15 Best Minibar Cutting Boards In 2023

15 Best Minibar Cutting Boards In 2023

Minibar Cutting Boards

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Very nice addition in any home. It gives you a space dedicated especially for preparing drinks for your family or visitors. While it is not very essential for a home bar, a cutting board is a good addition to it. With innovations on cutting boards nowadays, most are reversible and multipurpose that it does not to be used for cutting alone. It can now be used as a charcuterie/cheese board or a margarita/tequila serving board. The possibilities are plenty and it looks great so you can't go wrong adding cutting boards to your minibar.

Our picks for this list are environmentally friendly wooden and bamboo cutting boards. We tried to include very minimal plastic or any man-made material to keep up with the environmental theme so you don't go guilty every time you use your board. We also included a couple of finishing/conditioning oils and a good choice for an oil applicator. Enjoy!

Our Pick

Emerging new product

The Noonchihome bamboo cutting board with trays is the emerging new product choice for this list. We loved the addition of BPA-free sliding trays under a recessed bamboo cutting board for no-mess cutting.

Most innovative design

This out-of-the-box design of Totally Bamboo Surfboard cutting board makes you not want to use it for that purpose. It can be used for decorative or serving purposes. This works best with margarita or tequila serving boards with its long, narrow design. Just add a few small saucers for the salt and sugar and lime wedges and line up the tequila shots and you're done!

Most Useful

We admit that this cutting board from Home Hero made it to the top picks because of the additional features in the box. A cheese knife, sharpener, and brush are a nice addition to it. Not to mention that this cutting board with its recessed compartment also doubles nicely as a charcuterie/cheese board. It is a nice place for lemon wedges when you use it as a margarita or tequila tray too.

Cutting Board Choices

1. Freshware Cutting Board, 3-pc Set, Bamboo

Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen

These cutting boards are made from organic Moso bamboo which was treated and sealed to be less porous to prevent the onset of micro bacterial and mold growth for hygienic purposes.

Moso bamboo is also called tortoise-shell bamboo and is among the largest bamboo species. The bamboo used in these cutting boards is organically farmed in large bamboo forests for many purposes.

These boards are also made to be tough enough by bonding together 3 layers and using the environment and food-friendly adhesives. They are designed to withstand every day cutting and are guaranteed to be tough enough from cracks and breakage.

Made with the light to moderate kitchen cutting in mind, these lovely cutting boards will work just fine in the minibar. Given that the bar is relatively small, the smallest cutting board (8x6x⅜") may be sufficient for cutting needs, usually citrus and other fruits. Though it is best to keep the other sizes within the bar area so you can use a separate cutting board for other ingredients.

Cleaning is a breeze; just wash it with soap, rinse and air dry. 

The seller believes in their products to be of very good quality that they are willing to provide refunds for any complaints, no conditions. 

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2. Sonder Los Angeles Walnut Cutting Board

End Grain Walnut Wood Cutting Board

This reversible cutting board is handcrafted by master craftsmen from black walnut to produce a high-quality product fit for food preparation. One side has perfectly carved deep juice grooves for citrus and other juicy fruits for no-messy cutting. 

The other side has carved recesses for holding some of the chopped ingredients. This side can also be used as a charcuterie board, with the compartments to hold the smaller food items like peanuts, grapes or raisins. 

This cutting board is made with an end grain constructed board and is very durable and sturdy to withstand the most unforgiving kitchen and minibar environment. However, it is knife-friendly so you don't have to sharpen your knives now and then.

It also has rubber feet to prevent it from slipping on the wet counter. 

The beautiful dark cutting board with its tiled design was bonded together with the environment and food-friendly adhesive to give you a beautiful kitchen experience. With proper cleaning and drying and occasional oiling to keep it sealed, you will enjoy it for a long time, compared to other wooden cutting boards you ever had.

The board also comes with a beautiful box for gifting purposes. With lots of personalizing nowadays, you can easily have it etched for a more thoughtful all-occasion gift.



