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12 Best Tiki Supplies To Kick Off Your Summer Cocktail Spree

Best Tiki Bar Supplies

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Summer is in full swing; therefore, it's time to party! If you're looking to add some island flair or beach style to your summer soirees, you’ll need some stylish and decorative tiki bar supplies and cocktail essentials. 

In this blog, we'll share the best tiki bar supplies for your next shindig. So put on your grass skirt and get ready to party at your beach bar!

Our Top Picks

LINALL Ceramic Hawaiian Tiki Cocktail Mugs

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Best Glassware - LINALL Ceramic Hawaiian Tiki Cocktail Mugs

• Unique designs of each glass
• Hand-painted ceramic
• Comes with extra metal straws

Prextex Coconut Cups

Most Stylish - Prextex Coconut Cups

• 16-ounce capacity
Premium-grade plastic
Includes decorative straws

Trendy Bartender Bar Caddy Supplies

Best Cocktail Essentials - Trendy Bartender Bar Caddy Supplies

• More than 100 pieces
Different usage for each item type
Colorful and tropical designs

Jollylife Inflatable Serving Bar
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Most Convenient - Jollylife Inflatable Serving Bar

• Easily inflated and deflated 
• Quickly drains water
• Wide space for holding multiple items

Forever Bamboo Thatch Roof
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Most Versatile Decor - Forever Bamboo Thatch Roof

• Authentic Mexican palm
• Used for tiki huts, palapa huts, patio umbrellas, etc.
• Lightweight design

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The Best Tiki Bar Supplies

Tiki Drinkware

1. LINALL Ceramic Hawaiian Tiki Cocktail Mugs - Best Glassware

LINALL Ceramic Hawaiian Tiki Cocktail Mugs

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These four differently-designed tiki mugs are a party must-have for pouring tropical and delicious cocktails. You'll be able to serve tiki classics like Mai Tai, Piña Colada, and the Painkiller cocktail with actual Hawaiian characters if you use these handcrafted tiki mugs. Because they are hand-painted and manufactured by hand, there may be subtle shapes and colors.

Linall’s ceramic tiki mugs are definitely conversation starters when you’re hosting a party. They are better than plastic in terms of reusability, sturdiness, and versatility. You can pour hot and cold drinks into them as the ceramic material can handle high temperatures.

2. Libbey 4 Piece Modern Bar-Tiki Double Old Fashioned Glass Set

Libbey 4 Piece Modern Bar-Tiki Double Old Fashioned Glass Set

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Summer is the time for outdoor picnics, pool parties, and festive cocktails. Enjoy your favorite summertime beverages more by serving them in the Libbey Modern Bar-Tiki Double Old Fashioned Glasses!

Inspired by the tiki bars of the 1950s and ’60s, each tiki glass features a fun tiki statue image that is sure to get your guests talking. They hold 16 ounces of liquid and are all made with sturdy and durable glass material that is lead-free.

Moreover, cleaning these won't be a hassle since they are dishwasher-safe. These glasses will surely add a touch of fun and tropical flair to your next gathering.

3. Accouterments 4-Tumbler Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party Mugs

Accouterments 4-Tumbler Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party Mugs
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What's a luau without these beautiful ceramic cups? The perfect accessory for your next tiki party or for your tiki bar, the Accouterments 4-tumbler mug will keep you refreshed and happy all day long.

What's striking about these vibrant and fun mugs is their individuality. Each mug showcases a different face and color, and it also features a unique and exotic drink recipe at the back of the retro packaging box. 

These mugs have a 10-ounce capacity and are made of lead-free and durable ceramic. So put on your lei, pour yourself a cold one, and enjoy some Hawaiian hospitality with Accouterments Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party Mugs!

4. Diamond Star Colorful Pineapple Stacking Glass Set

Diamond Star Colorful Pineapple Stacking Glass Set

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There's no better way to serve pineapple cocktails like Piña colada than with the Diamond Star Colorful Pineapple Stacking Glass Set. This fun set includes three yellow cups with the same design and one cup designed with pineapple crowns. When stacked together, they form the shape of a whole pineapple!

This marvelously modern set is made from toughened glass and has an indented base, making it perfect for stacking. Their 10.5-oz capacity also makes them ideal for serving cocktails, appetizers, or desserts. Plus, the dishwasher-safe design means easy cleanup.

Whether you need to incorporate a touch of whimsy into your barware collection or are in search of the perfect gift, the Diamond Star Colorful Pineapple Stacking Glass Set is just what you need.

5. Prextex Coconut Cups - Most Stylish

Prextex Coconut Cups - Most Stylish
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These 500 mL coconut cups come with a lid and captivating Hibiscus flower straws that will upgrade any Polynesian-themed celebration. The plastic cups are safe to drink from because they are non-toxic. They can also contain desserts and other treats for a more creative serving.

