barman pouring whiskey in front of whiskey glasses and bottle

4 Practical Reasons Why Whiskey Glasses Have Thick Bottoms

barman pouring whiskey in front of whiskey glasses and bottle

As there are numerous ways to enjoy drinking whiskey, there is also a wide range of whiskey glasses for you to choose from to get the best out of your favorite liquor. Each whiskey glass features a unique shape and size, depending on its specific purpose and function. However, these drinking vessels have one thing in common. They all have thick bottoms.

One reason why whiskey glasses have a thick base is to maintain the temperature of the drink. By minimizing temperature transfers between the glass’s content and its outside environment, you can enjoy your whiskey for as long as you want without compromising its quality and taste.

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Why Do Whiskey Glasses Have Thick Bottoms?

The rationales behind the whiskey glass’s hefty base are elementary and practical. Some of them are not too obvious, but once you think about it, you’d realize they make sense. Here is a list that may help you understand your whiskey glasses better.

1. It Prevents Temperature Change

Hand holding whiskey glass at the fireplace

Temperature changes can tremendously affect the flavors and aroma of the whiskey. It also has an impact on the way the liquor feels in the drinker’s mouth. Once you decide what temperature you’d like for your drink, it is crucial to maintain it. With a thick bottom, the whiskey glass prevents the drinker’s hand from warming the liquor.

Some drinkers prefer their whiskey on the rocks, and the thick bottom helps slow down the melting of ice. This is particularly true for the tumbler — also known as the old fashioned glass, rock glass, or lowball — and its taller brother, the highball glass.

2. It Ensures Durability

Splashing Whiskey Drink

One of the primary purposes of the whiskey’s thick bottom is to ensure excellent durability, which can withstand rough handling. Drinkers can sometimes get rowdy and raucous when they have had too much to drink.

3. It Provides Stability

Stability is another aspect to consider when designing whiskey glasses. Although they are all developed to enhance your drinking experience, not all whiskey glasses are created equal. Most of them are straight-sided and can stand steadily. Some of them, on the other hand, have irregular shapes and can be easily tipped over.

One example is the Glencairn whiskey glass. Compared to other stemware, it is shorter and has a thick, sturdy base to compensate for its tulip-shaped vessel. As a result, its bowl is exquisitely shaped for nosing while the foot provides reliable support, making it the perfect whiskey glass for social drinking.

4. It is Ideal for Muddling

Whiskey and Cola Cocktail in whiskey glasses

The whiskey glass’s thick bottom can also be associated with its functionality. For example, the tumbler’s broad, thick base is perfect for muddling non-liquid ingredients, making it just the right glass for serving some classic cocktails—including the old fashioned cocktail where it gets one of its names.

This traditional whiskey glass is also great for drinking other liquors such as rye, bourbon, and Irish whiskey.


Choosing the right whiskey glass will significantly improve your drinking experience. Although it can be overwhelming at times, it is helpful to remember that glassmakers design these glasses to meet specific purposes and accomplish different functions. Yet, they all have thick bottoms to enhance their durability, stability, and functionality.

Whether you enjoy drinking your whiskey from the tumbler, highball glass, or Glencairn whiskey glass, we hope this article helps you know your favorite whiskey glass better.

Do you prefer the thick bottoms of whiskey glasses? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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