Yes, Unicorn Tears Gin Exists

Yes, Unicorn Tears Gin Exists

If you think Unicorn Tears Gin sounds like something out of a children’s story book, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise. But as crazy and whimsical as it sounds, unicorn tears do exist. Well… at least as a type of drink.

Unicorn Tears Gin is the perfect ice breaker if you are looking for something quirky and fun to drink with friends.  But before you bring out the fancy glasses, allow us to tell you what exactly is a Unicorn Tears Gin and where it came from.


No, Unicorn Tears Gin didn’t originate in some magical, secret location nor did it come with an enchanting history. The reality, though, is much simpler and modern than that.

The Unicorn Tears Gin was created by, an online retailer specializing in unique, whimsical, and exciting gift items from Homewares, quirky accessories, and unusual alcohol products. They started out in 1998 under a different name but was relaunched as after the success of their most popular product, The Shot Glass Chess Set. The company is currently based in South London.

Unicorn Tears

A bottle of Unicorn Tears contains a fruity combination of oranges, juniper berries, coriander, and liquorice. It is a bittersweet concoction with a shining, shimmering, and sparkly appearance that will make you smile and dream of happy memories.  

Before pouring yourself a glass of this fascinating liquid, make a quick swirl of the bottle and watch as the glittery magic unfolds.

Aside from Unicorn Tears Gin, has other whimsical alcohol products that tastes just as good as they sound. With spirited names, such as Mermaid Tears and Phoenix Tears, trust to deliver playful and colourful cocktail concoctions that are sure to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Mermaid Tears vodka is made from premium French grain and comes in a dreamy ocean-blue hue and glittery mist. Best served straight, on the rocks or splashed into a cocktail.

There’s nothing sad about the sweet and spicy flavor and fruity aroma of a Phoenix Tears spiced rum. Made from premium Caribbean Rum, this dark and mysterious rum is blended with a combination of cinnamon and ginger.

Other Whimsical Products to Check Out

Can’t get enough of these mysterious and quirky beverages? You can also check out’s other delightful booze-infused products that will make your liquor cabinet looking like something out of an out-of-this-world, liquor paradise.

Spreadable gin is a gourmet cocktail ingredient that’s truly out of the box. You can spread it on sandwiches, cook with it, bake with it, or eat it straight from the jar.

Bring a different kind of high to your ordinary cocktails with this Moonshot Gin.  Made with vacuum-distilled London Dry Gin, it has a rich and citrus flavor.

Hurray for the quirkiest, most divine coffee liquor in town! Firebox’s F*cking Strong Coffee, Liquor has been just as what it says in its brand name plus none of the sickly sweetness found in other coffee liquors.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring out the glasses and be the life of the party with a quirky and delightful Unicorn Tears concoction and other out-of-this-world alcohol products from Firebox.




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