Can You Drink Wine In A Cup? Is It Ok To Not Use A Wine Glass?


If you're in college and you and your friends had a sudden urge to celebrate, your best bet for your wine or champagne would probably be the ubiquitous red solo cup. Not all students have the capacity to buy themselves a good wine glass, especially if they seldom do use it. That may not be the best drinking experience unless you are drinking grape juice and end up tasting wine. Unfortunately for you, the reverse may be true.

Can you drink wine in a cup? 

Can you drink wine in cup? Yes! However, desperate times come with desperate measures. But should you? No! No law prevents you from drinking wine in a plastic cup but seriously, that could be likened to blasphemy. 

Better alternatives 

So, if you can't afford a real wine glass but have to pick a better alternative to plastic cups so you can properly savor your wine, what's your next best bet? Plastic wine glasses. They are a bit more expensive than the plastic solo cups but are maybe worth something. 

Consider these tips before you buy one.

1. Shape

As when you choose a real wine glass, consider the shape to make the best of your wine from your plastic wine glass. The next best thing to the real thing is the one that has the features of the real one - appropriate shape to highlight the character of the wine. The full experience of the wine is also not brought into play without the correct features of the glass. The wrong shape of glasses can cause faster oxidation resulting in the staling of the wine.  

2. Size

Since plastic wine glasses do not hold temperature the same as real wine glasses, it is best to use smaller sized ones so you won't be tempted to pour more. 

3. Material

Choose one that does not have residual odors on the plastic. Also, choose one that is clear like the real wine glass so you can see your wine when you swirl it, giving more value to your wine. 


Even on a budget, you can still enjoy the best life could offer. These wine glass alternatives are way better than plastic cups. Some of these are a revelation of the limitless imagination of man. To go with your budget celebrations and parties, you might want to check our list of 21 cheap red wines that don't taste like you are on a budget. Enjoy your red wine more with these dishes. You'll never understand how a simple dish can be amazing with the addition of some red wine.

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