3. Brazos Small Organic Wood Cutting Board

Brazos Home Small Organic Wood Cutting Board

This cutting board isn't your usual square, rectangular or round, it is made of organic walnut wood. Made from thick cuts of harvested walnut, known to be very durable and smooth, its dark color offers a perfect balance on the mostly stainless steel bar tools.

Made by the finest artisans in Brazos, Texas, this cutting board also has a smooth cutting surface, sanded manually for the finish no machine can achieve. It helps keep your knives sharp for a longer time. Minimal knife markings can be smoothened with the application of board waxes and oils. 

It comes with a lovely giftable box, making it a perfect gift for new homeowners, newlyweds and even those who are not very keen in the kitchen.

To keep it in tiptop condition, wash it properly and air dry. Remember to oil it periodically to prevent it from drying out. 



4. NOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting Board with 4 Sliding Trays

NOONCHIHOME 100 Percent Bamboo Cutting Board

This innovative bamboo cutting board has 4 drawers designed so you can drop your cut food directly into the trays. Slide-out an empty tray and place it into the slot for catching the cut food. No need for a different bowl for your ingredients, this set solves it all. The lower recess of the cutting board also keeps your ingredients from drying out or exposed to dust so your cocktail will taste fresh and delicious.

The sliding trays are made of FDA-approved materials and large enough to hold up to one cup of your chopped or minced ingredients. No messy scooping up of the ingredients, just swipe it with your knife into the waiting tray under. It has a juice groove for no messy food preparation. 

Lightweight for easy maneuvering but sturdy enough to withstand the heavy bar and kitchen use, it is also easy to clean. Air-dry and apply wax at least once a month to keep in optimal condition.



5. Crafthouse Bar Cutting Board

Black Walnut Wood Bar Board

Deep juice grooves carved around the cutting board ensures no-messy preparation of the ingredients for your favorite cocktails. Designed with bartenders in mind, this handcrafted black walnut bar board has tiny rubber feet to keep it from slipping.

Easy to maintain and clean, it can serve its purpose for years to come. Just keep it oiled or waxed so it does not dry out and cracks easily. 



6. Wood Cutting Board Large Maple with Handles and Juice Groove

Small Maple Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen Cheese Charcuterie Board

To keep up with the light theme of your minibar, this light sugar maple is made from tree farms. This lovely bar board is durable and stable that it can withstand years of heavy bar use. It also has a groove around to collect the juices from fruits used for cocktails.

This handcrafted bar board is thick for durability and stability. It is also seasoned and finished with beeswax to make it stain-resistant. Better than bamboo because it is made with a solid piece of wood so there is little chance for cracking or coming apart on the seams. 

It is also reversible so if the other side is riddled with knife marks, you can still use the other side. However, to prevent too many knife marks, keep your board oiled or waxed. This also prevents the incidence of mold and microbial growth in between the knife marks.

For easy carrying, it has inner grips so it won't slip off, making it easy to grab in a hurry. To keep it well-maintained, carefully follow the instructions included in the box. 



7. Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, 3 pcs/set

Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3

This bamboo cutting board is made with organic farms to provide you with kitchen and bar essentials without sacrificing the environment. Faster in growth than hardwood and less labor-intensive to grow and maintain, bamboo is considered as the new hardwood. It is also versatile enough to use in various capacities, including construction. 

Expertly bonded together with food-safe adhesives, this set of 3 cutting boards can withstand heavy use. It is also reversible for more optimal use.

The beautiful grain makes it good for serving cheese platters. This is also perfect as an all-occasion gift.

To keep it in the utmost condition, wash with warm water and wipe dry with a towel. Continue drying on the counter before keeping. Do not soak in water or wash in the dishwasher as the adhesives may cause its adhesives to weaken and come apart. Wax or oil to keep out microorganisms and keep it sealed.



