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There are so many ways opening wine can go wrong, like slipping from cutting the foil, the spiral could break, or the wine could drip on the label of your bottle, just to name a few. Thankfully, wine-lovers have come up with a way to perfect the art of wine serving.

Various Wine Opener Accessories

Stopper. This slows down the aeration process and protects the wine from outside factors such as dust, bacteria, and bugs. Once you've opened a bottle of wine, guests need to finish the bottle on the same night. When wine is left open and exposed to air for long periods, it's susceptible to bacteria.

The bacteria eat the alcohol, and it processes that into acetic acid and acetaldehyde, which gives that sharp vinegar odor. Furthermore, over-aerating wine can lead to a dull taste. That's why stoppers are essential because not many people drink their wine at a party or could finish off a bottle of wine in one night.

Foil cutter. Most corkscrews have a built-in knife to cut the wine foil, but they're not as sharp, which leads to most bartenders using other tools. Sharp tools are great for cutting up the foil, but one wrong move and you may end up accidentally cutting yourself.

Foil cutters have a simple clamp design that can go around the mouth of the bottle. Each lever has a concave blade that you can lock onto the foil. Just move it back and forth to remove the foil, and you're done. It's safe, effective, and quick.

Spiral. On rare occasions, the spiral of your corkscrew may break. Which could cause a minor inconvenience, but that's the reason why some kits come with extra spirals. Now, if you are unlucky and your spiral breaks while it's inside a cork, no worries.

The two-prong wine bottle opener will be the savior of your misfortune. Just lock the prongs on opposite sides of your cork, twist, and pull the cork carefully. After removing the cork, push the broken metal spiral out so your cork can be recycled or disposed of properly.

Electric Wine Aerator. Sometimes people can't wait for their wine to decant and want something instant. Electric wine aerators inject oxygen into the bottle, which increases oxidation. This delivers a soft aerated wine straight to your glass. It also keeps your wine aerated and protects it from bacteria at the same time.

Wine Pourer. After opening your bottle, you'll need to pour your wine without staining the label or your clothes. Wine pourers help prevent those types of accidents by providing an elongated spout for a more controlled pour.

Drip stopper. If you need extra protection for your wine label or white table cloth, you can always attach a drip stopper to catch any rogue droplets from destroying the bottle label.


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