men and women playing wine games

15 Best Wine Games That Increase Your Knowledge And Love For Wine

men and women playing wine games

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There are many ways to enjoy wine. You can go to reputable wineries and participate in wine tastings or casually drink it at home. Another way is to play the best wine games with friends and family.

We rounded up the best wine games, both complex and straightforward, to enjoy at your next event. You can use them to test your knowledge and your taste for fun.

Our Top Picks

Stonemaier Viticulture Essential Edition Wine Board Game
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Best Simulation Game - Stonemaier Viticulture Essential Edition Wine Board Game

• Good for multiple players
• Intuitive components for playing
• Develops good decision-making

Best Thrilling Game - University Games Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine & Murder

• Role-playing and dress up
• Includes invitations, party planners, and more
• Interactive and stimulating

Best Informative Game - Wine Wars Trivia Game

• Numerous questions in different categories
• Includes game boards and tokens
• Educational about wine

Wine Tasting Games

1. Wine Options

Wine Options Game

Some countries take their wine so seriously that they even dedicate a game intended to test your wine knowledge. The creation of the Wine Options game is credited to the late godfather of the Australian wine industry and renowned author, Len Evans. This wine game is famously played in New Zealand and Australia and is a huge event.

This game teaches you how to identify wines in terms of region, vintage, and more based on taste and smell alone. You get to learn and enjoy good wine simultaneously; that’s why it’s one of the best wine games. If you’re going to play with friends, you can decide how many wines to sample, how many rounds, questions, and players. 

How to Play

  1. Players get to sample four to five wines one at a time. They have no idea what the wine is, and they have to guess what it is after analyzing the taste, aroma, and other characteristics. 
  2. A set of questions will be asked for each wine, starting from general questions like the country where the wine is from to more specific questions like the region. The players are presented with three to four options for each question, one of which is the correct answer. 
  3. Players will write their answers on a card or paper and show them after the host tells them to reveal them. Whoever gets the correct answer will proceed to the next questions. If not, that player is eliminated. The last person to reach the end wins.

2. Guess the Price

Guess The Price

Can you guess how much a particular wine costs just by tasting it? This wine tasting game will surely challenge how well you perceive wine based on its taste, aromas, notes, and complexities and relate it to its price. After all, some wines taste fantastic and come at a good value.

This game will surprise you how differently priced wines can taste the same or have entirely different characteristics. It can also introduce you to new wines that may be part of your wonderful collection. It is beneficial in picking the best wine that suits your taste and budget.  

How to Play

  1. You need an assortment of wines that have drastically different price points. Then, transfer each to separate wine decanters so the players can’t see the labels, bottle shape, or anything that can give them a hint. 
  2. Have each player sample the wine and let them discuss about it before writing their answers on a piece of paper. To make things more challenging, you can even put blindfolds on the players so they can’t see the color and clarity of the wine and so they would only have to rely on their taste and smell. 
  3. After the wines are sampled, the host can reveal the answers. Whoever gets the most right answers or has the nearest amount to the correct price wins the game.

3. Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Game

Sommify A Blind Wine Tasting Game

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If you want to widen your knowledge about different wines, this game will help you with that! But if you count yourself as a sommelier, this wine tasting game can give you the opportunity to show off your skills. It features 27 bottle shock cards, a Sommify game board, Sommify wine keys, dry-erase markers, pawns, dice, and a rulebook to teach the players the dos and don’ts. 

How to Play

  1. The game starts by picking a “somm” among the players. A somm is a person who knows the truth about the wines. 
  2. At the start of each round, the players use the Sommify method of deductive tasting to guess the grape and country of origin. Afterward, they take turns rolling the dice to advance their pawn on the board. 
  3. When your pawn lands on a cellar door, you must unlock it by correctly identifying its characteristic, after which the somm will let you pass. If you are incorrect, you will be teleported back to the previous zone. 
  4. Using the wine key, the cellar doors will help in determining what the mystery wine is. If you land on a question mark slot, you must draw a bottle shot card. 
  5. At the grape divide, you must decide whether you believe the wine is from the old world or the new world. A different wine is tasted in each round. The winner is announced after all the mystery wines are revealed.

Wine Guessing Games

4. Siptionary (Wine Pictionary)

Siptionary (Wine Pictionary)

One of the more familiar games that perhaps most people know about is Pictionary. If you take the concept of this game and make it all about wine, you got Siptionary! You can choose how many rounds to play and arrange them according to the level of difficulty. 

