What's Eating Gilbert Grape Cocktail Recipe

What's Eating Gilbert Grape Cocktail Recipe

This week’s featured cocktail recipe is by instagram influencer @ryeremedy, a self-confessed mixologist/cocktail craftsman. Treat your taste buds with this unique grape juice with a kick for a vibrant and invigorating summer concoction.  With the fruity combination of grapes, sourness of pisco, and the sweet and zesty blend of citrus juice, this cocktail is definitely not your ordinary drink.

If you wish to know how to recreate this frothy fruit-pisco combo, let us show you how.

The Ingredients

Craving for a unique twist to a fruit-infused cocktail? For this recipe, you will need to prepare 12 pieces of green grapes, a dash each of lemon and lime juices, egg white, and a few drops of pisco to bring out that earthy aroma of your drink.  


First step is to add the grapes into a shaker. Then pour lemon juice and lime juice over it. Muddle the ingredients before pouring pisco and adding ice into the mix. Shake mixture well and then strain. Add egg white to bring out the frothy consistency of the drink and dry shake for a few more seconds. Finally, pour concoction into a coupe glass, garnish with green grapes, and enjoy.


  •         1.5oz pisco
  •         .5 oz lemon juice
  •         .25 oz lime juice
  •         12 green grapes
  •         egg white


  •         Combine all ingredients except the egg white in a shaker
  •         Muddle
  •         Pour pisco
  •         Add ice
  •         Shake and strain
  •         Add egg white
  •         Dry shake for 15 seconds
  •         Pour cocktail into coupe glass
  •         Garnish with green grapes



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