Couple toasting champagne glasses over food on the table

34 Best Champagne Food Pairing Ideas

Couple toasting champagne glasses over food on the table

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Champagne is often considered a luxurious indulgence. While it is good on its own, there are many delicious foods you can have alongside the sparkling wine that can elevate your Champagne experience.

With the different Champagne styles, different flavor profiles go well with the taste of a particular food. You can match the luxurious drink also with sophisticated food, but you'll be pleased to know that even your late-night snacks are also great options.

Here are 34 of the best foods you can pair exceptionally well with Champagne. Happy drinking and eating!

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    Champagne and Meat Dishes

    1. Brut / Blanc de Blancs and Roast Chicken

    Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 2018

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    Chicken roasted with various herbs, butter, garlic, and lemon is the ultimate holiday food. It tastes even better when paired with an elegant glass of Extra Brut or Blanc de Blancs Champagne.

    You get to enjoy the succulent and juicy meat and smell the wonderful aromas and wash it down with the acidic drink so you can keep eating more. On the other hand, if you're going for Blanc de Blancs, you need a bottle that has oaky and fruity flavors.

    2. Brut and Steak

    Brut and Steak

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    Champagne is one of the most versatile wines that can add depth and sparkle to steak. Its minerality highlights strong tastes without overwhelming them. Plus, its delicate taste and effervescence will never overpower your steak's flavor profile as long as you choose the suitable Champagne.

    We suggest Veuve Clicquot's Yellow Label for your next steak. With a predominance of Chardonnay over Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this Champagne has the body to stand up to steak. But it's also delightfully smooth, so you'll never feel overwhelmed by its boldness.

    3. Rosé and Duck

    Rosé Champagne and Duck

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    One of the best ways to enjoy a glass of Rosé Champagne is by pairing it up with a delicious duck dish - may it be roasted, pan-seared, confit, Peking, or other cooking methods. Go for a pink bubbly that has flavors of red berries such as cherry, raspberry, and strawberry.

    You can put a little twist on your classic duck dinner by serving it with cherries, an awesome beetroot purée, and even Sichuan pepper. The beetroot purée provides a beautiful counterpoint to the richness of the duck, and the cherry and pepper bring out all the best notes from the pink drink.

    4. Rosé and Cured Meats

    4. Rosé Champagne and Cured meats

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    Traditionally, red wines are preferred with cured meats, but people also fancy white wines because they balance perfectly. But if you want to try out something new, how about cured meats paired with Rosé Champagne? This duo will not disappoint those who love delicate yet tasty combinations!

    In contrast to red wines, Rosé isn't very tannic, but it still complements fatty and lean cured meats. This makes them even more flavorful because you are not masking any characteristic of tastes by choosing an inappropriate wine such as one that is too structured or heavy-bodied.

    Champagne and Fried Foods

    5. Brut and French Fries / Potato Chips

    Laurent-Perrier Brut Millesime 2008

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    The one food duo that takes almost everyone by surprise is Champagne and fries/chips. It seems that both have characteristics that complement each other well - one having salt and fats and the other providing essential support for cutting through the fat and salt.

    The bubbles in between bites help cleanse and soothe the mouth while preparing it for another order of deep-fried foods! For an even suitable pairing, choose a Brut Champagne. The gentle sweetness of this wine will go perfectly well with the tasty and salty potato flavor.

    6. Brut and Fried Chicken

    Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Brut
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    For many people around the world, a delicious piece of fried chicken and Brut Champagne is the perfect meal. When you eat this dish, your taste buds will get happier because the acidity in the Champagne cuts through all those fats nicely without making you feel too full.

    The enthusiasm from the Brut Champagne enhances your sense perceptions, making it even more delicious as you bite into one crisp piece after another! If this sounds good to you, try fried chicken with buttermilk recipes or chicken wings marinated in herbs and served with white sauce.

    7. Brut and Tempura

    Brut and Tempura

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    Japanese cuisine, including tempura, is all about balance. You need a delicate touch with the flavors and something to cut through them and bring freshness into your mouth for each bite. That's why Champagne works so well!