An avid wine fan would have an advantage playing this game, and it’s a chance for budding wine enthusiasts to know more about its processes, types, characteristics, and more. Of course, you can drink wine while playing it!

How to Play

  1. Form teams of two, one being the guesser and the other is the one who draws.
  2. The host will write wine-related words or terminology in individual cards. Then, one member in each team will pick one card at a time and try to draw images or figures simultaneously on separate boards that could relate them to the word. 
  3. The two other members would have to guess what the word is by looking at and analyzing their teammate’s drawings. The team that gets the word right first wins a point.

5. Wine Categories 

Wine Categories Game

As the name suggests, this game is about categories with a wine theme. Usually, paper and pens are required for this game to take note of the words written. You can decide how many rounds to play for each category. 

Remember that each round for the same category must have different letters; five is a good number. After this, you can move on to the next class, like white wines. Letters may or may not be repeated for each category.

How to Play

  1. Players have to write a table with about five columns on a piece of paper and decide what categories they plan on playing. They could choose wine types like red, white, dessert, rose, and fortified.
  2. There must be letters of the alphabet written on a separate paper, and players have to choose one for each round randomly. For example, the letter C was selected for the red wine round. So, players can write a red wine that starts with the letter C, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chianti. 
  3. Each round will have a time limit, and one minute should suffice for each letter. Players reveal their answers when the time runs out.
  4. If you’re the only one with a correct answer, you will get one point. If you share the same correct answer with any other player, you only get half a point. If your answer is doubtful or wrong, you don’t receive any points.
  5. For the next round, choose another letter for the same category, which is red wine. The person who garnered the most points wins the game at the end of the last round.

6. Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit

 Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit
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You can also enjoy wine by smelling it. After all, what you smell plays a role in how you perceive the taste. Test your wine skills with a game of scents associated with wine, and guess what it is. You can do so with this fantastic Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit!

This kit contains a whopping 88 4-ml bottles of different scents from fruits, herbs, and other foods and things that you don’t normally associate with wine like coffee, bacon, butter, and tree moss. It also comes with a wheel booklet, a manual for all the scents, and a map about wine regions, which you can use to play with the included four metal tokens.

How to Play 

  1. Have the players blindfolded and let them randomly point on the wheel.
  2. The host lets the players smell the chosen scent and have them identify what it is. The one who gets the most correct answers will be the victor. 

This game is not only fun but also challenges how well you know and value the aroma of your wine before drinking it. While this kit is exceptional and educational, it is pretty pricey. But if you still want to play this game, you can still do so by using real things. You can refer to this wine guessing kit’s list of items and try to accumulate as much as you can and use them instead. 

Wine Puzzle Games

7. BSIRI Wine Bottle Wooden Puzzle Game

BSIRI Wine Bottle Wooden Puzzle Game
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This wine puzzle game is a real brain teaser as it is very engaging and will taunt the competitive side in you! And don’t worry, if you really can’t solve this game, there’s a release instruction to stop you from scratching your head. 

The wooden design of this puzzle game makes it look like a classy wine holder, but there’s a complex puzzle yet to be solved behind it. It can also double as a lovely wine holder display. The game comes with a wooden maze and a manual book that teaches you how to assemble the game, and there’s also a cheat code. 

How to Play 

  1. Bolt a bottle of wine inside the wooden puzzle 
  2. Solve the puzzle to unlock the wine so you can drink it. No success means no wine!

It’s an excellent game for anyone who’s up for an intellectual challenge, and you can even add your own rules or give it a little twist, like whoever solves the puzzle the fastest gets to win the wine as a prize. You can also wrap this game up and give it to a wine lover as a present.

8. Galison Rose All Day Puzzle Set

Galison Rose All Day Puzzle Set
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Let’s not forget about the iconic jigsaw puzzle game. It’s a fun way to stimulate the brain and improve mental speed. You don’t even have to be a wine expert to play it. It’s a friendly entertainment provider during parties or date night and would also make a great gift to puzzle lovers.

How to Play 

  1. This jigsaw set consists of two shape puzzles: a beautiful pink rose design and a rose wine bottle and wine glass combination. Overall, there are approximately 650 jigsaw pieces. 
  2. The container for this puzzle is a sturdy box with a matte finish that displays an image of the finished design. Try to put all the pieces together to complete the puzzle.

