17 Tips On How To Throw The Best Adult Halloween Party Ever

17 Tips On How To Throw The Best Adult Halloween Party Ever

Adults in a Halloween Party

Halloween is just right around the corner, which means it's time to start planning your own Halloween party!

If you're looking for some inspiration, this blog post will give you 17 tips on how to throw an adult Halloween party. From invitations and decorations to Halloween party games, we'll cover all the bases to make sure that your adult Halloween party is a huge success!

1. Decide on a Halloween Party Theme

If you're hosting a murder mystery party, then consider having guests arrive in costume as their favorite fictional characters. You could also ask everyone to come dressed in black and white or red and black attire (which would be perfect for a masquerade ball).

Lighter Halloween characters include Jack-o'-lanterns and friendly ghosts. Vampires, zombies, and witches are all much darker. 

It's fine to mix the adorable with the frightening if you want to appreciate all of the wonderful aspects of Halloween. If any of your friends are easily scared, you may try decorating two rooms with distinct themes to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

2. Find Party Decorations at Local Thrift Stores

Halloween Decorations

If you don't know where to search, party decorations can quickly become costly. If you're serious about providing your guests a real Halloween experience, every detail matters.

Your local dollar store is a great spot to look for party decorations. You can check to see if they have any interesting antiques. Mirrors, candleholders, and creaky wooden furniture are just a few ideas for enhancing the ambiance in your party space.

3. Decorate Your House's Entrance

Even if the party will be held indoors, it is worthwhile to decorate the front of your home if you truly want to go all out. When visitors arrive, they won't have to wonder if they've reached the right address.

Cobwebs, Scarecrows, jack-o'-lanterns, or a fog machine are some simple decorations. If you can obtain motion-activated walkway decorations, your guests may be greeted with eerie cackles or booing.

4. Distribute Spooky Invitations

Halloween party invitation

Invitations are an important decision that can help you set the mood for your party. For instance, if it's going to be lighthearted and fun-filled, select invites with vibrant colors. If things feel more spooky instead, don't hesitate about choosing black as the color.

You can send them using the method that you prefer. Whether through the mail, email, or social media, your Halloween party invitations will look great every time.

On the invitation, include any particular information that will assist your visitors in planning for your party. One of the most common concerns about attending a party is whether or not people should wear costumes, so you should clarify that.

5. Satisfy Guests with Creative Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food

Halloween is the single day of the year when eating unappealing food is a thrilling experience. The possibilities for making spooky snacks are limitless!

You may prepare ghost cookies, spaghetti and meatball brains, and a variety of other dishes. What’s important is that they are delicious and you have enough supplies for every guest.

6. Enjoy a Festive Punch

Halloween drinks

A punch bowl is a must-have for every Halloween party. Serve your drinks in a cauldron to amp up the design. You may even buy a zombie hand that will hold the ladle if you truly want to scare your visitors.

Chilling beverages with skull ice cubes or eyeballs can add spookiness. You may also add steam by using food-grade dry ice, and it will help keep the punch chilled.

7. Bewitching a Bar Cart

If your guests don’t like boozy punch, having a bar cart would give them other options. You can offer cocktails, wine, beer, and other liquors in it. You can also use ghoulish glassware to enhance the drinking experience.

8. Set-up a Blood Fondue

Besides having a punch, you can have a blood fondue. Guaranteed to frighten your guests — in the best possible Halloween style, of course. This fountain is worth its weight in gold (or blood). It will not only serve as a decoration but should be delicious too.

9. Use a Halloween Playlist to Dance Until Dawn

The theme music to set the mood is essential for any Halloween celebration. Classic anthems like "Thriller" by Michael Jackson are catchy enough to bring the dead back to life.

If you listen to music through streaming services, this step is simple. Because they've prepared Halloween playlists, all you have to do to start the party is connect your phone to a speaker.

10. Prepare Fun Games

Halloween tic tac toe

What Halloween celebration would be perfect without a variety of games? Put a new spin on classic games to make them more interesting. 

Here are some of our adult Halloween party games suggestions: Halloween Tic Tac Toe (using pumpkins), Pumpkin Carving Contest, and Halloween Charades.

But if that’s sounding a little stale to you, then we think you might be interested in a Halloween escape room. Using these printable kits, you can transform your house into an escape room experience that your guests will love. It’s the kind of ‘main event’ that lets you just crack open the drinks and bond over a fun experience.

11. Distribute Goodie Bags

Halloween goodie bags

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts. Thankfully, you don't have to spend much money on entertaining party favors.

You may make goodie bags out of silly string, fake blood, masquerade masks, vampire teeth, and sweets, among other things. The benefit of including a mask is that it allows guests who do not have a costume to feel involved by wearing their own.

12. Create the Ideal Atmosphere Using Mood Lighting

The majority of people associate Halloween with all things dark, mysterious, and frightening. Your party atmosphere should be equally vibrant.

Candles, colored lights, and strobe lights can give just the right amount of illumination to keep the celebration lively. Remember that areas with food and drinks should be brightly lit so that guests can see what they're consuming.

13. Reward the Best Costume

Group of friends wearing Halloween costumes

People love to win. And they will be happier if the costume that they worked for is rewarded. So make sure to give a prize for the best dressed of the night. It doesn’t have to be a costly prize. What's important is that you make your guests feel special at your costume party.

14. Set up an Adult Version of Trick-or-Treating

Candy is something that people never outgrow, so having a range of treats for your visitors is essential. There are a few creative ways to include candy in your adult party. 

One way to do this is to hide candy inside a cupcake or another snack. The individual who discovers the delicious surprise may be eligible for a prize or a benefit tied to your other activities.

15. Display a Halloween Movie

There are many great horror movies that you can choose from. A movie playing at your party will add extra scare and enjoyment for your guests. You can even host a trivia game after the movie.

16. Use a Halloween Photo Booth

Photo booth props

Photos make the experience more memorable. That’s why having a photo booth will be a wonderful idea for your party. Keep in mind that photo booth props are required for all of your hilarious Halloween party photos.

17. Socialize with Your Guests

Don’t forget to chat with your guests and ask them if they are enjoying the party. You can also ask people what they like the most and what you can improve for your next celebration. 

Also, remember to thank them for coming and ask them to come again for your next parties in the future.


A Halloween party is a great experience to celebrate the event. We hope you found these tips helpful in celebrating your October 31st.

If so, please share this blog post with your friends and family members who are throwing their own Halloween parties!



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