    If you don't know where to start, begin with Dom Perignon Champagne. The lightness and freshness of this Champagne really shine when paired up against the fried but not too oily texture in this delicious dish! You can try both shrimp and vegetable tempura for a more fun meal.

    8. Brut and Fish & Chips

    8. Brut and Fish and Chips

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    Champagne and fish and chips might not seem like a natural pairing, but trust us – it’s delicious! The acidity in the sparkling wine helps cut through all the oiliness found in the fried batter layers and chips, while its fizziness quenches thirst on top of being just perfect for the chips.

    Furthermore, the bubbles dance on your tongue with a fresh acidity that's reminiscent of lemon, which is notably perfect for fish. The creaminess and minerality found in a Brut Champagne will be elevated by the crispiness and richness of the white fish too.

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    Champagne and Seafoods 

    9. Rosé and Lobster

    Rosé Champagne and Lobster

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    Lobster paired with Rosé Champagne is a delicacy; adding truffles would make it even more delectable! The smoky flavor of the truffles pairs perfectly with the mineral taste of the lobster, while the fruitiness of the Rosé Champagne rounds out the flavors.

    It's important not to pair lobster with wines that are too dry as they will not do justice to this dish and can even change its flavors significantly. You can choose a lighter Rosé such as Montaudon Grande Rosé Brut, Bollinger Rosé, or Taittinger Prestige Rosé Brut.

    10. Blanc de Blancs and Oysters

    Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2016 and Oysters
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    The pairing between Champagne and oysters is an iconic one. The delicate yet robust flavor profile that Blanc de Blancs offers can be paired with just about any type of raw or cooked bivalve mollusk — it's hard to find something it doesn't work well in!

    If you have Oysters Rockefeller, choose a robust and full-bodied Blanc de Blancs. However, if you're planning on eating the oysters raw, straight from their shell, go for a lighter Blanc de Blancs. The Champagne's mousse and acidity is also a pleasant palate cleanser, making you ready for the next dish.

    11. Blanc de Blancs / Brut and Light Fish

    Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2016
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    As fish continues its reign as one of the most popular dishes around, it’s no surprise that there are so many creative ways to pair this with Champagne! You can start with a nice Blanc de Blancs or Brut Champagne.

    To balance this dish, you need to use a bottle of Champagne that has the same weight as your fish, meaning if your fish dish is light, then partner it with light-bodied Champagne. This will ensure they are both harmonizing their flavors and provide you with a palate-cleansing characteristic.

    12. Blanc de Blancs and Mussels

    Blanc de Blancs and Mussels

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    Champagne and seafood go together like fish tanks on a boat. If you're going for mussels, Blanc de Blancs will be perfect as its light, crisp flavors allow other ingredients' tastes to shine through while still being refreshing. You can also try an extra dry/sec sparkling wine.

    A fresh bottle of Champagne Charles Legend is a great option to go with mussels. The flavors offer elegant yet lively qualities while still retaining some of their original taste without tasting too artificial or tart. Mussels are commonly cooked with white wine, but these amazing white wine substitutes can also be used.

    13. Extra Brut / Brut Nature Champagne / Rosé and Sushi

    Domaine Dirler-Cade Cremant d'Alsace Brut Nature 2016 and Sushi
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    In pairing Champagne and sushi, you can pick Extra Brut/Brut Nature Champagnes or Rosé Champagne. The former has a unique minerality that complements the raw fish's nose, flavors, and texture. We recommend Terre de Vertus Nature by Larmandier-Bernier.

    And when the latter is paired with sushi or maki rolls, they form an ideal balance of rich flavors without being overpowering. Rosé also harmonizes with the soy sauce well and elevates the texture of the raw fish. The best Rosé Champagnes for this dish are the ones that lean more on richness.

    14. Extra Dry Sec / Dry Sec and Shrimp

    Extra Dry Sec / Dry Sec and Shrimp

    Champagne is an excellent addition to any dish, but it takes even the simplest dishes like shrimp and spices to new heights. The crisp notes in Champagne suit the delicate flavors of shrimp perfectly well while also helping bring out any shrimp dish's complexity.

