Professional Drinkware

You're likely familiar with drinkware like wine and champagne glasses. But there's a whole world of professional drinkware out there that can take your drinking experience to the next level.

Beer Mugs & Steins

Cocktail Drinkware

Goblets & Chalices


Types of Professional Drinkware

There are four major types of professional drinkware: Beer steins and mugs, cocktail drinkware, goblets and chalices, and tumblers.
  • Beer Steins and Mugs. Beer steins are usually made from materials such as porcelain, silver, stoneware, crystal, glass, or wood. They may have exposed openings or hinged pewter lids with levers for the thumb to open. Although some still use this type of drinkware, beer steins are mainly used for displays, collections, and souvenirs.
    On the other hand, beer mugs are widely used in businesses and homes. They are made of thick glasses that keep the beer cool. They also have a convenient handle and prevent the beer from warming up faster.
  • Cocktail Drinkware. Cocktail drinkware is a vast collection of glassware used for serving cocktails. The most popular cocktail drinkware categories are wine and champagne glasses, drinking glasses, bar glasses, coffee mugs, and teacups.
  • Goblets and Chalices. A goblet is highly associated with wine and alcoholic beverages, while a chalice is related to religion, thus giving off a more solemn and historical feel. Some goblets have a silver or gold lining on the rim, while chalices are usually engraved with different patterns.
  • Tumblers are flat-footed liquid containers made from plastic, glass, or stainless steel. They have a lid and a small opening protecting the drink from spills and a lid that has a tiny mouth for drinking straight up or using the straw. This type of professional drinkware is used for non-alcoholic beverages and maintains the drink's temperature for a longer time.
    Some tumblers specialize in accommodating hot beverages without the material getting damaged and vice-versa. You can also find them in different designs inspired by cartoons, anime, TV series, mobile games, movies, songs, and basically, any other style that could exist.
It's probably okay to use a standard glass for your drink. However, such practice lacks the vibe that makes the experience enjoyable. Think of drinking as a ritual, and glassware can help you consume better. Investing in professional glassware is not a waste because you can get back twice the taste, fragrance, and drinking experience.


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