They are all very sturdy, dishwasher safe, and you can use and reuse them for multiple parties. This is a perfect gift idea for kids and kids at heart because they will enjoy using these coconut cups to contain their drinks. A perfect and fun way to ease the heat from the sun during the summer season!

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Tiki Drink Accessories

6. Fun Express Bamboo Paper Straws

Fun Express Bamboo Paper Straws

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Fun Express Bamboo Paper Straws are non-toxic and eco-friendly straws with an almost true-to-life printed bamboo design. These disposable drinking straws are a great complement to any get-together! You do not have to worry about using plenty of these since they are made of paper and would just decompose within 2 to 6 weeks. 

The bamboo straws are made from sturdy material, so you can bond with your pals while enjoying your drinks without the straw quickly disintegrating. Spares can be provided during a party if you need to replace your straw since 24 pieces are included in each pack. 

If you have wanted to switch to an eco-friendly alternative for creative and fun straws, these paper straws with realistic bamboo designs are a smart way to start. It adds a relaxing mood that will wonderfully match any refreshment.

7. ALINK Umbrella Parasol Drinking Straws

ALINK Umbrella Parasol Drinking Straws
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With these colorful umbrella bendable straws added to your bar accessories, every drink will seem like a trip to the islands. The pack comes in 50 pieces of fun party straws, perfect for serving many mixed drinks. These will create a splash of color to your cocktails at your next tiki bar-themed party or a simple backyard BBQ gathering. 

Using cute straws is not status or gender-specific. This is a perfect gift idea for kids, adults, men, and women. They will definitely adore the experience as their Piña Coladas, mai tais, or other drinks are accompanied by stylish yet BPA-free plastic sippers. 

8. Tikizone Hawaiian Drink Coasters

Tikizone Hawaiian Drink Coasters
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The Hawaiian Tikizone Drink Coasters are a set of 20 pulpboard coasters, with each side having a distinct tiki design and images printed. The square is 3.5 inches in diameter and has curved edges to prevent accidentally poking the drinker with a sharp corner. 

Tropical party hosts are ensured that these coasters will last them a long time as their pulpboard material can absorb liquid while maintaining its form over time. These will last a long time if properly taken care of. 

If you are among those obsessive people who hate liquid rings formed on tables, these coasters are one of the must-have bar accessories that eliminate your dilemmas.

Your glass counter surface will be ring-free when there is a cold drink condensing with good quality material and unique drink coasters designs.

9. Kitch N Gadgetz Bamboo Cocktail Picks

 Kitch N Gadgetz Bamboo Cocktail Picks
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Tiki drinks are all about fun and tropical vibes, and these bamboo cocktail picks are the perfect way to add a little tiki flair to your next party. They're also one of the best cocktail picks today!

At 4.1 inches, they're just the right size for spearing delicious tiki garnishes, and their structural integrity ensures that they're sturdy enough to hold such garnishes.

Because they're made from natural bamboo, you can be assured that they won't affect the flavor of your food, and they're compostable too. With 300 pieces included, you'll have enough supply for your party, so pick up a pack and be the hit of your gathering!

10. Trendy Bartender Bar Caddy Supplies - Best Cocktail Essentials

Trendy Bartender Bar Caddy Supplies
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A total of 120 pineapple swizzle sticks, flamingo stirrers, and colorful drinking straws are included in the bundle from Trendy Bartender.

Your favorite cocktails will no longer be stirred and drunk with dull utensils with these cute bar caddy supplies. Licking, sipping, and incorporating them into foods and drinks are safe since they are toxic-free.

The swizzle sticks and the cocktail stirrers are both reusable after adequately washing. While the fun bendable straws are disposable. Thanks to this package, you can serve drinks with the trendiest kit.


Tiki Decorations

11. King Luau Grass and Flower Table Skirt

King Luau Grass and Flower Table Skirt
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The best quality materials were used to create this vivid and striking luau table skirt. It has adhesive strips, so you can party all day without repeatedly re-attaching it to the tables, even in a busy crowd setting. Complete your table centerpiece with this tiki decoration!

The luau table skirt is 9 feet long and 29 inches tall so that it can cover three sides of a regular 6-foot table or all four sides of a 2x2 feet table. It may also serve as a photo backdrop, so your pictures will surely scream a hula-themed party.

12. VP Home Solar Powered Tiki LED Outdoor Light

 VP Home Solar Powered Tiki LED Outdoor Light
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Outdoor pathways will all level up when introduced to this tiki solar light! It is best to situate in an area that receives direct sunlight, as the solar panel captures the sun's energy during the day. It then transforms it into electrical power stored in the rechargeable battery. 