    For the best taste, it is important that you use Champagne that is not dry since shrimp can be salty. Extra dry/sec or dry/sec will be perfect as they will balance the saltiness and other flavors the shrimp dish brings.

    15. Blanc de Blancs / Brut and Caviar

    Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru and Caviar
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    When it's time to celebrate with some fine wine, there is no better choice than Champagne and caviar. They are among the fanciest and most expensive food combos, but it's worth trying them. The delicate flavor of this luxurious appetizer will accompany your favorite Blanc de Blancs or Brut sparkling wines beautifully. 

    The salty flavor of caviar and the sweetness of Champagne are balanced well for a deliciously unique experience. But not only is it delicious, but it's also healthy! Caviar is high in omega-3 fatty acids and various vitamins, making it the perfect choice for a luxurious yet nutritious meal.

    16. Blanc de Blancs / Brut / Rosé and Smoked Salmon

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose and Smoked Salmon

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    When smoked salmon meets Champagne, you get an awe-inspiring mix of flavors that will leave your mouth watering for more. The gentle dry finish and sparkling qualities in this wine pairing make it perfect as a canape or appetizer to share at dinner parties with friends!

    A Brut Blanc de Blancs is a safe bet, but don't be limited to white. You can try experimenting with Rosé Champagne alongside salmon dishes for some added flair since they're similarly colored and not miss out on any potential partnerships!

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    Champagne and Vegetables

    17. Blanc de Noirs / Brut and Mushrooms

    Bollinger B13 Blanc de Noirs Brut 2013 and Mushrooms
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    If you haven't tried pairing Champagne with mushroom, this is your sign to try it ASAP! We assure you, it tastes incredible, especially when they are deep-fried. Go for an elegant Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine or a lovely Brut one for a perfect match.

    Mushrooms are very versatile and rich in flavor. They are earthier in tone and have an umami flavor that partners well with the fruity and also earthy notes that a Blanc de Noirs exudes because of the Pinot Noir grapes. Aside from frying, you can also saute or make creamy soup or risotto with mushrooms.

    18. Brut and Salad

    18. Brut and Salad
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    Sparkling wines paired with salad is a tasty yet light meal. Champagne has been found to be one of the drinks that can stand up against acid found in vinaigrette. Rocket salad topped with parmesan, candied pecan, and pears is one of the best recipes for this Champagne pairing.

    For the pear, make sure it's tart and crispy. For the cheese, use gorgonzola instead of parmesan. For this salad, pick a Champagne that's more on the drier side like Brut. Enjoy the tingle and fizz when the taste of Champagne is still on your tongue.

    You can also try the best Proseccos to pair with various salad dishes.

    Champagne and Snacks

    19. Extra Brut / Brut Nature and Fish Tacos

    Hiruzta Txakoli Brut Nature 2016 and Fish Tacos
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    Fish tacos and Champagne is a terrific match. To make it work, make sure to get an Extra Brut or a Brut Nature Champagne for this food. Their crispness and dryness will be compatible with the succulent fish and other delicious taco components, like the tortilla and vegetables.

    If the fish is drenched in salsa or lime, the best way to make sure it would taste great with the bubbly is by choosing a bottle with even higher acidity. It is also worth noting that not having enough minerality will leave a flat wine impression, and you won’t enjoy it as much.

    20. Brut / Rosé and Nuts

    Jacquart Brut Rose

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    Nuts may seem like simple finger food, but they are one of the most fabulous accompaniments to sparkling wines. Cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts have unique flavors that can be combined well with the fantastic flavor profiles of Champagne.

    If you prefer sweet-tasting nuts with buttery hints such as Macadamia and Brazil nuts, go for a lovely and vibrant Brut Champagne. But if you want to keep the sweet train rolling, try a great Rosé Champagne. 

