A bottle of sparkling red wine in a pink starry background

15 Best Sparkling Red Wines For Wine Enthusiasts At Heart In 2023

 A bottle of sparkling red wine in a pink starry background

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If you are a wine enthusiast, you have likely tried many different wines in your lifetime. You may be wondering what the best sparkling red wine is, but the answer lies in personal preference and your taste buds.

Sparkling red wine is produced by adding the skins of red grapes to a must. They are then double fermented for extra alcohol and to add carbon dioxide. This is how sparkling red wines are produced from still red wines.

We have listed 15 of the best sparkling red wines to drink right now!

Our Top Picks

Castagna Sparkling Genesis

Best Overall - Castagna Sparkling Genesis

• Highest rated
• Flavors of blackberries, blueberries and anise
• Balanced sweetness, acidity and tannins

Bogle Petite Sirah

Best Value - Bogle Petite Sirah

• Most affordable
• Flavors of cherries and herbs
• Aromas of tea leaves and cola cherries

Rinaldi 2009 Bricco Rioglio (Brachetto d'Acqui)

Best Vintage - Rinaldi 2009 Bricco Rioglio (Brachetto d'Acqui)

• Flavors of berries and chocolate
• Unique aromas of toast and coconut
• Pairs well with savory dishes and light desserts

1. Lini 910 Labrusca Lambrusco Rosso
Lini 910 Labrusca Lambrusco Rosso

For those who loved the sweet and bubbly Lambrusco way back in the '80s, there is a new vintage that made its debut.

This sparkling red wine with an acidic taste offers refreshing berry flavors if you're looking for something different to drink at your next dinner party. Labrusca Rosso is the perfect pairing for Emilia region’s classic dishes of cured meats, lasagne tortellini in brodo, and tagliatelle alla bolognese.

This sparkling wine has a low alcohol content that highlights acidity and has bright fruit flavors while still being gentle on your palate.

2. Best’s Great Western Sparkling Shiraz

Sparkling Shiraz

It's uncommon to find Americans drinking sparkling shiraz, but it is most prevalent during Christmas and barbecues in Australia.

The sparkling wine can have a dark violet hue (like its still counterpart) while also sharing the savory aromas of bacon and herb that many people enjoy with their burgers.

This sparkling shiraz has the perfect mix of berry and spice, adding just enough effervescence to make it an excellent match for any occasion, be it an intimate dinner with loved ones or a party!

3. Contero Brachetto d'Acqui

Contero Brachetto d'Acqui

This is the second-highest-rated Brachetto d'Acqui sparkling red wine and ranked third among wines from this region for the number of awards won. The International Wine Challenge awarded it silver in 2018 and a bronze award back in 2009. 

This particular brachetto comes at a high price, but its stability over the past year has ensured that it's well worth your time to try out! This sparkling wine has a light cherry red color with an aroma of roses and violets with hints of sweetness on the palate, finishing off bittersweetly.

The low alcohol content of 5.5% and rich floral aroma make this an excellent choice to enjoy over a hot day or night out with friends.

4. Rinaldi 2009 Bricco Rioglio (Brachetto d'Acqui)

Rinaldi Bricco Rioglio Brachetto d'Acqui

Do you like to have a glass of wine with dessert? One of the most interesting sparkling red wines in Italy, Brachetto d'Acqui, is perfect for light desserts and savory dishes (such as cold cuts and salami). 

This sparkling wine is made from Brachetto grapes and has hints of toast and coconut. 

It also has a lively fruity taste with berry flavors like strawberry, cherry, and raspberry throughout.

It also contains flavors reminiscent of chocolate, making it the perfect way to end any meal!

5. Balbiano 'Vigna Villa della Regina' Freisa di Chieri 2014

Balbiano 'Vigna Villa della Regina' Freisa di Chieri 2014

This best sparkling red wine is light, dry, and soft, made from grapes grown in the vineyard of Freisa Di Chieri. With an alcohol content of 13%, this expansive and flavorful variety can be consumed when chilled or aged for years to come.

It has an earthy aroma of blueberry and cherry mixed with a hint of toffee, which continues into the taste for this flavorful drink.

This vintage sparkling red wine is best paired with pasta dishes and various meats, such as beef, lamb, venison, and deer. This particular bottle rates better than any other year, so be sure to give it a try!

6. Weingut Steininger Zweigelt Sekt 2013

Weingut Steininger Zweigelt Sekt 2013

This Austrian wine is made entirely with the Zweigelt grape varietal. The secondary fermentation process ensures that these bottles are made into sparkling red wines. 

The Weingut Steininger Zweigelt Sekt is the perfect accompaniment to a rich dinner. The lively mousseux contrasts beautifully with an elegant cherry flavor that remains true through many years of aging and fermentation. 

The complex flavors give this rare, mature sparkling red wine an edge - it's not something you can buy every day.

7. Mumm Napa Cuvée M Sparkling Red Wine

Mumm Napa Cuvée M Sparkling Red Wine

This sparkling red wine is one of the most popular at Mumm Napa Winery. This ruby red bubbly has a deep, robust flavor that leaves a long-lasting finish on your taste buds.

To start its creation process, a five-day cold soak extracts fresh fruit and red berry flavors as well as deep colors. The wine sediments are then removed, which brightens blackberry and smoky spice tones to make for an excitingly different taste experience on your tongue.

The Mumm Napa Cuvée M sparkling wine is wildly versatile and is fantastic to pair with various dishes. It's especially great during the holiday season!

8. Bodegas Nekeas Sindoa Tempranillo

Bodegas Nekeas Sindoa Tempranillo

The Tempranillo grape has been key to shaping the wine industry in Spain and Portugal. Grown for centuries throughout the northeastern Navarra wine region, this versatile variety is finally accepted on new soil in California, Argentina, Australia.

