5 Must Try Whiskey Sour Variations

Whiskey Sour is a combination of smooth spirit and sweet and sour flavors. With the rapid growth and change observed in our environment due to modernization, this drink also evolved-and still continues to improve-from simple flavors to numerous varieties. But regardless of whether it is the berry or fruity kind, or even the herbal or spiced versions, it's still exceptionally perfect for any kind of day.

Listed below are some commendable recipes that can showcase the different characteristics of a Whiskey Sour that you can enjoy.

1. Berry Whiskey Sour (Blackberry Whiskey Sour)



  1. In a highball glass, combine berries, mint and lemon juice
  2. Mash them together until the juice is squeezed from the berries.
  3. After this, add in the bourbon and mix. 
  4. Using a strainer, pour the mixture in the desired glass. 
  5. Add ginger beer and garnish with mint. 

2. Spiced Whiskey Sour (Five-spiced Whiskey Sour)



  1. Put sugar and water in a microwave-safe bow and dissolve the sugar using a microwave. 
  2. Add five spice powder and let it cool. 
  3. With your cocktail shaker filled with ice, mix together the sugar syrup, lemon juice and bourbon. 
  4. Strain and serve in a chilled glass. Garnish if desired.

3. Sweet Whiskey Sour (Honey Whiskey Sour)



  1. Combine the hot water and honey in a shaker and mix properly until it becomes a syrup. 
  2. Add all the ingredients plus ice and shake vigorously. 
  3. Serve with sliced fresh lemon as garnish. 

4. Fruity Whiskey Sour (Pomegranate Whiskey Sour)

Ingredients :
For the Simple Syrup:

For the Cocktail:


  1. In a sauce pot, place pomegranate, water and sugar. Bring to boil and make sure the sugar dissolves. Let it cool. 
  2. When it's cold enough to handle, use a blender to crush the syrup and strain to remove seeds and pulp. 
  3. In a shaker, combine all the ingredients along with the pomegranate syrup. Mix well. 
  4. Pour it into a rocks glass with ice. 
  5. Garnish with orange rind. 

5. Herb Whiskey Sour (Rosemary Whiskey Sour)



  1. Using your trusty shaker, put in blue agave, lemon puree, rosemary extract, whiskey and sugar then shake. 
  2. Pour the mixture in a chilled glass. 
  3. Garnish with a fresh lemon and rosemary. 

There you go! Have fun and enjoy your favorite whiskey sour variation

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  • Michelle Catapang on

    These all sound delicious!! Can’t wait to try for the next party. Thanks for sharing such great recipes and ideas!

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