[Infographic] The Savvy Cocktailer’s Guide to Gin

[Infographic] The Savvy Cocktailer’s Guide to Gin

, by Jonny Zhamat

New to gin? Read our expert guide find out what it takes to become a true gin connoisseur. 

What is Gin?

Gin is a juniper-flavoured spirit with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of at least 37.5% in the EU and 40% in the US. It can be made from a diverse range of bases with some of the most common being corn, wheat, rye, and potato. Gin is usually infused with botanicals (such as seeds, berries, roots, fruits and herbs) to give it a unique taste. Gins typically boast between six and twelve botanicals; however, some brands can have as many as 30. Some examples of commonly used botanicals include coriander seeds, lemon, orange, cinnamon, almond, cardamom, ginger, liquorice, and nutmeg

Today, gin is mostly produced using three methods.

    Gin: The Cocktailer's Best Friend

    “Fortunately there is gin, the sole glimmer in this darkness. Do you feel the golden, copper-coloured light it kindles in you? I like walking through the city of an evening in the warmth of gin.” 
    – Albert Camus, French philosopher and writer

    Ever since cocktails emerged in the 1860s, gin has remained a drinks cabinet essential. A key ingredient in many classic recipes, this spirit is favoured for its flexibility and clear flavour which mixes well with other ingredients. In fact, the resurgence of the cocktail over the past decade has played a major part in bringing gin back into fashion. What’s more, recent legislative changes have brought about the opening of many new small craft distilleries across the world so today’s cocktailers can choose from a diverse array of craft gins.   

    Learn More About Gin

    If you would like to learn more about gin, then you should browse through this interesting infographic which comes courtesy of the team at Lakeshore Convention Centre. This handy guide offers a detailed beginner’s guide to the juniper-flavoured spirit. It covers everything you need to know about the different styles of gin. It also provides recipes for five classic gin cocktails including Gin Martinis, Gimlets, Negronis, Tom Collins and Aviations.

    Scroll down to the infographic below to find out more.

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