Various wine glasses on a table for an outdoor event.

Can Wine Glasses Go In The Dishwasher? Dos & Don’ts Of Glassware Care

Various wine glasses on a table for an outdoor event.The biggest myth is that wine glasses can’t go in the dishwasher. Most crystal wine glasses are dishwasher safe, including sustainable alternatives like silicone wine glasses that help keep your wine drinking needs intact after a long week.

In this article, we will prove that wine glasses can survive the dishwasher. Whether you’re switching to viable options like silicone wine glasses or eyeing new Riedel wine glasses to replace broken ones.

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Can Riedel Wine Glasses Go in the Dishwasher?

Finding the right glass for your wine-loving household can be a tad bit tricky, especially if you’re just starting in your wine journey. 

Wine glasses are hand blown or machine-blown with finesse and high performance in mind. Whether it’s the shape of the glass, the stem’s style or the functional aspect of enhancing the spirits in the alcohol, every one of Riedel’s delicate crystal glasses is dishwasher-friendly.

This may trigger you to ask, “Will this delicate piece of glass art survive the cleaning stages?” The answer is yes. Crystal wine glasses by Riedel are made to survive arduous dishwasher currents. 

The world-class wine connoisseurs at Riedel have a few concrete recommendations when it comes to maintaining your crystal wine glasses. With extra support from useful tools like the Miele dishwasher, your Riedel wine glass is bound to be spotless after a few minutes inside the wash. 

How to Clean Riedel Wine Glasses

Whether it’s stemmed or stemless, investing in a topnotch wine glass is no small step. Knowing which ones boast value for money and offer superb quality is essential. Maintenance is key to achieving longevity when it comes to using high-quality products. 

Here are a few safe-keeping and cleaning tips Riedel wants you to know when you’re about to clean your new wine glasses.

Dishwashing Tips

  • Use the Miele dishwashing soap to clean the wine glasses since it is certified by the brand to survive up to 1,500 washes.
  • Avoid stains by using soft water with low mineral content.
  • Soak the glasses in white vinegar and let it work its magic to remove superficial stains.
  • Use the stemware rack in your dishwasher to stop the glassware from moving around during a wash.
  • Remember that space is your ally and that every glass should be stacked at the right distance from each other to avoid bumping or touching.
  • Don’t choose the heat-dry setting since it may dull the glasses’ transparency in the long run. Choose the air-dry setting instead.

How to properly hold a wine glass

Hand Washing Tips

  • Purchase a bottle brush to avoid twisting and rubbing the wine glass.
  • Hold the glass firmly by the stem and scrub the bowl with soapy water inwards in a gentle motion while your other hand is cupping the bowl.
  • Make sure you’re not holding the bowl and the base simultaneously since it will add pressure when you twist.
  • Avoid using scented detergent.
  • Try washing crystal wine glasses with warm or hot water.
  • Don’t ever use your hands alone to handwash the wine glasses.

Polishing and Storage Tips

  • Use a microfiber (preferably two) or flour sack towel to dry and polish your wine glasses.
  • Hold onto the base with one hand covered with a microfiber towel. Your other hand should also be with a microfiber towel while supporting the bottom of the glass.
  • Place some “grappa,” also known as clear grape brandy, in a spray bottle and use it to remove dark lipstick stains or odors that stick to the glass.
  • Try placing the glass over boiling water, allowing the steam to prepare the drink before polishing.
  • Use a polishing cloth with fabric softener because it tends to leave the glass a bit greasy. 
  • Practice proper discretion around those living with children, and remember to take utmost caution when handling these wine glasses while they’re around. 
  • Don’t ever store wine glasses in boxes since they will just end up musty and take on the cardboard smell.
  • Keep your wine glasses in a closed cupboard away from the oven to prevent the cooking smells from sticking to the glassware.

With these maintenance tips, keeping precious glassware purchases like a Riedel wine glass intact by the end of a long year is already an achievement. Now, let’s dive into other alternatives for wine glasses that also have unique upkeep of their own.

Why Use Silicone Wine Glasses?

Say you’re the kind of a wine glass drinker who is clumsy and cannot keep a wine glass whole for long, then maybe switching to silicone wine glasses would be more suitable for you. Silicone wine glasses are a great alternative to crystal wine glasses since they are eco-friendly, functional, and more manageable to maintain. 

But this begs the question why would anyone want silicone wine glasses? Don’t they seem comparable to a child’s sippy cup?

White, stemless silicone wine glasses with a bottle of Merlot wine.

Silicone, unlike a regular crystal wine glass, can still give you the satisfaction of your favorite red wine without the pressure of breaking them after every fumble here and there. 

Silicone wine glasses are unbreakable, made from durable food-grade, FDA approved silicone, and free of BPA. They also have a solid grip making them very easy to hold and are malleable enough to carry your wine with ease.

They also do wonders for the environment and are safe around children. Flexible silicone wine glasses are resistant to heat and cold and are safe for liquids like wine. They’re easily packable and are reusable, which helps lessen landfill waste.

Can Silicone Wine Glasses Go in the Dishwasher?

Wineglasses are dishwasher safe

Yes, silicone wine glasses can go in the dishwasher and withstand several rounds of washing without the glassware having to fade, warp, or chip. Although some users say it has a lingering plastic smell when newly bought, several washes in the dishwasher will help rid the plastic scent.

How to Clean Silicone Wine Glasses

  • Use scissors, knives, or abrasive scouring pads for cleaning the silicone wine glasses.
  • Don’t place silicone wine glasses over or near open flame or a direct heat source to avoid melting.
  • Make sure to dry silicone glasses in the open air before storing them. 
  • Know that a microfiber cloth quickly accumulates dust so it is not always the best option for cleaning. It also creates friction and leaves particles on the silicone.
  • Observe and smell the silicone wine glasses after drying for foul odors. You can boil them in water for 5 minutes for sterilization.
  • Soak white or colored glasses in warm water overnight with a vinegar solution: 1 cup vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Avoid placing silicone wine glasses in the box they came from since they will pick up on the cardboard smell.

Definitely Dishwasher-Safe!

The search for the perfect wine glass that doesn’t break is next to impossible. But with Riedel’s wine glasses, you will at least find peace of mind when leaving them in the dishwasher for a good cleaning. The rest of the technique lies in proper polishing, storing, and consistent upkeep to get them to last long.

Silicone wine glasses are another excellent alternative for clumsy wine drinkers to consider switching to if crystal wine glasses are too much to handle. Nevertheless, those interested in purchasing a Riedel’s wine glass or a silicone wine glass will never have a problem keeping them perfectly clean.

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