The grapes were crushed lightly before they underwent their three-5 day cold maceration process. Fermentation took place in stainless steel containers for 20 days total. 

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of these best sparkling red wines is their hint of spiciness, giving a specific lightness perfect for summer BBQs and picnics. With its good reputation and affordable price, this particular wine brand is a certified bargain among critics.

9. Bogle Petite Sirah

Bogle Petite Sirah

Founder of the Bogle vineyards, Warren Bogle, planted his very first Petite Sirah grape in 1968. With a reputation for its intense and concentrated flavors, this sparkling red wine is no exception to that rule, making it a true family heritage.

Just a small taste of these sparkling reds, and you will be greeted with cherry-like toasty herbal flavors that give a silky mouthfeel. The flavor is rich, bold, and deep enough for any wine connoisseur. Mouth-watering aromas like tea leaves or cola cherries tempt every sip, while the earthy undertones add richness to each flavor profile as they flow smoothly over your palate.

For a sweet, affordable sparkling wine that pairs well with lamb - try Bogle Petite Syrah. It is typically aged 12 months in American oak barrels and has around 13-14% alcohol content, making it sweeter than some other best sparkling red wines on the market!

10. Meiomi Pinot Noir

Meiomi Pinot Noir

The Meiomi Pinot Noir is a rare find in the world of inexpensive sparkling reds. The wine's flavor has been consistent for many years, and it is admired around the world.

Pinot Noirs are always a favorite, and the Meiomi is no exception. It results from a wonderfully integrated blend that enhances the drink’s characteristics using premium grapes from California's coastal wine regions and aged in French oak barrels. 

The cherry-like aroma fills your nose as you take a sip of this fruity wine and its floral hints fill your palate with every taste. This full-bodied taste offers a lengthy finish and can be paired with anything from beef to thin-crust pizza. With a 13-14% alcohol content, it also pairs well with chicken and turkey on any occasion.

11. Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel

Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel

Moss Roxx Reserve Zinfandel is grown in the Lodi wine region of California. This area has become famous due to the quality grapes found there. 

Zinfandel is one of the most famous wines in America. It's a red grape that thrives best in warm climate regions, including California and Sonoma Valley. It can produce dry wine with high alcohol content when fully ripe or leave some sweetness to create a sweet-tasting flavor.

This sparkling red wine is the perfect choice for lamb lovers. Blackberry, pepper, and tobacco flavors give this medium-bodied wine a unique profile compared to other varieties. With around 14% alcohol content and a 4 out of 5-star rating from major review wine websites, there's no denying that it has been well received by both critics and consumers alike!

12. Finca Sophenia Altosur Malbec 

Finca Sophenia Altosur Malbec

Once known as Tupungato, this a bottle of wine made in Gualtallary, Argentina. The Finca Sophenia Altosur Malbec has a flavor profile of rich cherry, berries, and plums with spicy overtones that dance into an oaky fruity finish.

Finca Sophenia is one of Argentina's most prestigious wineries. This sparkling red wine was made from the Malbec grape grown in high-altitude vineyards on the Andes Mountains. It undergoes a rigorous selection procedure before undergoing an aging process that lasts for three to four months. The barrels used are French and American oak, which give it its pronounced texture while softening some of its tannins.

This sweet wine with round tannins has a 14% alcohol content, making it bold and structured. Best when paired with beef or venison, this Malbec's critic score of 93/100 means you can't go wrong!

13. Di Majo Norante Sangiovese

Di Majo Norante Sangiovese

The Di Majo Norante Sangiovese is an elegant and smooth sparkling wine with a light, crisp flavor. The grapes are hand-harvested in October to be aged six months before enjoying this delectable drink from Italy's Ramitello vineyards.

The wine is so flavorful that one can imagine themselves eating the fruit. The Sangiovese leaves a tart, tangy taste in your mouth and smells like violets with hints of red berries - much like drinking nature's sweetest dessert!

This sweet wine has a bright, deep red color with hints of cherry and the subtle scent of Mediterranean shrubs. The first sip will be dry but mellow in flavor to make for an easy-to-drink sparkling red wine that's perfect for any occasion.

14. Ca’ de Noci Sottobosco

Ca’ de Noci Sottobosco

Cà de Noci is a winery that makes organic wine and is run by two brothers. They made this sparkling red wine by using Lambruscos of Montericco, Grasparossa, and other varietals.

The unusual blend of grasparossa grapes with di montericco Lambrusco creates the perfect balance between savory earthiness tempered with tart raspberry flavor. These wine bottles were made using traditional methods that include bottling refermentation, making an iconic flavor profile for this wine region's bubbling beverage!

The wine is excellent as an aperitif and complements fish dishes. It can also be tried with a roast turkey oven with some potatoes.

15. Castagna Sparkling Genesis

Castagna Sparkling Genesis

This sparkling red has been aged for 8 years on lees and has a 6 grams dosage. The nose of the wine smells both intriguing and inviting, with hints of sweet ripe cherry-to-plum fruit that give way to a strong leather smell. Hints of cracked black pepper provide depth, while dried thyme leaves give this spicy wine complexity and structured elegance.

This sparkling wine has a deep garnet color with a bouquet that will capture your attention. The scent begins with sandalwood, pepper, apricot, blackberries, and dark cherries. As the aroma opens up, it becomes more complex. 

There are also notes of graphite mixed with briary tones, which produce an enticing fragrance full of rich extract to tantalize all your senses!


We hope you liked this list of the best sparkling red wines. It should be more than enough to make any wine enthusiast feel like they are in heaven.

Is there a specific sparkling red wine that made it onto your wishlist after reading this post? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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