How Do You Chill A Beer Glass? Different Methods, Dos And Don’ts

Summer is finally right here and usually, we spend it best at the beaches and other fun destinations but who’s to say you can’t have a nice, relaxing staycation at home? One of the delights of summertime is that because it is hot, you get to chug or sip your favorite drinks, like good ‘ol beer. To mark the special event, it’s good that you elevate the way you drink your beer. The best thing to do is to simply and correctly pour your beer in the appropriate glass. And to kick things up a notch, you can serve it in a chilled or frosty beer mug to keep it cold and keep you refreshed. 

Some actually argue that using a frosted beer mug is not beneficial to your beer because it blocks the aromas and flavors to be released due to the cold vessel. However, some people actually love to frost their beer mugs exactly because the alcohol flavor is mellowed and so they are able to chug down the beer. After all, not all beers are the same and the same goes for the people’s preference. If you are one of those people, then you can learn the methods on how you can frost your beer mug below.

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How to Frost Your Beer Mug?

First of all, “frosted” is not the same as “frozen”. Frosted is the starting point of becoming frozen and may be referred to as “chilled”. You can see a pale white film or a thin layer of ice on the outer surface of the glass that can quickly fade away and you can still see the color of the beer. 

On the other hand, frozen is the state of being hardened by ice. There is a thick layer of ice that is very white in color and it takes longer to melt than the frosted glass. 

Actually, the frozen beer glass is what’s disapproved of by beer experts, because a frozen glass, filled with a cold beer will result to a numbing sensation that completely blocks all the amazing features of the beer, especially the taste. Even if the means of getting the beer glass frosted is the same with the frozen glass, we can adjust the process to achieve just the right point of getting frosted. 


Even if the name says so, you can still frost your beer glass in a freezer, you just have to consider the duration of its stay in the freezer so it will not get frozen. It may take some time to achieve a nice frosted glass but it’s effective. Here’s how to do it:

1. Prepare your beer mug or glass. Make sure that it is clean.

2. Bring the glass to room temperature. You can also wet the glass with cold water before putting it into the freezer, as this can help it frost faster. The water droplets on the outer surface help in creating the frosted look because they will condense and eventually turn to ice crystals.

3. Put the glass in the freezer and leave it there for about 30-60minutes. You can adjust the time depending on your freezer’s temperature.

4. Take out the glass and pour in the chosen beer.

Ice and Water

To make the freezer method faster, you’re going to need some help with water and ice. It has already been pointed out that wetting the glass will help with the condensation so why not just put ice and water in the glass to make it even faster? It is like the method of chilling that you do to a cocktail glass, the only difference is that you’ll still have to put it in the freezer. Give it a try!

1. Fill a beer mug or glass with ice cubes. Make sure that they touch the entire inner surface of the glass and you can give it a quick move or shake for this to happen.

2. Add some cold water into the glass, making sure that it covers the inner surface.

3. Place the glass in the freezer and leave it there for about 5-8 minutes.

4. Once the glass is frosted, take it out, discard the water and ice, then you can pour the beer in.

Wet Paper Towels 

It may sound confusing but this method is just as effective as the other ones and is actually quicker. Obviously, the paper towels alone can’t make the glass frosted, so the freezer would still have to be used. Since the paper towels are damp, it provides an air temperature buffer which helps fasten the evaporation and condensation processes. It is also very convenient because paper towels are in everyone’s household so you can try it anytime. 

1. Get your beer mug or glass and wrap it with damp paper towels. It doesn’t have to be a thick layer of paper towels but just enough to have the entire outer surface covered.
2. Place the glass in the freezer and leave it there for 3-4 minutes. The water in the paper towels is actually what gives the glass the frost on the outside. 

3. Take out the glass and remove the paper towels. Pour your beer in. 


    You’re not mixing the beer with vodka, rather you’re coating the glass with vodka. Who would’ve thought that a prominent liquor can aid in making a glass frosty only for you to enjoy a different drink? This method may not be as convenient though because not everyone has vodka on hand. But, if you do have vodka, you have to try this method and see for yourself. 

    1. Place your bottle of vodka in the freezer overnight. Don’t worry, the bottle will not crack since the vodka won’t be frozen because it has a high alcohol content. 

