A Foodie's Guide To London

A Foodie's Guide To London

Planning a trip to London? We’ve compiled a list of the best food spots that the city has to offer.

Streetfood vendor at the Chinatown, London

One of the most diverse gastronomic destinations in the world, London wows visitors with its vibrant food scene. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick layover or have arranged a dedicated food holiday, you’ll want to sample the very finest that the city has to offer. However, it can be tricky to prepare an itinerary when there are just so many spots to choose from. Check out this guide to learn about the must-visit food attractions and eateries in the UK’s capital city. 

Theatrical desserts at Rascals, Shoreditch, London

Enjoy a Delightfully Decadent Afternoon Tea

The acclaimed writer, Henry James, once quipped that “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” We certainly agree with him. While visiting London, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to an opulent Afternoon Tea worthy of Downton Abbey itself. Be sure to have an empty stomach before you go, so you can fully enjoy the endless selection of mini sandwiches, cakes, and cream-laden scones … all washed down with a soothing cup of tea (or prosecco!) 

Explore the Buzzing Streets of Chinatown

Chinatown is the go-to spot in London if you fancy some authentic Asian cuisine. Set aside an afternoon so you can wander around the area’s countless restaurants, cafés, food stalls and markets. While Chinatown is most famed for its Chinese restaurants, you can also find food from the nearby countries of Japan, Vietnam and Korea plus much more. Located right in the heart of the West End district, this is a perfect place to tuck into a pre-show dinner. 

Extra large servings at Florentine, Lambeth North, London

Wake Up to An Indulgent Full English Breakfast Fry-Up

This centuries-old British breakfast tradition can be traced all the way back to the early 1300s. While you can customize it to suit your taste, the traditional Full English Breakfast Fry comprises sausages, bacon rashers, pudding, fried eggs, baked beans, toast, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, and tea/coffee. This is surely the tastiest way to set yourself up for a full day of exploring! In addition to the more traditional greasy spoons, there are also plenty of restaurants which serve up healthier alternatives to this meat feast. Do not forget to indulge in a good brunch while you’re at it and try these amazing Bloody Mary recipes or have a tequila-spiked coffee for that good morning feeling.

Satisfy your Carvery Cravings with A Sunday Roast

If you are planning a weekend trip, then you simply have to try a classic British Sunday Roast. The typical Sunday roast includes some herby roasted meat (usually chicken, beef, lamb, pork, ham), Yorkshire Pudding, potato (roasted and mashed), stuffing and roasted veggies all served with lashings of delicious gravy. There are a plethora of options to choose from in London from fine dining restaurants to cute and cosy gastropubs. Here’s a suggestion on what to drink with your roast. 

Have a Takeaway Treat with Fish & Chips

No holiday to the UK is complete without a trip to the chippie! “Fish and chips” is one of Britain’s most-loved comfort foods. This artery-clogging dish comprises a white fish such as cod or haddock that has been battered, served with chunky chips (or fries), mushy peas and tartare sauce. This food is best enjoyed after a trip to the pub! While in the pub, check out their popular fruity cocktails if your group has ladies who want to have fun. Guys would also love this whiskey mule, a delightful combination of whiskey and beer. 

Discover the Street Markets of London

Need some grub on the go? Luckily for you, London boasts a wealth of excellent food markets. Food markets have become popular in recent years as the best places to sample delicious street food. Some of our favorites include the Borough Market in Southwark, Maltby Market in Bermondsey and the famous Camden Market in North London. Be sure to get there just before lunchtime, so you have ample time to wander through all the stalls. 

Baked Cheese Bowl at The Cheese Bar, Camden, London

Treat Yourself to A Luxurious Michelin-Star Meal 

For a truly drool-inducing gastronomic experience, you should reserve a spot at one of London’s 67 Michelin Star restaurants. These top-tier restaurants have been awarded for their distinctive and innovative contributions to the culinary arts. Beware though – you may have to book your table months or even years in advance!

Discover More 

If you are planning a trip to London and would like to learn more about the city’s must-visit food destinations, then you should take a look at this interesting infographic from LA Stretch Limos. This useful guide offers some great pointers on how to have an unforgettable foodie experience in London. It features advice on everything from where to get the best fry-up to the most elegant afternoon tea, plus much more!


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