Move Over Boxed Wine, Boxed Whiskey, Tequila, and Vodka Are Coming


Only a few decades ago, premium boxed wines were an improbable, if not a silly concept. After all, wine was always considered sophisticated and elegant as the bottle it comes from. Who would ever want to drink wine from a box?

When Black Box first manufactured boxed wines in 2003, they not only altered this perception, they revolutionized eco-friendly and portable wine packaging of premium wines. Now, 15 years later, they are doing it again by expanding their line-up of boxed liquors to include whiskey, tequila, and vodka as well.

What’s in a Box?

Boxed wine was already a popular and cheaper alternative to traditional bottled wines. Black Box, however, managed to turn around its humble reputation into something classier for wine drinkers.

Now Black Box is already adding whiskey, tequila, and vodka into their line-up of boxed liquors.  

Trust Black Box to come up with only premium spirits for its new product line just as it did with its award-winning boxed wines.

What makes these Black Box spirits special is their superior liquor properties? Black Box Whiskey is aged in American oak for six years, while Black Box Vodka has gone through multiple distillery and filtration processes. The Black Box Tequila Silver, on the other hand, is said to be micro distilled and made from top quality blue agave.

What is Black Box?

Black Box is a California-based wine manufacturer who introduced mass premium wines in 2003. During that time, boxed wines are stereotypically known as a cheaply packaged, lowly alternative to traditional bottled wines.


In fact, who would have ever thought that premium wines would come out of a simple bag-in-box? Black Box did what other liquor manufacturers have failed to do—it made wine drinking, eco- friendly and portable without sacrificing its quality.

In fact, Black Box has won more than 50 awards nationwide for maintaining the highest quality standards for its wines.

Read more to find out the advantages of boxed wine, here.  

Recipes to Try

Can’t wait to try Black Box’s new line-up for yourself? They are currently only available in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

If yours is not yet on the list, you can try making the following cocktail recipes using traditional bottled spirits while waiting:


  • Old-Fashioned – currently the world’s best-selling cocktail according to a recent poll of Drinks International, a respected global drinks journal. It is a bittered bourbon-based cocktail with a fruity, citrusy twist. It is best served with ice-ball spheres.
  • Blood and Sand – a classic Scotch-based cocktail drink inspired by a 1920’s movie. It is made up of Blood orange juice, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry Heering, and Blended Scotch strained in a coupe glass. It’s an exceptionally delicious combination of odd and unlikely ingredients.
  • Blackberry Basil Smash – this luscious, fruity cocktail is made from blackberries, basil leaves, and vodka combined with lime juice and simple syrup. The simple ingredients of the cocktail make it easy to prepare. All you need is to muddle the blackberries and basil then combine them with the rest of the ingredients for a delightful, icy cold treat.


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