    2. Get a clean beer mug or glass. Make sure that it is clean so that the vodka will not be incorporated with any unpleasant tastes. Take out the vodka and pour it in the glass until it fills half or three quarters full. Move the glass around so the vodka can coat the inner surface. Do this for about 1 minute and you can already see the frost forming. 

    3. Pour the vodka back into the bottle or use it to make a delicious cocktail like the martini. 

    4. Slightly wipe the inner surface with a lint-free towel and pour in the beer. 

      Portable Glass Froster

      This cool innovation lets you frost your glass in a matter of seconds by spraying liquid carbon dioxide directly into the glass. As opposed to the freezer method, this one is pretty convenient in terms of speed, however, it is very expensive and so, it is more suitable for bars rather than household purposes. But if you do have the money and you want to have it, you can definitely buy one because no one is stopping you. 

      1. Place the glass beneath the lamp head and spray the liquid carbon dioxide. Products may vary regarding the process of turning it on. Mostly, there is a lever that you pull on top.

      2. Hold the glass in place for about 5 seconds or until the frost forms and then release the lever. You can also pull the lever in intervals to avoid getting the glass overdone. Don’t spray for too long or else the glass will turn frozen.

      3. When it is done, pour in the beer. If you have noticed that it has become frozen, let it sit for a few seconds, then once it has dropped to a nice frost, you’re good to go. 

        Dos and Don'ts

        To make your glass chilling easier, here are a couple of pointers that you need to know and apply. They can help you do the things to make the methods work as well as to steer clear from mistakes. 


        • Make sure that your beer glass or mug is cleaned properly. If there are any soap residues or unwanted particles in the glass, they will be frozen and get incorporated with the beer once it is poured in, resulting to an unpleasant taste. 
        • When you opt for a room temperature glass, wipe it with a lint-free towel so there won’t be unwanted particles that will be frozen. 
        • When putting the glass in the freezer, check the glass from time to time so that it will not be frozen. Also, when you often open and close the freezer door, warm air can get inside that can help in building a nice layer of ice crystals, resulting to a nice frosted look. 

        • Make sure that the beer glasses will be placed in a sufficiently vacant  area so they won’t get overcrowded and the chilling process will not be interrupted. The glasses should be given enough space so they won’t touch other things. Preferably, a flat shelf, rack or the door shelf is ideal.
        • Use thick and sturdy glass such as beer mugs and pilsners so they won’t break or crack. 


        • No matter what you do, do not freeze your glasses. If this is the case, you will be drinking an unpleasant and unflavorful beer. Frozen glass will cause a foaming issue because there is a rapid release of carbon dioxide and can cause an interruption in your pouring because the beer can overflow. There’s also a chance that your glass will get stuck in the freezer and can break if forced to be taken out. 

        • Don’t just pour any kind of beer into a frosted glass. Some beers are best served at room temperature so their flavors are more pronounced. However, some beers like ales, lagers and pilsners are to be enjoyed cold so they can be chugged down for refreshment. It is also recommended to have the beer higher than their normal serving temperature if a frosted glass is used, this way, the beer won’t become numbing to the taste. 
        • Some beers are served in stemmed glasses however they can’t be placed in the freezer because the stems are not sturdy enough should they get stuck. They also have a risk of breaking because they are thin. But, stemware can be frosted using the glass froster because you simply have to hold it. 
        • Don’t put the glass on a frozen surface of the freezer. The glass may get stuck especially when a wet glass is placed on it. When they are stuck, it will be difficult to get them out and you may risk breaking it. 
        • Never put a hot beer glass or mug in the freezer. The temperature difference can cause the glass to break and just put it to waste. 


        For many years, people have ordered beers in frosted mugs at different bars. Despite the argument that other people point out, it boils down to the person’s preference. Some like frosted glasses because they prefer a cold, refreshing beer. Others like the most recommended way of preparing glass which is by giving them a quick rinse and you can learn more about it here. There are also stainless steel beer mugs that may or may not be allowed to be used to serve beer, and if you want to know the reason, click here. If you haven’t tried drinking beer from a frosted mug before, it does not hurt to give it a try. You can invest in a freezer intended only for the beer glasses or the glass froster, but you can also do it in your home refrigerator. You never know, maybe you’ll like it so much, you’ll start drinking beer that way. Either way, it’s going to be a new drinking experience.

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