World’s Best Mixologists Of August 2021

World’s Best Mixologists Of August 2021

World's Best Mixologists in August 2021

In a world that’s full of mixed drinks, these mixologists and bartenders know the recipe to success. They create the most innovative cocktails in town and have been recognized as the best in their field. If you haven’t checked out our July feature, you can read it here.

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1. Bad Birdy

Bad Birdy using a cocktail shaker

Bad Birdy @bad_birdy has been described as “The One Woman Show,” creating captivating and intimate experiences for those who seek her. She has become a presence in Los Angeles, in the hospitality industry and across the globe.

Bad Birdy is now partnered with some of the greatest brands in the liquor industry, including Jack Daniel's, Hennessy, Crown Royal Cazadores. She creates global interactions unseen by any other worldwide bartenders, which analytics show significant category growth among youth markets or female drinkers!

2. Deniss Trifanovs

Deniss Trifanovs doing flair bartending

Deniss Trifanovs @denistrifans is a world-class mixologist from Latvia. He started bartending when he was a teenager after seeing Tim 'Flippy' Morris on Youtube and was impressed by what he saw. 

In 2013, he was able to break through and make a name for himself in the world of flair bartending. In 2014 alone, he placed top 6 at many WFA Grand Slams and made finals appearances in competitions around Europe. As time went on, his skills improved when he won the championship for WFA Grand Slam in 2015.

3. Emil Areng

 Emil Areng drinking cocktail

Emil Areng @emilareng is a mixologist from Sweden. Crowned Sweden's best bartender at the Bartender Choice Award, he is a poster boy for whiskey Johnnie Walker and Chief of First Impression for Hernö Gin (the world's best gin), from Härnösand.

4. Yan Agaev

Yan Agaev mixing a cocktail

Yan Agaev @the_barchitect is an award-winning bartender who has already proven his expertise in the field of mixing drinks. 

He is the director and founder of White Horse Lounge & Craft Bill. One of their signature drinks is a delicious port reduction. They use apples, pears, cassia, star anise, and cinnamon for the rich flavor of this reduced juice mixture.

5. Brynn Smith

Brynn Smith behind the bar

After ten years in the hospitality industry, where she developed a voracious passion for concocting libations, Brynn Smith @bartendingpretty found herself at the height of an international trend. 

In 2011 she made it her full-time profession as craft cocktails became popular and worked with cool places like Los Angeles to manage their menus and mix drinks.

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6. Chris Amirault

Chris Amirault pouring liquor

Chris Amirault @chrisamiam is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. He grew up in Boston, went to school at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and then made his way out west to Los Angeles with an education degree in tow. But soon enough, hospitality called him from behind the bar where Chris found himself as only one thing: bartender extraordinaire!

After working his first gig at ‘Fresh’ before landing bartending jobs, he went straight into Julian Cox’s training program. In 2014, Amirault opened West Hollywood cocktail bar, Harlowe. And in 2016, he was crowned Ti'Punch Cup USA champion for his clever concoction of gin-based Parson Punch.

7. Antony Bertin Od

Antony Bertin Od holding a glass of liquor

Anthony @antony_bertin_od previously lived in Chartres, but with a passion for food and drink always on his mind, he followed an opportunity to work at BEP Hotel-Catering. 

There, he started working as a chef after graduating from London's prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary arts before moving south where he was the star Chef de Cuisine at La Table du Château d'Artigny. He crafts their cocktails menu while overseeing numerous events there for over three years.

8. James Grant

James Grant holding a glass of liquor

James Grant @oldgrayrabbit was awarded the title of Canada’s Bartender of the Year 2021. The award is given to whoever has made a significant contribution in their field. This year, it went to an Aussie-turned-Edmontonian who works at Little Hong Kong restaurant—the first from his hometown on the Prairies region since Canada started participating in global competitions back in 2013!

9. Lulu St Germain

Lulu St Germain pouring liquor

Lulu St Germain @lulustgermain is a bartender who likes to keep things classic, using her tips to pay homage and create drinks that are true to the classics. She is a co-owner of Cafe Moderne, a Paris-based restaurant that offers a superior drinking experience and signature meatballs.

10. Aaron Melendrez

Aaron Melendrez pouring liquor

Once, Melendrez @requiem4adrink got his start waiting tables in some of L.A.'s best restaurants. He soon felt drawn towards bartending because he knows that he can do a great job serving customers behind the bar. 

After learning the craft of bartending for years, Melendrez reinvented his skills and brought them into some of the best bars in LA, such as Salazar. He continues honoring Mexican tradition and family by incorporating bold Latin American flavors found in the drinks he makes.


If you’ve been looking for a change from your usual night out, these mixologists are definitely worth checking out. We love hearing about other people's experiences and sharing them with our readers!

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