Pouring Red Wine Into a Wineglass

What Is A Wine Collar Used For & Do You Really Need One?

, by Joshua Soriano

Pouring Red Wine Into a Wineglass

While a bottle of vino is undeniably great, pouring wine into a glass can be pretty tricky as spills on your tablecloth may occur that can be hard to remove. However, you can avoid this from happening with the use of a wine collar. 

A wine ring is an accessory that fits around the neck of the bottle. It is designed to catch any drips that result from pouring the wine. If you want to know more about the function of a wine bottle drip ring, read on. 

What is a Wine Bottle Drip Ring?

Since wine is one of the most consumed liquors globally, several tools are specifically created to keep its quality on point. Accessories such as wine decanters, wine bottle openers, and wine pourers are already a mainstay. Wine collars are also equally important.

This device absorbs any unwanted drips that fall out from the wine. Instead of wrapping a separate cloth in the bottle’s neck, the wine collar does the job perfectly and still looks elegant. 

How Does a Wine Collar Work?

The system of a wine ring is pretty simple. Just place the wine collar into the neck of the bottle; it then functions in keeping the wine drips away from falling into your tablecloth or furniture.

What is Wine Rings Made of?

4 pieces of wine rings

A wine collar is usually made of stainless steel and lined with either velvet or fabric that absorbs any spills from the bottle. 

Benefits of Using a Wine Collar

A wine collar offers several benefits that will make serving wine a whole lot better. Here are its advantages:

  • Slips into any bottle size 
  • Made of durable materials 
  • Prevents unwanted drips 
  • Avoids stains on tablecloths

How Do You Clean a Wine Collar?

Cleaning a wine ring is straightforward with the use of soap and warm water. Simply hand wash them to avoid loosening the glue from the stainless steel.


You don’t have to worry about stubborn wine spills on your table or counters when you invest and use a wine collar. While it seems like just an extra accessory, trust us when we say that this is more useful than you think.

Do you use a wine ring? Share your experience in the comment section below.


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