Thanks to its light detection technology, the solar fixture is automatically illuminated at night. It's practical and energy-efficient because it requires no wiring and is simple to set up. It's also safe near water, so you won't have to worry if it rains during your gathering. 

13. Season Stars SSDecor Colorful Birds Hanging Decorations

Season Stars SSDecor Colorful Birds Hanging Decorations
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These bird honeycombs come pre-strung with ropes and are perfect for including and hanging in tropical parties and Hawaiian luau-themed events. The decorations are printed in various hues, each of which is bold and energetic, making them incredibly striking. Simply unfold the honeycomb and adhere it to the already attached tape to decorate.

If you want an area where everyone can take fun and jolly pictures, incorporate the space with these lively-looking decorations of tropical birds. The set already includes six hanging decor pieces, so distribute them well and get creative!

14. Party Greeting Luau and Tiki Party Signages

Party Greeting Luau and Tiki Party Signages
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The Luau Party signages from Party Greeting are the best way to welcome your guests to your Hawaiian party and make them feel like they are in a legit tiki bar. The package includes two ribbons so that you may have the option to hang the signs instead of gluing them to walls. 

Ten different designs come with the cutout set. The signs say “Welcome”, “Aloha,” “Luau,” “Photobooth,” “Pool Party,” “Snack, Snack,” “Cabana,” “Hula,” “Tiki Bar,” and “Please Take a Lei.” These are also great for directing the guests to the bar, snack bar, pool, cabanas, and photobooth area.

15. Sunnydaze Tiki Face Torch

Sunnydaze Tiki Face Torch
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This torch from Sunnydaze comes in a pair, and both are crafted with a tiki face design perfect for outdoor tiki bar decorations. Imagine the vibe your guests will be getting while walking down a lane of these torches. These will certainly ready them for the lively tiki party inside the bar.

The height of the torches is adjustable and can reach up to 66 inches tall. The fuel canister of the torches can contain up to 18 oz of fuel which can maintain the fire long enough before re-igniting it again. 

Metal stakes are included in the package to support the torch securely and avoid falling and accidents. Snuffers made from metal also entail the product, and this helps extinguish the fire from the torches conveniently. 

Other Tiki Bar Equipment

16. Amscan Brown Tiki Ice Bucket

Amscan Brown Tiki Ice Bucket
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Bring a little flashiness to all of your get-togethers with this functional tiki accessory! For party accouterments, this is just amazing as it is inexpensive. It also accents any outdoor or indoor tiki setup and related occasion.

You would not have to repeatedly fetch ice from the fridge whenever you or your guests need some since this tiki ice bucket can practically serve them on a table. The durable rope handle can withstand the heaviness of the bucket when filled with ice or beer bottles. 

17. Jollylife Inflatable Serving Bar - Most Convenient

Jollylife Inflatable Serving Bar
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Feel extra relaxed and amused with the food and drinks served in these inflatable bars during a tiki-themed pool party. The inflatable bars from Jollylife have a depth that can provide enough room for food, drinks, and ice to keep your beverages cold. Each inflatable has a drain plug on the bottom to easily remove the melted ice accumulated in it. 

These inflatable bars can also be used and enjoyed multiple times at different parties. Simply clean, dry, and remove the air to be flatly stored, then inflate them again whenever desired!

If you want to have an enjoyable and stylish pool and beach party with a tropical theme, outdoor summer luau bars with integrated pools, this inflatable serving bar from Jollylife is your best stylish choice!

18. MGP Bamboo Slat Fence

MGP Bamboo Slat Fence
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Natural bamboo material has a tropical, one-of-a-kind appearance that makes it a beautiful barrier or fence for your very own tiki bar or just a setup party with a hula theme. It's perfect for covering your outdoor gathering for a sense of privacy or if you just want to achieve that summerlike mood.

To create a robust, natural-looking bamboo fence, individual sections of slat bamboo are braided together with rust-resistant black nylon-coated wire.

It's adaptable, and it can readily follow the contours of your surroundings. All-natural bamboo material is used to make this product, which is environmentally safe.

19. Greenbox Polynesian Tiki Style Masks

 Greenbox Polynesian Tiki Style Masks
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Create a tropical paradise in the comfort of your home and complete that Hawaiian setting you have been long wanting! These Polynesian tiki-style masks can be hung on wall surfaces or just stand on their own on a table as centerpieces. 

If you want to be a little extra, you may attach the masks to a wooden board and assemble light effects to the mouth and eyes area. 

This ten-piece Polynesian-style wall mask set is completely handcrafted from carving to painting so that you can expect the distinctness of each piece. Each mask stands at around 12 inches tall, long enough to be fully appreciated by visitors. They are also made from wood, making them more durable and long-lasting than other materials.

