Best Portable Home Bar Ideas For Your Next Party

8 Best Portable Home Bar Ideas To Serve Drinks With Class

 Best Portable Home Bar Ideas For Your Next Party

If you're looking to entertain your visitors with a party that is anything but ordinary, then we've got the perfect solution for you. 

You don't need to spend many hours setting up a bar – all you need are these eight portable home bar ideas! Check them out on our list below!

1. Globe Drink Cabinet / Globe Bar

Globe Drink Cabinet

This Mini Bar is crafted entirely by hand and is inspired by old-world design. The 3-bottle wine rack, 1 circular open shelf, moveable lid, caster wheels, and hand-painted decorations are all included in the floor globe bar.

2. Corner Bar Unit

Corner Bar Unit

This corner unit drinks station is the perfect piece of furniture for a corner you don't know what to fill with. Prepare your drinks like the lord of the manor and serve your guests with style.

This tiny bar is ideal for displaying and serving premium beverages. Any room will benefit from the modern style with an attractive finish.

At the top, there are beautiful racks where you may store your stemware. There are plenty of shelves to hold all of your favorite bottles. Your best wine bottles are kept on a different rack.

3. Suitcase Bar

Suitcase Bar
Suitcase Bar - Image by

You can take your tiny bottles of booze with you everywhere you go with this stylish minibar. The bar is made of mahogany-finished timber and features shelves for bottles, glasses, and shot glasses. When folded, it resembles a small piece of luggage.

4. Patio Bar

Plastic patio bar

Patio Bar - Image by

Plastic patio bar that can be moved around. There's a drink compartment, an umbrella hole, and two open shelves. It is corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant. It's easy to store them because they fold flat.

5. Bar Cart

Bar cart

A superb bar cart is an answer to your bottle storage woes—it not only provides storage, but it also provides a level of presentation, all while adding a design element.

Choosing the proper one might be difficult, but it all boils down to personal preference and practical requirements. If you're looking for something with a mid-century modern vibe, look for metal finishes, a distinct pushcart handle, and rounded curves.

For a more contemporary look, go for something angular in a neutral or industrial color scheme. There are limitless bar cart possibilities to emphasize or entirely transform the design scheme of your area, with several stylistic variants.

6. Barrel Bar

Barrel pub

Old and recycled whiskey barrels were used to create this handcrafted portable minibar. The bar has a lovely L-shaped wooden top and up to six caster wheels on the bottom for convenient mobility.

It's also foldable, so you can take this bar everywhere you go. Includes a tray top and two shelves for bottles, glasses, and other items. It's appropriate for both home and business settings.

7. Rolling Bar Cabinet

Rolling cabinet

With a sleek cabinet cart, you can keep all of your drink-making supplies, glasses, and bottles in one place.

Rolling cabinets are available in a range of styles and materials, including mid-century modern, art deco, gold, and wood, and are ideal for both everyday usage and entertaining.

Mobile cabinet carts may also be utilized as a service cart for any type of food or beverage!

8. Mini Wine Cabinets / Cellar

Wine cellar with racks

A mini wine cabinet is a non-refrigerated wine cabinet with a piece of insulated classic hardwood furniture.

It can accommodate wine bottles and is elegant, but it can not actively control temperature, humidity, or light. If you want a wine cabinet that isn't refrigerated, you'll need to put it in a wine cellar or another temperature-controlled location.


Now that you've read our list, we hope you're inspired to plan your next party with a home bar! With these portable home bar ideas, you won’t be stressed about setting it up and cleaning it after. Just keep the drinks coming, and everyone will be entertained all night long.

Did you like anything from the list? Let us know!


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