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  • Sale -16% NATGAI Bartender Tool Cocktail Margarita Glass Rimmer 3 Tier Sugar Salt Rim Lime NATGAI Bartender Tool Cocktail Margarita Glass Rimmer 3 Tier Sugar Salt Rim Lime

    NATGAI NATGAI Bartender Tool Cocktail Margarita Glass Rimmer 3 Tier Sugar Salt Rim Lime

    Brand: NATGAIFeatures: Three Tire Design: Top tray with sponge to wet the glass rim and other 2 compartments for salt and/or sugar, or flavored salts. Material: Made of durable food safe ABS plastic, easy to clean and easy to use. Ideal for Bars: Easy to use and mess-free, this cocktail glass rimmer is the perfect bar tool for the bustling, busy cocktail bar. A Must Have for Margarita Lovers: compact and sturdy, easy to open and close, very nice for a bar setup at home. Package Including: 1 X 3 Tier Sugar/Salt Rim Lime Bartender Tools Details: Features: Three Levels of Options: Includes three tiers labelled; "Lime Juice", "Salt", and Sugar. In order to prevent a mess "Lime Juice" includes 1 foam to help keep juice in place. Lightweight and Compact : All levels of the rimmer rotate around to fully open, but also allowing it to completely shut with an attached lid! Compact storage and easy transportation. Perfect for margarita lovers: -Easy to clean and easy to use -Made of durable food safe ABS plastic -A Must Have for Margarita Lovers -Compact and sturdy, easy to open and close Perfect addition to a bar/home bar: very nice for a bar setup at home or for bartender Instructions: The rimmer is easy to expand/pivot: Each tray rotates like a hand held fan. You can start with the top disc, and rotate each level to collapse the rimmer.EAN: 5438077645254Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.9 x 3.2 inches

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Salt and sugar rimmers have been used to decorate glasses for various cocktails with beautiful glistening crystals. They add an aesthetic and an extra flavor to complete the drink. It’s made of a plastic material with a compact design that is easy to store.

Salt vs. Sugar

Salt counters the bitterness and the sourness of the drink. Drinks like margarita and sidecars are made of strong alcohol and citrus flavors. The salt adds a good offset for the acidity and sharpness.

Sugar adds sweetness to the drink; this works great for fruity or bitter cocktails. It also creates a frosted look for aesthetics. You can create drinks like cosmopolitans and strawberry bellinis since the sugar rim will enhance the fruity taste.

How to Use a Salt Rimmer

A salt/ sugar rimmer comes with at least two compartments: lime juice and salt. The lime juice compartment comes with a sponge to absorb the liquids. This is used to wet the rim and become an adhesive for salt or sugar.

You can also use honey as an adhesive if you don’t like the bitterness of lime. After coating the rim, just place the glass on top of the salt and twist it back and forth to get an even coating.

Other Ingredients You Can Use to Rim Your Glass

  • Candy

Crushed candy has been used to rim glasses for candy-based cocktails. You can use honey or melted marshmallows as an adhesive for your crushed candy since lemon and lime juice may not be as effective. Holiday or candy-themed drinks like cotton candy margaritas will get extra sweet with a candied rim.

  • Spice

There are certain drinks that include spices to add a bit of a kick. Micheladas are one of those spicy drinks. It’s a popular drink in Mexico that consists of beer, tomato juice, spices, and lime juice. The rim is coated with chili and salt powder to add to the overall heat.

  • Zest

Some drinks like martinis or old-fashioned require a bit of zest to add a tart flavor to a drink. Zest can be made with citrus fruits like orange, lemon, or lime.


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