factor to the whole scotch whiskey gift set.

Aside from the glasses’ undeniable beauty, they are also made of lead-free crystal, so you are assured of their safety. They are also less likely to melt fast because the molds create big round ice balls, preserving the drink’s quality until you finish the last drop.

5. Prestige Decanters Golf Whiskey Glasses Prestige Decanters Golf Whiskey Glasses

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An excellent conversation starter, you can give this classy scotch whiskey gift set to a golf and liquor lover.

The Prestige Decanters Gold Whiskey Glasses are uniquely sculpted with heavy bases and rounded dimpled walls to match a golf ball. It is made out of high-quality materials, and it’s lead-free. It’s also easy to fit ice balls in because it is shaped like a bowl.

Chilling Stones Scotch Whisky Gift Sets

6. Mixology & Craft Whiskey Stone Bullets

 Mixology & Craft Whiskey Stone Bullets Gift Set

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If you want to drink while maintaining your awesomeness and style, use bullets for ice! Before you get the wrong idea, these bullets are made of stainless steel and make an excellent substitute for ice.

Let’s not deny the fact that everything about it screams “cool.” You can use this item to chill your drinks without diluting them. This scotch whisky gift set consists of six gold bullet chillers packed in an equally cool gift box designed to look like a vintage ammo crate. 

You have nothing to worry about using these stone bullets, as they are safe and well-built. Drinking your favorite whiskey with a bullet chiller? Now, that’s something out of the ordinary.

7. NIFTYS Whiskey Stones Gift Set

NIFTYS Whiskey Stones Gift Set

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If your giftee radiates class and elegance, we have found the perfect ice cubes to match it! It’s the NIFTY Whiskey Stones Gift Set which showcases eight stainless steel gold diamond-shaped ice rocks, perfectly complementing the whiskey’s golden hue.

The ice rocks are safe, reusable, and environment-friendly. They have been proven to chill scotch whiskey just like ice does, except they won’t water down the drink. They also won’t alter the liquor’s natural flavor and aroma.

The whiskey gift set also includes a silicone-tip tong and a storage tray. It comes in an elegant gift box, so if you’re planning to give this to someone, you won’t have to wrap it up.

8. TANGRA Whiskey Stones Football Set 

TANGRA Whiskey Stones Footballs Set

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Football is a much-loved sport, so it’s no surprise why manufacturers continue to make football-inspired products. The TANGRA Whiskey Stones Football Set is made for chilling your scotch without diluting it. Just put these balls in the freezer for a couple of hours and put them in the glass to cool your whiskey.

Its safety is probably one of the questions that’ll pop in your head, but don’t worry because these are non-toxic. The scotch whiskey gift set includes six football-shaped stones, tongs, an elegant paper box, and a velvet pouch.

This novelty item may not cool your drink as fast as natural ice does, but it does look fantastic. Using this at a Super Bowl event will surely make the experience even more special.

9. EVOFLY Whiskey Bullets Set

 EVOFLY Whiskey Bullets Set

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Some dream of becoming a savvy secret agent who could shoot a bullseye effortlessly. But being an action star is easier said than done, so onto the next closest thing - trying out the EVOLFY Whiskey Bullets Set.

These are not real bullets, but they sure look like one. The inside is a cooling gel enclosed in stainless steel, making them a fantastic substitute for ice.

What makes this product great is that it doesn’t dilute your drink. The bullets are also tasteless, odorless, and are entirely safe to put in your scotch glass. Furthermore, they are kept in a round holder placed in a compact yet intricate box. This whiskey gift set would also make a great display and an even more remarkable present.

Scotch Whisky Decanter Gift Sets

10. ELIDOMC Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set

ELIDOMC Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set

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Enhance the stunning beauty of your home bar with the ELIDOMC Whiskey Decanter & Glasses Set. The intricate design of this scotch whiskey gift set is guaranteed to attract guests.

It’s hard to ignore such a wonderful creation, making it a timeless scotch whiskey gift set. You will receive four beautiful glasses and a decanter, all of which have classic diamond wedge cuts. The shape of the glasses makes them perfect for ice balls or big ice cubes.