Wine Board Games 

9. UNCORKED! Games Read Between The Wines!

UNCORKED! Games Read Between The Wines!
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If you proclaim to be a wine connoisseur with an exceptional aptitude for comedy, winning this wine board game will be as easy as pie! The UNCORKED! Games Read Between The Wines! will test your wit and knowledge about this beloved drink.

The game includes the following: 54 theme cards, eight wine charms, "Zin-onyms" and "Vocabernet" cheat sheet, tasting notes sheets, a scoring notepad, pencils, and a rules remix. 

How to Play 

  1. Gather your friends and bring different samples of wine. You’ll need a minimum of four players and four different wine samples for this game.
  2. Sample a bottle of wine and pick a theme. The players will write down their wittiest answer based on the theme. 
  3. After everyone is done answering, the “wine waiter” then reads all the answers to the group. 
  4. Each player will place one vote on the answer that they find the most entertaining. 
  5. The game ends when the wine runs out. The player with the most votes wins!

You don’t need a lot of knowledge about wine to play and win this game; you just need to have a great sense of humor. If you know someone who loves to drink wine, introduce them to this game. They will surely thank you for it!

10. Big Dot of Happiness Wine Tasting Party Bingo Game

Big Dot of Happiness Wine Tasting Party Bingo Game
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With all the rising mobile and computer games, bingo remains a crowd favorite. It is naturally fun and never fails to fuel you with excitement and anticipation. Now, imagine giving a fun and cool twist to something that’s already iconic, perhaps a wine theme.

This wine board game includes 18 bingo game cards, 18 perforated marker sheets, one perforated call sheet, and instructions for the game. Just like regular bingo, you will see grids and boxes on the game cards. But instead of numbers, you will see words or phrases with something to do with wine inside the boxes.

How to Play 

  1. Appoint a bingo leader who will draw the caller chips. 
  2. If you can find the word from the caller chip can on your game card, cover it with a marker. 
  3. Whoever covers a whole row in any direction first wins!

11. Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game
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Monopoly is a classic board game with a business theme. If you were to incorporate wine into this strategic game, then you would have Wine-Opoly! You also build properties, but instead of houses and hotels, you can buy wines, collect grapes, and trade them for decanters. 

It’s all fun at first until the players add import taxes and serve faux pas. You have to be careful, or else you will be bankrupt and go to jail. But in this version, the prison is a Wine Cellar where you “age.” Also, instead of passing GO, you can pass CHEERS and have opportunities for toasts and drinking wine. 

The tokens also follow a wine theme, including a wine bottle, red wine glass, cork, cheese, grapes, and carafe. As you go along the game, you also get to learn about wine facts. And f you have been a good player, maybe you’ll end up becoming a president of a wine club! 

This wine board game is suitable for two to six players. If you are already familiar with Monopoly, then it would be easier to play it.

12. Stonemaier Viticulture Essential Edition Wine Board Game

Stonemaier Games Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game
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Another role-playing game that requires strategy is Viticulture. You need to pretend that you are in pre-modern Tuscany, where you have inherited a modest vineyard. It’s not much, but you plan on transforming it to be the best winery in Italy, and it’s up to your skills and strategy to achieve it.

This wine board game requires about one to six players and can run for about 45-90 minutes. In order to win, you have to earn the most victory points by finishing tasks, filling wine orders, and helping visitors. There are also different objectives for different seasons, so you have to strategically allocate your workers to complete the jobs efficiently and move on to the next task. 

As the game progresses, you find yourself planting vines, harvesting grapes, making wine, building structures, and completing each visitor’s tasks. These are all done using a game board that depicts a map and over 200 cards.

It’s a more complex game, and perhaps a video tutorial will help you get a clear picture of how to play it. Despite being difficult, it also puts you in a scene where you can be a magnificent winemaker and vineyard owner. No wonder it’s one of the best wine games out there!

Wine Card Games

13. Whine Barrel Card Game

Whine Barrel Card Game
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This wine game can rekindle the spark in a relationship, and couples or friends can play it while drinking wine. It is a great way to make an event more intimate and enjoyable at the same time. The card’s container mimics a wine barrel used for fermentation. Plus, the game’s concept is beautiful and profound, making it a perfect gift for a newlywed couple.

