Corkscrews and Wine Openers

Corkscrews and wine openers are bar tools that are essential, especially for high-end restaurants or hotels. They’re typically made of metal and wood. The metal is twisting around to create this spiral.

The spiral is used to grip the cork, and the handle is used for pulling it out. The invention of the corkscrew remains a mystery, but it was more likely invented during the 17th century. The first known designs were metal caged-like corkscrews.

They became an essential tool when wine became more popular, and storing them required a tighter seal. Wine back then was stored upright with the cork sticking out for better access. But as the need for wine increased, they needed to keep them sideways to make up for the room, which meant that a tighter seal was necessary.


Unique Wine Openers

Wine Opener Accessories

All About Wine Openers!

Corkscrews. These serve one primary purpose, to open a bottle of wine. They’re a necessary tool since corks are small, smooth, and kept tight in the bottle’s neck, making them difficult to grip.

There are six types of corkscrews: Waiter’s, Winged, Wine Cork Extractor, Lever, Mounted, and Pull. The oldest being the Waiter’s Corkscrew with its simple and basic design. Opposite of the Waiter’s Corkscrew is the Wine Cork Extractor.

It’s the only corkscrew that is designed without a helix but with two prongs instead. It can open wine bottles by stabbing the two prongs at the edges of the cork and twisting. It works with bad corks as well, which is very useful.  

Unique Wine Openers. With time changing designs and styles, there’s no doubt that people can get creative with their inventions. If it wasn’t for change, the corkscrew might have stayed as this wine key style, or there would be no corkscrew at all.

Corkscrews like the Winged and lever are examples of unique wine openers. The added mechanisms make it easier for winos to gain access to their wine faster. People create more innovative versions of a corkscrew to cater to different kinds of wine drinkers.

For example, wine drinkers with a condition like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome can benefit from corkscrews that put less strain and pressure on their hands. There are also wine openers catered to fans of pop culture that may want to collect. 

Wine Opener Accessories. If you live alone, but you love wine. These accessories can help you in your venture. Accessories like wine stoppers, dispensers, foil cutters, rechargeable corkscrews, wine pourers, and pocket knives can help you in your wine endeavors.

Wine stoppers help preserve your open wine bottle. This goes well for people who live alone and want to keep their bottles fresh. Dispensers can be pretty helpful for parties, it helps distribute your wine evenly to your guests and makes them conscious if they’re taking too much.

Foil cutters make it easy for you to unwrap your wine without accidentally scratching the bottle. Rechargeable corkscrews can help people with hand issues enjoy their bottle of wine without any problems. Wine pourers and pocket knives make it convenient to serve wine fast.


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