SodaStream Machines, glasses and syrups with text - main pic

How To Use SodaStream Genesis? Complete Guide With Cool Tips

SodaStream Machines, glasses and syrups with text - main picOne of the best soda makers on the market is SodaStream. And if you happen to have the SodaStream Genesis, then this article is for you. 

Using the SodaStream Genesis only requires a few simple steps, from assembling the soda maker properly, loading the carbonating bottle, and starting the carbonation process. When done properly, you will make the best of your soda maker machine and help extend its lifespan.

SodaStream Genesis Features

SodaStream Machines, a glass, and syrups and Co2 Tank

The SodaStream Genesis is one of the most affordable soda makers with a sleek, lightweight, and compact design. Creating sparkling drinks in under 30 seconds, this SodaStream model doesn’t require electricity nor batteries, so you can easily bring it anywhere.

It makes use of a BPA-free plastic bottle that is reusable for up to three years. It is also compatible with other types of SodaStream bottles. Unlike other models, SodaStream Genesis doesn’t have an automatic locking system, so you must screw the bottle into the nozzle to secure it. 

What You’ll Need

Step-by-Step SodaStream Genesis Instructions

Step 1: Setting up the Soda Maker

1. Place the soda maker machine on a steady, stable, and level surface.

SodaStream Genesis on a sturdy surface

2. Prepare the carbon dioxide cylinder by peeling off the seal and twisting the cap. Keep the lid for future use. 

Man holding the CO2 cylinder

3. To open the back part of the soda maker, press and hold the button.

Pressing the button at the back of the machine

4. Remove the upper cover by pulling it upward while still pressing the button. 

Lifting the head of the machine

5. Lay the soda maker’s head, the one that was previously removed, on its side. Insert the cartridge in the bigger hole and twist until tight.

Inserting the cartridge in the machine

6. Place the head back on its place, now with the CO2 cartridge, and press it down to lock it. 

Putting back the head with the cartridge

Step 2: Preparing the Carbonating Bottle

1. Make sure that the carbonating bottle is clean. Fill it with tap or filtered water. 

Filling the carbonating bottle with water 

2. Pull the nozzle outward, then insert the SodaStream bottle and screw it into place. Make sure it is tight, then push the bottle back, so it is in an upright position.

Inserting the bottle in the nozzle

3. Press the carbonating button on top to release the gas. Hold the button until you hear a loud buzz. It usually takes two seconds. Then release, press, and hold again. Press three times for standard fizz and five times for strong fizz.

Pressing the button on top

4. Pull the bottle outward, then unscrew slowly to remove it from the soda maker. 

Removing the bottle from the machine

Step 3: Adding Flavorings or Syrups

1. Measure the syrup with the cap of the syrup bottle.

2. Tilt the carbonating bottle at a 15-degree angle.

3. Slowly pour the syrup by the side of the SodaStream bottle. If you’re adding flavor essence, add 1-3 drops, then cover the bottle.

Pouring the syrup in the bottle

4. Gently roll the SodaStream bottle to incorporate the flavorings fully. Do not shake, as this risks the bottle from exploding.

Rolling the bottle gently

5. Pour the newly carbonated drink into a glass with ice. If not, store the bottle in the refrigerator until it’s time to consume it.

Red carbonated drink being poured into a glass

How to Clean the SodaStream Genesis

All you have to do is remove the SodaStream Genesis canister first. Then use a warm and damp cloth to wipe the base, the covers, and other plastic surfaces. If there are any hardened spills, you need to use mild dishwashing soap. Do not use any abrasives, as this will scratch the soda maker.

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After you’ve cleaned every SodaStream Genesis component, let them air dry, then store them in a safe and secure place, such as a cabinet or the countertop.

Tips & Tricks on Using SodaStream Genesis

Orange drink being poured into a glass with a SodaStream machine at the back

  • Trade the carbon dioxide cylinder to save money 

When your CO2 canister has run out, trade it at retail stores that sell SodaStreams so you can have a discount. 60-liter canisters usually cost around $30, but if you trade an empty one, you’ll only have to pay about $10-$15. 

  • Go big with a CO2 tank 

You can invest in a CO2 tank to use with your SodaStream Genesis machine. Because it contains a significant amount of gas, you will not worry about running out for a long time than canisters. You have to purchase an adaptor along with it so it can be connected to the soda maker.

  • Don’t over-carbonate

It may be tempting to add extra bubbles into your drink, but the right thing to do is practice restraint and follow the standard pumps. Otherwise, you will risk the bottle exploding, and you will use up carbon dioxide more than you need to. And if you’re using freezing water, ice may form when pairing it with that much carbonation.

  • Refrigerate the syrup and water

After filling the carbonating bottle with water, you can refrigerate it and the syrup containers beforehand for best results. Carbon dioxide tends to dissolve faster in cold water, creating more bubbles. Cold syrups can also help retain the carbonation so the drink won’t go flat. 

  • Add flavorings and syrups after carbonating

If you add syrup or flavoring before the carbonation process, the mixture will not hold the carbonation well. This will only waste your water, carbon dioxide, and syrup.

  • Don’t use too much syrup

There is also a standard measurement of concentrated syrup used for every liter. If you add more, the drink may lose carbonation because it may fizz up. For every 170ml of sparkling water, use 30ml of syrup. For 1L of sparkling water, add about 176ml or 12 tbsp of syrup.

  • Remove the carbonating bottle slowly from the soda maker

If you don’t want to create a mess and waste your drink, unscrew the bottle slowly. But not too slow, so it retains the bubbles. Do not hesitate when unscrewing it because there’s a high chance for the drink to foam up, especially if you pumped five times. 

  • Slowly pour the concentrated syrups

Another technique to prevent the sparkling drink from foaming is to go easy when pouring the syrups. If you do it swiftly, the drink may lose carbonation, making it flat. Furthermore, do not shake the bottle when mixing the syrup thoroughly. Be gentle with it and make a rolling motion.

  • Enjoy as many SodaStream flavors as you can

SodaStream offers hundreds of flavors in several categories. Some only add fruit essences to the sparkling water, while others transform it into an entirely different carbonated drink. There are also healthier and affordable options you can try. 

You can experiment by making alcoholic seltzer but do exercise caution. Having a different flavored drink every once in a while is a great way to make the best out of your soda maker machine.


Soda makers are easy to use, so you cannot go wrong with the SodaStream Genesis. Remember to take care of your soda maker machine so it will last long. You can also follow our nifty tips and tricks to help you save time and money. 

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