20. JOYIN Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

JOYIN Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler
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It can really be difficult to get out of the water to get some refreshments and snacks when you are having a pool-themed Hawaiian party. With the inflatable palm tree cooler, you wouldn’t have to leave the pool just to have a nice cold beverage! The overall material is thick and durable, so it won’t easily lose its integrity after much use.

The palm tree decoration is great ornamentation both indoor and outdoor. This is a perfect and amusing substitute for real palm trees, especially if you do not have space to grow them. The cooler storage part has a huge capacity that it can store many bottles and ice. 

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21. Forever Bamboo Thatch Roof - Most Versatile Decor

 Forever Bamboo Thatch Roof
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To shelter your guests from the sun's blazing heat, a thatch roof is a perfect solution for a tropical bar in an outside venue with a Hawaiian theme. For tiki huts, Hawaiian palapa roofs, patio umbrellas, or your tropical-themed landscaping or pool, it's a wonderful method to have natural roofing, shade, and shelter.

The material of the thatch roof can withstand strong winds or tropical storms, so everything inside can stay protected. The palm thatch is a commercial-grade, sustainable product that can be best appreciated on a hot summer day.

Tiki Bar Accessories - What To Look For 

Tiki bars are not mere establishments but are a form of escape from the real world to an invigorating exotic realm. To obtain the right paraphernalia for your exclusive realm of fun, here’s a list of supplies to consider.

  • Drinkware and Foodware

The main thing you do in a bar is drink and eat, so the plates, mugs, and utensils you use to offer your cocktails and food must be Tiki-inspired. Various materials are used in manufacturing foodware: ceramics, glass, porcelain, acrylic, and plastic.

Ceramics is one of the most typically utilized materials in plates, bowls, and such. This is because ceramics are heat resistant, lightweight, and highly durable. They can also be painted with designs and images which are Hawaiian-themed.

  • Decorations

How would a tiki bar resemble a tropical and Hawaiian setting without having decorations? The decorations to invest in must be sturdy and reliable so that they will not easily be destroyed after having many guests party in your bar. The decors you’ll choose must be durable enough to last for a long time.

There is a wide range of tiki-themed ornaments that you can incorporate into your bars or parties. Some are big and grand, small and subtle, some can be hung or posted on walls like signage, and some can be integrated into chairs, tables, and other stuff. These all rely on the style you are going with.

  • Party Setting: Outdoor or Indoor

Another thing you must consider when purchasing tiki bar supplies is if you are planning to open an indoor or outdoor type of tiki bar. Is it going to be like tiki huts, a backyard, a pool, or patio bar, or just a home tiki bar? 

The products you must purchase must consider the location where you want to situate your tiki bar, adding to the place’s mood and character. The functionality of some items also depends on what kind of tiki bar you’ll be setting.

  • Price

Evidently, you cannot buy your required and desired supplies without funds. Your budget range must cover the materials you will purchase. Practicality and prioritizing are the two critical pointers in managing your budget and acquiring the things you need to build your very own bar.

Opt for the cheaper alternative, but remember to be cautious as some inexpensive products may cost you more if they are of low quality. But, also take note that not all affordable items are substandard, and not all expensive products are high-grade.

Tiki Bar FAQ

Tiki Bar Accessories

1.What is the difference between a tiki bar and a tiki hut?

A tiki hut is a custom-built outdoor building with a weather-resistant palm-thatched roof made largely of wood. While a tiki bar is often created in the same way as tiki huts, the difference is that it has the addition of a built-in bar that is uniquely designed by a certified professional constructor.

2. What cocktails are served in a tiki bar?

While there is no accurate definition of a tiki cocktail, there are a few things to look for: two or three types of rum, a lot of tropical fruits, layers of flavor with spices, and ornate garnishes. American tiki bars gave birth to iconic drinks, including the mai tai, hurricane, rum runner, scorpion, and zombie.

3. Where did the tiki culture originate?

The origins of Tiki culture may be traced all the way back to ancient Polynesia. The name "Tiki" conjures up images of carved wooden figures with intense eyes and a frightening frown. Some sculptures appear to be overjoyed or spiritually balanced, while others appear to be tormented or sorrowful. 

Tiki statues were first unearthed in Polynesia and are supposed to represent a Polynesian God. They play an essential role in mythology, culture, and history throughout the South Pacific.


Setting up a small or large Tiki Bar may be a daunting task for some, but we hope this article has helped you choose which supplies are best for the Tiki Bar you’re going for.

With all of these tiki bar supplies, you're sure to have a blast at your next summer party! Be sure to stock up on some piña coladas and put on some island music because it's time to get the tiki party started!

Did you like the supplies on this list? Let us know!

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