Why Do Beer Mugs Have Dimples?


Beer glasses are probably among the most unstable markets for glassware. The beer mug is not immune to the changing fad of beer glasses

The makers of the first dimpled beer mugs reasoned that the dimples refract more light, making the pale amber liquid more attractive to the drinker to veer away his attention to the bitterness of the beer. According to the designers, the dimples were meant to soften the intimidatingly bitter beer by giving it a more inviting taste but maintaining the masculine look since beer is more a guy drink in those times. Others believe that the dimples are also meant to lessen the amount of glass used in each glass, hence it is lighter. 

Since these dimpled mugs were first sold after the war, the wicked humor of men made these mugs look like a hand grenade. Like the world needed a reminder of the ravages of the war. But as mentioned earlier, the dimples are more functional rather than decorative.

Designers and users of these dimpled mugs also claimed that they are easier to wash and clean because of its textured exterior. It is also lighter in weight than the 10-sided mug it succeeded. 

Many years after it was lost in circulation, it is making a comeback but some beer writers do not believe that they are to stay for good this time. However, if the trend of the craft beer consumption continues, then the dimpled mugs may stay for a while longer than many thought. The craft beer is the reason for the resurgence of these dimpled glasses, giving these craft beers a vintage and classic look. 

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