"Shell" We Call It Rum Sour?

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Rum Sour was created in Barbados long time ago and it used to be served in a shell! Having your refreshing drink served on a conch shell on a beautiful, serene island won’t be a bad idea. The mixture of sweet rum with zesty citrus and the cool sea breeze is something to look forward to.

Also, rum can be used in cooking great dishes, making cocktails or consumed by itself, straight or with ice, it will leave you a feeling of satisfaction. 

Knowing that it came from fermented & distilled sugar molasses, rum has a distinct sweet taste that comes from the caramelized sugar. 

Here, try this recipe for yourself and tell us if you enjoy the bitterness of rum with a kick of sour taste at the end. 


Did you know? 
Rum sour was served in a conch shell!
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Rum Sour Ingredients:

Rum Sour Preparation:

  • In your shaker, put all the ingredients in and shake well for about 10 seconds. 
  • Then put some ice and continue shaking until everything is properly blended together. 
  • Using a strainer strain mixture unto chilled glass. Garnish some lemon and a cherry on top. 

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The Rise in Fame

From the city of "the Great American Lager ", Missouri to the famous beaches of Florida, Rum Sour made its way to be known and enjoyed by everyone, just like how the Puerto Ricans love and savor its remarkable taste. 

Did you know? 
August 16 is the national rum day!
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The Perfect Pair

Seafood, burger, brisket, dark chocolate, cakes, desserts, banana, pineapple and almost everything can be paired with this glass of this drink

Want something new? Try rum sour on a shell and experience the rich history that it brings. 


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