    21. Brut / Blanc de Noirs and Popcorn

    Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs 2018 and Popcorn

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    You may not have heard of this yet, but popcorn and a bottle of bubbly go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

    Think about all that fat and flavor on your tongue when you take a bite into the neatly popped popcorn layered with salt crystals and the fizz brought by the Champagne. These characteristics crave each other's presence!

    Now, the popcorn-champagne combos are endless, but here are our suggestions, try them out first! C. de Pinots Brut Premier Cru Champagne N.V. and Buttered Popcorn; Champagne De Venoge Princes Blanc de Noirs and truffled popcorn.

    22. Brut and Corn Dogs with Mustard

    Roederer Estate Brut
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    If you're looking for a drink that will match your fried food preferences, like corn dogs and mustard, Brut Champagne is one way to go. The corn dog may seem like the star here, but it's actually the mustard. Think of the corn dog as the vessel for the fantastic condiment.

    The mustard works together with the bubbly to bring acidity, but it's important not to create an overwhelming pairing experience by using a "too acidic" Champagne. You want both to match in terms of thickness and richness, so they don't cancel each other out or take over completely!

    23. Brut and Grilled Cheese

    Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava Brut
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    The popularity of sandwiches is undeniable. From packed lunches at school to quick snacks on the go, everyone loves them, and we can't get enough! Do you know what would make grilled cheese sandwiches taste even better? Give it a touch of luxury with a bottle of Champagne!

    Everyone looks forward to the satisfying cheese pull from every grilled cheese. The perfect Champagne companion for this snack would be a refreshing bottle of Ayala Brut Majeur. Its dryness can cut through the butter and cheese very well. Make sure the bottle is adequately chilled before serving the Champagne.

    24. Rosé and Pizza

    Rosé Champagne and Pizza

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    A slice of pizza paired with a glass of fizzy Champagne? We say it's an amazing match! Champagne has a diverse range of flavors and vivacious perlage. It's no wonder that this sparkling drink goes well with a variety of dishes, including the forever go-to food: Pizza.

    Rosé Champagne with a little more body would make a particularly suitable drink for pizza. Its sweet, fruity, and floral nature makes it a food-friendly wine and a great match for the acids found in tomatoes and mozzarella.

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    Champagne and Pastas

    25. Brut / Blanc de Blancs and Mac ‘N Cheese

    Brut / Blanc de Blancs and Mac ‘n Cheese

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    Mac n' Cheese is a favorite among many people, and for good reason. But there are a couple of factors to consider for a good pairing with mac 'n cheese, such as the choice of Champagne and the cheese. The most popular cheese for this dish is cheddar, but it's not a good idea when pairing the dish with Champagne.

    Soft and creamy cheese is ideal for a mac 'n cheese in a wine pairing; take smoked gouda or brie, for example! Then pair it with a Champagne with just enough acidity to cut through the cheese but won't overwhelm or overpower it, like a Brut or Blanc de Blancs Champagne.

    26. Brut and Butter Squash Ravioli

    Brut and Butter Squash Ravioli

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    Butternut squash ravioli is a delicious, delicate dish that combines sweet and earthy flavors thanks to sage in combination with roasted butternut squash. A perfect pairing to enjoy the flavors of this dish would be a Brut Champagne.

    For starters, pair it with a Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve Champagne. Its smooth texture and fruit and brioche qualities will match the butternut squash's soft and slightly sweet taste. You'll also detect other fruity and nutty notes that will be perfect for the brown butter and sage from the dish.

    Champagne and Desserts

    27. Demi-sec / Doux and Chocolates

    Domaine Huet Vouvray Haut Lieu Demi-Sec 2020
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    Champagne and chocolate may sound like the perfect fit, but actually, the sweet and bitter notes you can often find in chocolates can go against the flavors found in Champagne. The sweetness can trigger the acidity within a dry bubbly. But fret not, there are ways around that!

    If you're looking to indulge in some chocolate with your wine, look no further than the refreshing  Demi-Sec or Doux sparkling wine. The sweetness of these variables blends well when paired up against each other while still maintaining their individual flavors.