8. Totally Bamboo Surfboard Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo surfboard cutting board

Best to use in tiki bars and beach-themed parties, this surfboard-shaped cutting board is made with durable bamboo. Beautifully crafted by hand, it is designed to highlight a beautiful decorative strip, characteristic of the brand's design.

When not in use, it can be used as a décor to tie down the beach theme of the tiki bar or just to brighten up your minibar.

Made with Moso bamboo harvested from organically grown bamboo forests. Low maintenance and doesn't require special attention, bamboo is considered the most renewable resource because it is growing faster than most trees.



9. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board With Juice Groove

Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove (3-Piece Set)

Made with Moso bamboo harvested from organically grown bamboo forests. Low maintenance and doesn't require special attention, bamboo is considered the most renewable resource because it is growing faster than most trees. It is also a natural bacteria fighter. 

This set of 3 different sized boards can be used to assign to a specific ingredient - one for citrus and fruits and one for spicy ingredients, especially when making the Bloody Mary. The largest board can be used as a charcuterie or cheese board.

Each comes with a juice groove deep enough to collect juices from the ingredients. The grooves can also be used as a grip for easy handling. 

The surface is smooth to help keep it from scratches and marks on the board. Keep it well oiled for a beautiful finish.



10. Utopia Bamboo Cutting Board 

Utopia Kitchen 3 Piece Natural Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards

Made with thick bamboo harvested from organic farms, each layer is compressed together and bonded with environment-friendly, food-safe adhesives. Bamboo is a very sound alternative for hardwood because it uses less energy and labor to grow while giving off the same oxygen and cooling effect as trees.

It comes within 3 different sizes, each with juice grooves and a cutout handle and 0.8" thick, thicker than most 0.5-0.6" thick bamboo boards for more strength and stability.

Keep it clean by washing with soap and warm water and drying it with a towel. Air-dry on the counter before storing so the bond stays well. 

Keep it oiled or waxed with vegetable or nut-based oils. Reapply when the board feels lighter than usual, it means it is becoming dry. This will ensure that the board maintains its look and functionality.



11. Reversible Wood Cutting Board, Organic Acacia, Large

Sonder Los Angeles, Large Multipurpose Sustainable Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Thick at 1.5", this reversible cutting board is versatile and can be used as a cheese or charcuterie board. The other side has a recessed compartment for serving your crackers, chips and sliced French bread.

This is a very good addition to the minibar since you will not need to purchase a separate cheese board which can be expensive yet will be used only occasionally.

Juice grooves serve to catches excess liquid fro juicy fruits used in cocktails. 

Made with acacia wood from 100% sustainable tree farms, these farms help to mitigate the climate change issues by cooling the surrounding area. The resulting product is a beautiful chopping board with the natural grain and luster innate to the wood. Sanded, seasoned and sealed for long-lasting bar use. 

Apply wax or oil periodically to protect and maintain the quality and performance of the board.

Quality guaranteed that the company has given a 100% refund for any complaints within the 30-day return period and 1-year warranty.



12. Wood Chopping Boards, Organic Acacia, Medium

SKY LIGHT Cutting Board for Kitchen

This board is thinner than the at 1" but still as efficient and be used as a cheese or charcuterie board. It can also be used as a serving tray or plate for rustic setting parties.

Juice grooves keep mess within the board for easy cocktail preparation and cleaning. 

Made with acacia wood from 100% sustainable tree farms, these farms help to mitigate the climate change issues by cooling the surrounding area. The resulting product is a beautiful chopping board with the natural grain and luster innate to the wood. Sanded, seasoned and sealed to prevent warping and cracking

It is sturdy enough to withstand the demanding bar environment. Acacia wood is known to be resilient and strong, having a density of 0.91-1.05/cu. cm. This means that your knife is protected since a chopping board that is too hard is not knife-friendly. 

This product also comes with a 1-year warranty and 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. In any event, you have complaints about the product.

13. Greener Chef Small Cutting Board for Kitchen

Greener Chef Small Cutting Board for Kitchen

Get more value for your money with the lifetime replacement guarantee for these bamboo cutting boards. This guarantee covers if the board gets cracked, splintered or separated. 

