5 Different Ways To Make A Slushie: The Ultimate Guide

5 Different Ways To Make A Slushie: The Ultimate Guide

How to make a slushie

Regardless of fancy cocktails trending on social media all the time, slushies are always adored for their delicious, icy punch.

A slushie can be made using a blender or an ice cream makerBesides the traditional method, this post will show you how to make a slushie even when you don’t have a blender, Kool-Aid, or ice.

The ingredients are totally up to you as you can choose your preferred flavor of juice, fresh fruits, or even liquor.

Slushie Ingredients

How to Make a Slushie

  • Mix sugar and water in a 1:2 ratio. Starting the process by mixing the two will help add a smooth texture to the slushie. 
  • Now it’s time to add your favorite flavor, and it opens up a lot of options. You can mix your favorite soda, a pack of Kool-Aid powder, or your choice of fresh fruit juice. 
  • After blending the mixture for a while, add a couple of cups of ice cubes, and remix it. Blending a fair amount of ice cubes will give the slushie its classic texture. If you prefer a thick slushie add more ice; if you like a thinner concentration, increase some water to the mix. 
  • After a few minutes of thorough blending, taste the slushie, and if you feel like it needs a bit more sugar or flavoring, don’t hesitate to throw in some more.  

How to Make a Slushie Without Blender

If you don’t have a blender, you can still make a delicious slushie. The trick is to use the refrigerator to freeze the slushie and stir it every 30 minutes to get the classic slushie texture. 

  • Mix sugar and water in a 1:4 ratio. Stir the mixture well to attain a smooth consistency in your slushie. 
  • You can replace the water with your favorite fresh fruit juice, soda, milk, ice cream, or Kool-Aid. 
  • If you’re feeling it, add some drops of lemon juice. Lemon drops will give the slushy a pleasant lemon smell. You could also add 4-5 drops of food coloring. 
  • Stir and mix up the ingredients well and put the bowl inside the fridge. 
  • Now, wait for about 2-3 hours. Take the bowl out and stir up the ice every 30 minutes. Doing this over a few times will help attain the perfect texture for your slushie. 
  • Serve the delicious slushie to yourself and your loved ones with reusable environment-friendly straws.
How to make slushie

How to Make a Slushie Without Kool-Aid and Ice

Restaurants use Kool-Aid to make their delicious slushies. Traditionally, Kool-Aid is considered an integral part of a good slushie, but it is not a necessary ingredient. You can make a delightful slushie at home without Kool-Aid and ice by using an ice cream maker

  • Mix sugar and water in a 1:4 ratio. Stir it well to attain a smoother consistency. 
  • Use your favorite soda, fruit juice, or ice cream. You could even mix some chocolate milk, cocoa, and liquor to imitate some delicious chocolate cocktails. Use citrus fruit juice to get a sour punchy taste. Use raspberry, grapes, or cherry if you’re craving a sweeter blend. 
  • Mix it up and put it in the ice cream maker. The maximum amount of time it could take is about half an hour. Do check inside after about 15 minutes to avoid the mix getting frozen solid. 
  • Take it out of the freezer and have a cold sip. 

How to Make a Slushie in 5 Minutes 

On a hot summer day, slushie cravings can get really bad. You might not have the patience to freeze the slushie in its perfect texture. You can bypass the waiting game with a cool trick and freeze up your slushie in 5 minutes. Here’s how you can make an instant magic homemade slushie. 

  • Get a big ziplock bag and put a couple-cups worth of ice, a tablespoon of salt in it. Lock the back and shake it up to mix the salt with the ice evenly. 
  • In a smaller ziplock bag, pour in your choice of juice. It could be a glass of lemonade, orange juice, soda, or chocolate milk. 
  • Put the small bag of juice in the big ziplock bag of salt and ice. 
  • Lock it up again and give it a bit of shake. You will find that the small bag of juice is freezing very fast, almost magically. 
  • Within 5 minutes, your slushie should be ready in perfect consistency. 
  • The juice freezes so fast in this process because the mixture of ice and water creates a low freezing point. The mixture gets colder, and thus the liquid freezes more quickly. 

How to Make a Slushie With Alcohol 

You can make unique cocktails by mixing a little liquor to your slushie. The recipe that will fit best to make cocktails is the regular slushie recipe. Fruit slushies complement liquor the best. A mix of cold citrus fruit juice slushie with a little bit of gin will tantalize the taste buds for sure.

Slushie Fun Fact 

In 2016, 7-Eleven allowed consumers to bring in their own container to grab a slushie for a flat rate of $1.50 during a promotional campaign.

While most customers kept their cups reasonably, a few people brought in large kettles, fish bowls, and teapots. One customer brought an inflatable swimming pool, which led to 7-Eleven changing the policy. 

7-Eleven eventually mandated that containers had to fit through a cardboard measuring hole to avail the offer.


Whether you love fresh fruit juice, soda, an icy cold mocktail, or an exotic cocktail, you can make your slushie any way you like. That is precisely why people of all ages love slushies.  

Hopefully, this writing piece helped you find some inspiration and easy ideas to make some delicious slushies at home. Share your thoughts, suggestions, or your unique slushie recipes in the comments section and share the article if you found it useful.


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