The materials used are also high-quality, lead-free, and sturdy. It won’t disappoint.

11. Froolu Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Froolu Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

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Personalized products undeniably make a classy scotch whiskey gift set. The Froolu Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set is the perfect present because you get to design each component however you like. You may choose a logo, text, or any illustration of your own.

The scotch glasses and decanter are made from durable and excellent quality materials, and they won’t easily break or chip. The whole whiskey gift set would make a great display to your bar and builds on elegance.

12. SHIGOO Whiskey Decanter Set

SHIGOO Whiskey Decanter Set

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When you purchase the SHIGOO Whiskey Decanter Set, you will get one unique globe-inspired decanter and two glasses. 

This world map-printed glassware is made from hand-blown lead-free crystal glass. The whiskey decanter also has an antique ship inside, contributing to the elegant factor. Moreover, this scotch whiskey gift set also comes with a pair of stainless steel ice tongs and four stainless steel reusable ice cubes that freeze faster and won’t affect your drink’s taste.

Also, you get to have cleaning beads and a filter for them. The beads are easy to use, and they’re very useful since there is a lot of detail inside the decanter. So get this classy scotch gift set to heighten your drinking experience.

13. Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter

 Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter

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For decades, Star Wars fans are continually increasing. Show your love and appreciation for both the epic franchise and bourbon or scotch whiskey with this stunning Stormtrooper decanter.

The decanter is made of super flint glass and shows terrific details to make it look like the real deal. It is also versatile as it can be used to store liquor, serve beverages, or decant wine. So if your giftee is not a heavy drinker, then you’ll be pleased to know that this decanter has an average size and can hold less than a liter.

14. RUGLUSH Whiskey Decanter 

RUGLUSH Whiskey Decanter

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The RUGLUSH Whiskey Decanter is one that will leave one heck of an impression. This scotch whisky gift set adds a touch of class and modernity to a home bar or kitchen by showcasing two diamond-shaped glasses, a diamond-shaped decanter, and a stunning mahogany wood holder.

This whiskey decanter is designed to be thin, so the rich texture of the alcohol it holds is maintained. Also, carrying it won’t require too much trouble since it’s very lightweight. Surely you will get compliments and questions about them. It would also make an unforgettable and classy scotch whiskey gift set to someone.

15. The Wine Savant Whiskey Decanter Airplane Set The Wine Savant Whiskey Decanter Airplane Set

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At a glance, one would never guess this luxurious piece is a whiskey decanter with a pair of whiskey glasses. The frame that houses the decanter is an antique wood airplane that boasts fine details, making it a fantastic display.

The airplane’s fuselage is the decanter with a faucet for convenient pouring. It is hand-blown, lead-free, and has brilliant clarity. The scotch glasses are placed on the wings and have airplane etchings to match the overall design. 

To make the whole thing movable, it also has wheels in the middle to complete the airplane look. If you know someone who likes to travel and drink liquor, this will make a classy scotch whiskey gift set.

16. Jillmo Whiskey Decanter Set

Jillmo Whiskey Decanter Set

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Liquor decanters are usually heavy. And it gets pretty difficult to lift it every time you pour, especially when it’s full. Why lift when you can dispense the golden liquor straight into your glass?

This handmade lead-free whiskey decanter is shaped horizontally to make space for the finer details you can see inside. It’s a cross between a decanter and a ship. This scotch whisky gift set includes two glasses with a heavy base. 

It also comes with an airtight glass stopper to protect the liquor from evaporation. When it’s time to pour, simply remove the stopper or leave a small open space to let the air in and subsequently dispense the whiskey in the glass. 

Furthermore, the whiskey decanter is placed on a majestic wooden holder that is easy to assemble and conveniently designed to let the glass fit below the faucet. 

17. The Wine Savant Gun Large Decanter SetThe Wine Savant Gun Large Decanter Set

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Bullet glasses have made a mark in the market of whiskey and scotch glasses.

If you want to keep this trend alive, you might as well pair it with an equally cool-looking decanter shaped like a gun. This novelty glassware is one-of-a-kind. The whiskey decanter is designed to look like a rifle gun and is made from borosilicate glass and placed on a mahogany wooden base.