Made from organically farmed Moso bamboo, this board is made BPA-free and formaldehyde-free materials. It is bonded using environmentally-friendly and food-safe adhesives.

Known as the new hardwood, bamboo is resistant to microbial growth and sealed further to increase the resilience of the chopping board.

It also has juice grooves to keep the mess inside the board and large enough for a few lemons on the board.

Clean by washing with warm water, towel dry and continue drying on the counter before storing. Keep it oiled or waxed at least every 2 months to maintain its quality and performance. 



14. Large Wood Cutting Board with Handle

Large Wood Cutting Board with Handle

This chopping/charcuterie board comes with a cheese knife, sharpener, and brush for a complete set of useful bar tools. The knife has a slotted blade for easy releasing of the cheese slices. The other side of the chopping board has a carved compartment for the crackers, chips or bread. It also has juice grooves to collect the juice from citrus and other fruits used as cocktail ingredients. 

It is a great all-occasion gift choice, especially for those who love the kitchen. Strong and sturdy at 1.5" thick, it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure superior customer satisfaction. 

Apply oil or wax to keep at the optimum condition at least every two months.



15. Paddle Cutting/Serving Board

Acacia Wood Paddle Serving Board HAPPY EVERYDAY Engraved

This reversible cutting/serving board with its paddle design is a good addition to your minibar. Made with 100% organically farmed acacia wood and handcrafted to perfection, either side is a great cutting board. 

The carved-out side ensures no-mess preparing of juicy fruits and citrus for your cocktails and can also be used as a cheeseboard. The reverse side is a flat one with no markings and is primarily used as a cutting board.

It is also light and just the right size to use is the bar. Beautifully sealed and finished with plant-based oil. 

Maintenance is easy with washing with soap and warm water. Oil at least once per quarter to keep it in good shape. 



Chopping Board Wax and Oils

Greener Chef Food Grade Cutting Board Oil Spray & Conditioner

Greener Chef Food Grade Cutting Board Oil Spray and Butcher Block Oil Conditioner

This cutting board sprayer is just what your hardwood and bamboo cutting boards to keep it in good shape. Made from 100% walnut oil, it is food-grade and edible. It does not leave off odors or cause stains. 

It seals and restores the chopping board to keep it from being waterlogged, resulting in cracking and splintering.

Application is either by dripping or streaming then buffing with a polishing brush or pad. The result is an almost new chopping board.

The container is BPA-free and can be used within 24 months from opening.

Allergen warning: contains nuts



Caron & Doucet Cutting Board Oil and Wax Bundle

Caron & Doucet - Cutting Board & Butcher Block Conditioning Oil & Wood Finishing Wax

100% plant-based oil and wax and does not contain mineral oil. The thing about mineral oil is that it is produced from petroleum chemicals. While they do not necessarily leave an off-odor, it is not healthy to come in contact with kitchen tools. 

Made from highly refined coconut oil and enhanced with food-grade essential oils. It preserves the wooden and bamboo chopping boards by hydrating and conditioning it. Sealing prevents the chopping board from getting waterlogged or too dry, resulting in cracking and drying.

Because it is made with high-quality, refined coconut oil, it does not have a solvent component, just pure oil so it stays fresh and doesn't get rancid even when opened for a long time.

Just apply by adding a few drops of the oil or a few swipes on the wax and wiping it over the board. 


Wax Applicator

Clark'S Oil & Wax Round Applicator

CLARK'S Oil & Wax Round Applicator

Innovated from the rectangular applicator, this round one fits perfectly into the wax containers for easy application. Designed to fit your hand, it has just the right size to reduce pressure on the fingers trying to hold a small applicator.

It is made from stiff sponge for faster application. Make sure the chopping board is clean and thoroughly dry before application. Observe the difference between the sealed and unsealed surface.

Keep the applicator in a Ziploc bag for subsequent use.


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