    28. Brut and Light Cakes

    Brut and Light Cakes

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    Light cakes and Champagne is a beautiful combination that elevates afternoon snacks. Try drinking Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut with a delightful Angel food cake or Breton Shortbread if you want to see for yourself!

    This luxurious bottle of Champagne has rich notes of apple, white peach, and pear, which would be a great match to the vanilla and berry cloud-like cake. Furthermore, the drink also has undertones of pastry notes, which is awesome for Breton shortbreads.

    29. Demi-sec and Berries / Fruit Platter

    Gruet Demi-Sec
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    When it comes to pairing fruits and Champagne, you can always go for berries. These are the perfect complement for a sweet, light-bodied demi-sec bubbly as their sweet taste can stimulate your taste buds.

    You can go for strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries! But if you want more options, you can add in some melon, citrus fruits, stone fruits, and tree fruits!

    30. Demi-sec / Doux and Lemon Tart

    30. Demi-sec  Doux and Lemon Tart
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    The perfect sparkling wine pairings for a classic lemon tart are something that can neutralize the tartness and acidity of the lemon.  Because this dessert is sharp, tangy, and bursting with lemon notes, they tend to overpower any zesty and sweet notes that a bottle of sparkling wine has.

    Don't opt for Champagnes with strong minerality, high acidity, and too lively. We suggest you pair a lemon tart with a sweet Champagne such as demi-sec or doux. This will highlight the drink's qualities and bring out the sweetness of the tart as well.

    31. Demi-sec / Dry and Macarons

    Philippe Foreau Vouvray Clos Naudin Demi-Sec 2016 and Macaroons
    check price button

    French macarons are arguably the most difficult cookies to make. Some would also say that they are the prettiest. And to pair this with a sophisticated drink like Champagne would be picture-perfect and delicious.

    If your recipe produces sweet and fruity macarons, it will go well with any demi-sec Champagne. On the other hand, if your recipe exudes savory flavors, go for a bottle of dry Champagne.

    32. Vintage / Rosé and Cheese

    Charles Heidsieck Rose Reserve
    check price button

    A good wine and cheese pairing never disappoints in any event. There are many different varieties, but when pairing cheese with Champagne, consider brie and camembert as these rich and creamy cheeses complement the delicate fizz in vintage or Rosé Champagnes.

    Furthermore, to fully exploit the flavors of your wine, you must use proper cheeses with similar characteristics. For example, if there is nuttiness and toastiness in Champagne, then try eating Parmesan or Edam cheese which will help enhance these tastes even more!

    33. Blanc de Noirs and Truffle

    Gruet Blanc de Noirs ad Truffles
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    Truffles are considered one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world. When you want to make the most of your truffles, pair them with fully-bodied and robust wines that have nice acidity. One example is Waitrose Blanc de Noirs, straight from the Champagne region of France.

    Moreover, when they are used as an ingredient to dishes with cream and butter such as mac 'n cheese or truffle tagliatelle, they create an exciting flavor that complements many more Champagnes. We suggest trying the Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle oil and shavings with the Krug Grande Cuvée 168ème Édition.

    34. Brut / Rosé and Deviled Eggs

    Brut / Rosé Champagne and Deviled Eggs

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    Deviled eggs are one of the favorite Champagne food pairings, and with good reason. They’re creamy, flavorful, and easy to make. The fizzy drink pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the eggs, making for a delicious and impressive appetizer.

    If you top your deviled eggs with smoked salmon, Rosé champagne is what you need. You can also add other toppings to your deviled eggs like paprika, bell peppers, bacon, chives, and others that will go nicely with a Brut Champagne.


    Whether you're hosting a party, celebrating an anniversary, or just indulging in some quality time, having delicious foods with the best Champagnes will make your experience more memorable!

    The best course of action is either pairing it with food that complements the flavor profile or goes well with its acidity level.

    So get your Champagne on, find a recipe or two of dishes that sound appealing, and enjoy an evening full of flavor. Which combination got your mouth watering? We'll be glad to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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