The Ice Bomb

The Ice Bomb

Do you love a tall glass of a cool and blue drink that gives you a strong but fruity taste? If yes, then you should try the Bomb Cocktail. This drink features 3 kinds of vodkas, one of which is a blue raspberry vodka that gives its nice pale blue color, making it more mesmerizing to drink. It is a favorite among college students and is enjoyed by anyone who wants to take on an icy trip. Wanna try one? Here’s what you need:

Ice Bomb Ingredients:

  • 2 oz. UV Blue vodka
  • 2 oz. orange vodka
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 1-2 oz. lemon-lime soda
  • Ice cubes

Ice Bomb Preparation:

  1. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in the UV blue vodka, orange vodka and regular vodka.
  3. Stir and top it with lemon-lime soda.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Variations

There are many drinks out there featuring good ‘ol UV Blue that you can enjoy. Here are some of them that you should try:

  • Windex Cocktail - Yes, it has the name as the cleaner but it sure is a terrific drink that gives a nice raspberry and citrus flavor. 
  • Blue Bombsicle - With two simple ingredients, UV blue and lemonade, you can enjoy a refreshing and tangy drink. 
  • UV Liberty Cocktail - Pink and blue go cute together. Try this playoff of ice cream float that is perfect to have on a hot summer day.

Know Your Ingredients

Making drinks is kind of like doing chemistry. And before you start mixing different drinks around, make sure you know them well. Drinking is just as good as learning. 

  • UV Blue - a blue raspberry- flavored vodka that has a hint of sweetness. The “UV” in the name just implies its light blue color. 
  • Orange Vodka - as the name suggests, this is an orange-flavored vodka made from varieties of oranges that gives a nice tart flavor. 
  • Vodka - a distilled clear alcohol made from grains or potatoes, originating in Poland and Russia. 
  • Lemon-lime soda - carbonated soft drinks made with lemon and lime flavoring. Common examples are 7 Up and Sprite. 

Bar Accessories

The ingredients of a good drink are just as important as the tools used to make them. Here are some cool things to learn about the tools you’ll need. 

  • Highball Glass - a glass that contains 240-350 ml that is about 2 ³⁄₄ in diameter by 6 in. in height.
  • Cocktail jigger- a cocktail measuring tool that holds approximately 0.5-2.5 oz. 

The Rise in Fame

Throughout the years, people have become more interested in a lot of variations of drinks because of their adventurous palettes and simply because parties are not getting old. The Midwest sure has a lot of parties especially after their thrilling football games, and with it, the emergence of the UV Blue was very well accepted on a global scale. 

Furthermore, UV blue vodka is known to have originated in Minnesota, United States and is made from Minnesotan water from the aquifers of Princeton. The process behind this beverage involves a three-bed deionization of purification to get the correct pH balance between 6.0 and 7.0. The fresh  raspberries it is infused with gives it a hint of sweetness that goes well when mixed with other beverages to make an awesome drink. 

The Perfect Pair

The Ice Bomb is basically vodka and there are numerous foods that go well with it, especially those that are smoked or cured.  Some of the most prominent smoked dishes include pork barbeque, cheese, chicken, turkey, assorted vegetables and fish. On the other hand, meats are associated with curing and some of the best and most familiar ones are pepperoni, bacon, pastrami, prosciutto, chorizo and pancetta. Check them out!


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