The four whiskey glasses are also handcrafted with precision. The supposed muzzle of the gun serves as the mouth of the decanter. To pour, just remove the stopper and hold the decanter as you would a bottle.

Multi-Item Scotch Whisky Gift Sets

18. Cool Stones Whiskey Stones & Glass Gift Set

Cool Stones Whiskey Stones and Glass Gift Set

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When you hear someone in a bar say, “I’ll have it on the rocks,” he doesn’t mean it in the literal sense, but this whiskey gift set might make you think otherwise. It contains everything you need when having a glass of scotch.

The box includes a pair of twisted glasses that offer an exciting look as opposed to regular drinkware. Eight chilling granite stones have smooth edges so they won’t scratch the glass.

You can keep all of these whiskey accessories in the included velvet bag when you put them in the freezer. Of course, there are coasters to place the glasses on and a handy pair of stainless steel tongs for easy handling of the stones.

19. Bezrat Whiskey Glasses Gift SetBezrat Whiskey Glasses Gift Set

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When it comes to drinking whiskey, an anticipated aspect aside from the liquor is the cigar. This is what this classy scotch gift set is all about.

The two lead-free whiskey glasses are designed with cigar rests at one side and have thick walls. Other accessories include eight chilling granite stones, two pairs of tongs, and two coasters.

Every individual piece of this set is placed perfectly in a stylish handcrafted wooden tray with a small stainless steel bowl that serves as the ashtray in the middle. This makes the perfect present to someone meticulous because everything has its place in the tray.

20. Mixology & Craft Whiskey Glass & Stone Set

Mixology & Craft Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

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Crates may appear rugged, but there’s something about it that sparks interest. When you open this scotch whiskey gift set, you’ll be surprised as it houses the essential components required for drinking. 

Since it is a military ammo crate, you would expect to see bullets in here. Six bullets are meant to chill your whiskey without watering it down and a velvet bag to store them in. The glasses also have the bullet design to go with the rest of the army vibe. There is also a pair of tongs and two slate coasters that show clever quotes. Finally, cocktail cards are included that contain some of the most iconic whiskey cocktail recipes

This scotch gift set is the perfect thing to give to an army veteran or officer who is also a whiskey enthusiast.

21. Frolk Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

 Frolk Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

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Perhaps the most eye-catching components of this scotch whiskey gift set are the extra-large stainless steel chilling balls. You can put them in the freezer pouch to keep them cold. 

The two lead-free glasses are also designed with a large mouth and base to make sure that the balls fit. Instead of the traditional tong design, this gift set includes rounded tips of each tong to cater to the shape and to pick up the balls easily.

It also includes two square-shaped slate coasters to complement the square bases of the glasses. When it comes to storage, you can simply put all items in the gorgeous pinewood box.

22. Hediyesepeti Whiskey Glass & Stones BoxHediyesepeti Whiskey Glass & Stones Box Set

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If you are looking for a fantastic gift for a scotch-lover friend or relative, you can turn to this simple but amazing whiskey gift set.

It comes with a single old-fashioned glass that is lead-free and has a textured wall and base. Along with it are 12 cooling stones that are constructed of natural marble. The gift set also comes with a pouch that contains the stones when you freeze them for about three to four hours.

The whiskey glass, stones, and pouch all come in a gift-ready box, totally wrapped and secured with a ribbon.

23. ROCKSLY Whiskey Glasses & Stones Gift Set 

ROCKSLY Whiskey Glasses & Stones Gift Set

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It is much easier to grab just one container when drinking whiskey than to get all essential accessories from different boxes. This awesome pinewood barrel gift box pays homage to where whiskey came from: the barrels.

The barrel is made from high-quality materials, from the sturdy wood to the burnished metal. Inside are two whiskey tumblers, a pair of stainless steel tongs, and eight chilling granite stones. There’s also a velvet carrying bag and whiskey cocktail cards. 

The scotch glasses are designed with a twisted flair to make the drinking experience more enjoyable, while their heavy bases contribute stability. To ensure that they won’t get scratched, the granite stones have smooth edges and only take a few hours to chill thoroughly. 

When not in use, this whiskey gift set makes an appealing piece of decor that screams sophistication.

24. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass Wooden Gift Box

Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass Wooden Gift Box Set

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This scotch whisky gift set contains the necessary tools needed to enjoy this liquor. It may include fewer items than the other gift boxes, but it is still oozing with elegance. The box itself boasts a black color with gold accents and has no prints for a minimalist look.

The old-fashioned glass is designed with a cigar rest to keep it close with the liquor. Since you only need one hand to hold the glass, you can use your other hand to do other things like having a book to read while drinking.

To keep the scotch cold, you can use the four white stones with rounded edges. The pair of tongs is golden in color with gray tips to match the elegance of the box.

25. SASIDO Whiskey Glass Tray & Cigar Holder SetSASIDO Whiskey Glass Tray and Cigar Holder Set

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The SASIDO Whiskey Glass Tray and Cigar Holder Set is another whiskey-cigarette duo that’s hard to miss. Aside from its excellent functionality, this scotch whiskey gift set would also make a fantastic display for any home, as it boasts a classy rustic design.

You’re getting a whiskey serving tray, cigarette ashtray, and a cigar holder. You can even take this item anywhere with you!

26. Ruckus Creations Whiskey Glasses & Cigar Cutter Set Ruckus Creations Whiskey Glasses & Cigar Cutter Set

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A glass of whiskey and a cigar is the definition of de-stressing for some people. Thanks to some geniuses, an ergonomic whiskey glass was invented. 

This scotch whisky gift set includes two crystal glasses that are designed especially for people who smoke cigars. The glasses are specifically molded to have their very own cigar holder. The collection also comes with a cigarette cutter and “A Beginner's Guide to the World of Cigars” eBook.

If you know whiskey and cigar lovers in your life, they’ll surely find this gift set incredible.

27. ROCKS Whiskey Glasses & Chilling Stones SetROCKS Whiskey Glasses & Chilling Stones Set

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The ROCKS Whiskey Glasses & Chilling Stones Set speaks sophistication. It isn’t hailed as the connoisseur’s choice for nothing, after all. Anyone who will receive this classy scotch whisky gift set will be greatly amazed by its beauty and function.

Inside the gold foil gift box, you will find six eco-friendly granite rocks, two premium whiskey glasses, a storage tray, and a manual. The chilling granite stones are the bomb - they come in different colors and are safe to use.

The whiskey glasses look classy and are designed to enhance your drink—a must-buy.

Other Scotch Whisky Gift Items

28. Angels’ Share Glass Whiskey Water Dropper

Angels’ Share Glass Whiskey Water Dropper

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Some whiskey enthusiasts practice adding a few drops of water to their glass of whiskey before drinking it. This is said to impact the liquor’s composition, opening its flavors and aroma for a better drinking experience. 

Hailing from Scotland, this whiskey water dropper is made of hand-blown glass and topped with a pot still design. The glass pipette is about 8 inches in length and is contained in a classy foam and velvet-lined gift box.

It is also built to execute precise movements so you can’t put too much water in your drink, only releasing one drop at a time. To use it, dip the dropper in water and cover the hole by its neck. When you release your finger, a drop will form.

If you want to explore different ways to enjoy whiskey, this is the perfect item for you!

29. Kollea Whiskey Wedge Glasses with Silicone Ice Mold

Kollea Whiskey Wedge Glasses with Silicone Ice Mold

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Whether you put ice cubes or chilling stones in your glass, one thing’s for sure; they move when you move the glass. Imagine having to drink your whiskey with a piece of seemingly built-in ice in your glass. That would be awesome!

This scotch whisky gift set includes two hand-blown whiskey glasses and silicone ice molds. These patented molds are wedge-shaped to increase the ice’s contact surface, making it melt at a slower rate, so you get to enjoy cold whiskey until the last sip.

All you need to do is place the mold inside the glass, fill it with water, and freeze. Then you have to remove the ice mold and pour the liquor. This classy scotch whiskey gift set is ideal for people who prefer to have ice in their alcohol but don’t want too much dilution. 