How to Play 

  1. There are 150 table game questions inside the barrel. Pick one question each round. 
  2. All the players will take turns to answer the question. The cards contain a mixture of stimulating and funny questions that’ll surely keep any party entertaining and hilarious.

14. Wine Wars Trivia Game

Wine Wars Trivia Game
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Wine Wars is one of the best wine games that offer questions about many aspects of wine, from simple to head-scratching ones. Whether you’re a certified oenophile or a beginner, you can take a shot at this card game and show everyone your wine knowledge. 

This set contains 150 cards containing 750 questions, six game boards, one die, and pieces of bottle-shaped cutouts. The question depends on categories: Vine to Vino, Grapeosphere, Cork Culture, Wine and Food, and Wine Cellar. These are color-coded to correspond with the die and the bottle cutouts. 

How to Play 

  1. You can play individually or by teams. Start by rolling the die and choose the category that the color of the die lands on. 
  2. The host will pick up a card and ask the question from that category. Whoever gets it right will earn a bottle cutout with the same color as the category. It will then be placed in the game boards’ slots. 
  3. The person who gets to complete the spaces first wins the game. 

This wine card game gets more interesting as the rounds go further and the questions become more difficult. Its challenging nature paired with the vast wine trivias is one of the best ways to spend a day with friends while drinking wine.

15. University Games Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine & Murder

University Games Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine & Murder
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One of the most interactive and intriguing activities to play with friends is a good murder mystery party. It brings out the detective in you and tests how good you are at providing good arguments and defending yourself. 

University Games offers one of the best wine games filled with thrill as the theme revolves around murder and wine. The mystery of this game centers on a vineyard owner who has been missing for five years and was found dead beneath his wine cellar during a tour of the California Wine Country. 

This wine game set includes party planners that contain the instructions, character booklets, name tags, party invitation and envelopes, six secret clues, and access to audio that tells the summary of events and the solution to the crime, which shall only be given to the host.

How to Play 

  1. Invite eight friends so everyone can play the role of six suspects, one mystery novelist, and one FBI agent. Instruct everyone to dress up according to their characters to set the scene. 
  2. Assign a host to guide the flow of the story in case it goes out of context. Hand out the invitations beforehand.
  3. Commit yourself to the roles and think hard to solve the mystery. Find out each person’s motive and apprehend the killer before he strikes again!

Best Wine Games FAQ

1. What food pairing is best with wine when playing games?

A bottle of wine would be more amazing with food. Assuming that you play the wine games after dinner, here are some snack ideas that would make an excellent pair.

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Toaster pastries
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Pistachios
  • Corn chips
  • Fruit snacks
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches

2. Can I still play wine games without any special tools or things?

Yes, some best wine games don’t require any tools like boards or cards. You can use pen and paper or even verbally. You also need to do some quick research if you want to incorporate questions into the game mechanics. 

Some of the best wine games above that fall in this category are Siptionary, Wine Categories, Wine Options, and Guess the Price.

3. What kind of preparations do I need to win a wine game?

  • Know the game - Before you decide to join a wine game, learn how it works so you can formulate different strategies and techniques to win. You can’t go on a battle if you don’t know how to fight!
  • Follow the rules - Don’t cheat! Listen and understand the mechanics of the game to avoid being disqualified.
  • Practice sportsmanship - Good sportsmanship means to play the game fairly, respect your rivals, and accept losing. It is vital to keep the event peaceful, organized, and entertaining.
  • Have fun - Lastly, just enjoy it! It’s just a game, after all.

3. How do you make a wine game more entertaining?

Invite more people to join! But if the wine game requires a limited number of players, you can just take turns to participate. 

You can also improve the setting or atmosphere of the room while you’re playing. Lastly, you can ask each player to donate a prize. Nothing sparks more motivation than winning awards at the end.


There are wine tools like the best wine stoppers, corkscrews, wine preservation systems, and electric wine openers that make your drinking experience better. The best wine games may not be essential, but they sure make learning about wine more fun and entertaining from start to finish.

You can start with Stonemaier Viticulture Essential Edition Wine Board Game if you wonder what it takes to be a winemaker. The University Games Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine & Murder takes the mystery of a crime on a different level as it’s set in a wine-themed scenario. You can also try Wine Wars Trivia Game. It is one of the best ways to test your knowledge about wine and an excellent learning experience.

Which best wine game piqued your interest the most? Let us know in the comments.



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