30. Crafthouse by Fortessa Clear Box with Handheld SmokerCrafthouse by Fortessa Clear Box with Handheld Smoker

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Most types of whiskey, like scotch or bourbon, already have a smoky or peaty flavor. But if you want to amp up the smoke aspect in your drink, try adding more smoke to it with this nifty device. 

The Crafthouse by Fortessa smoking box is made of glass and stainless steel frames, designed with a dark walnut base on the inside for durable construction. Of course, it wouldn’t function without the smoking gun, which you can use with the two jars of smoking chips.

You can also experiment with other flavors and scents you like, such as herbs and spices, to add a depth of complexity to the drink. Feel free to make your signature whiskey, cocktail, or even food!

31. Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Dark Chocolate Gift BoxWoodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Dark Chocolate Gift Box

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Aside from glassware, what else can you give to a whiskey lover? You can try chocolate since it is an iconic pairing with this liquor.

Woodford Reserve Premium bourbon is considered among the best, and you can have a different experience with it in the form of chocolate caramel with sea salt. Every elegant box contains sixteen of these decadent bite-sized treats, making it a perfect gift.

You won’t notice the bourbon flavor at first bite, but as you swallow it, you’ll start to feel and taste a hint of alcohol. Even if the bourbon flavor is not very pronounced, the candy is nevertheless delicious.

32. Corkcicle Old Fashioned Glass & Silicone Ice FormCorkcicle Old Fashioned Glass & Silicone Ice Form

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If you want to impress guests with your drink presentation, you’ll definitely need the Corkcicle Old Fashioned Glass & Silicone Ice Form. What this whiskey accessory does is give you a unique way of having ice in your drink.

It is easy to use. You just have to insert the ice form in your glass and freeze the water inside. When it's done, you’ll have a perfect ice wedge. This tool is one of the best scotch whiskey gift sets that will make your drink stand out.

33. SNOWFOX Stainless Steel Whiskey GlassesSNOWFOX Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

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Rocks glasses or old-fashioned glasses are the most common vessel for scotch and other hard drinks. But sometimes, they can be a bit of a hassle. They require the utmost care so they won’t easily break, and they form condensation that makes the drink get warm. 

If you want to take a break from these whiskey glasses, try these stainless steel ones instead. The material makes these tumblers insulated, so they retain the drink’s temperature longer. They are also lightweight and easy to hold, perfect for outdoor drinking or when you’re traveling. 

The thin rim also makes sipping easier and more satisfying. You’ll also feel less conscious when handling this glassware because it doesn’t break when dropped. The insulated walls and the built-in coaster also prevent condensation.

34. Cooper’s Cask Coffee Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Cooper’s Cask Coffee Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

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Coffee is somehow the morning counterpart of whiskey. Have you ever tried a fusion between the two? You can now with Cooper’s Cask Coffee. They have perfected the craft of aging the coffee beans in oak barrels before roasting them. 

This process allows the coffee beans to soak in some of the flavors and aromas from the spirit that once occupied the emptied casks, as well as the scent of charred oak barrels, giving it an extraordinary depth of flavor.

This whiskey gift set includes four coffee bags. Each one has a specific pairing of liquor and coffee beans, including Malt Whiskey & Sumatra, Kentucky Bourbon & Colombian, Rye Whiskey & Ethiopian, Thomas Tew Rum & Rwanda. Be sure to try them all!


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If you have extra time on your hands, why don’t you try making your whiskey infusions at home? This whiskey gift set will put your creativity to the test. 

It includes two empty glass bottles that you can customize, six whiskey stones, high-quality filters, 12 infusion components, a recipe book to help you get started, and two labels where you can sign your batch.

Three of the infusions are various whiskey chips, while nine are an exciting group of botanicals. You’ll need a neutral alcohol base to make your infusions with. This exciting gift allows any whiskey lover to learn more about the liquor and expand its flavor profiles. 

Whoever receives this as a present will never get bored experimenting with flavors and having fun with discoveries. Each component is snug in a box, so you just need to add a few touches to make it a presentable gift.


Gift giving is an incredible way to show appreciation. And as long as it’s on our roundup of the classy scotch whiskey gift sets, any liquor lover will surely appreciate it. So, which item on the list would you want to give to your friend or loved one? Let us know in the comments.

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