4 different Chocolate Cocktails with strawberries and cholate bars on the background

7 Easy Birthday Cocktails You Can Make Out Of Dark Chocolate

4 different Chocolate Cocktails with strawberries and cholate bars on the background

Cocktails are an integral part of any birthday celebration, and they can complement any theme of the party you prefer. They are an excellent way to entertain your guests and bring about a mood of fun and happiness with exquisite flavors and aromas. 

There are several varieties of recipes available for making cocktails from the most diverse list of ingredients. You can easily experiment with the elements and discover your unique recipe by mixing up the ingredients. With the broad compatibility of a host of ingredients, new cocktails are always coming up, and there are unique niches that offer distinctive flavors to the drink. 

Dark chocolate cocktails are an enigmatic brand of cocktails that uses the euphoric flavors of chocolate to make the perfect cocktail blend. The combination of dark chocolate and liqueur is a match made in heaven, and their flavors perfectly complement each other in a fascinating drink. Both cocktails and chocolates are something everyone loves, and combining them to make the ideal cocktail produces a drink that is hard to resist for anyone. 

Dark chocolate cocktails are especially inviting during the cold winter months due to their warming effect on the body, although they are applicable as a drink any time of the year. Chocolate makes everything better, and it certainly can make your cocktail exquisitely tantalizing. If you are not in a mood to experiment and discover the best chocolate cocktails, this article will help by providing the seven easy birthday cocktails that you can make out of dark chocolate. 

1. Dark Chocolate Malted Martini

Dark Chocolate Malted Martini

The malted dark chocolate martini is the ideal drink to have after a grand meal on your birthday as they function well as a sumptuous dessert due to its decadent sweet taste. The basic ingredients include chocolate liquor, vodka, chocolate malt powder, and homemade dark chocolate fudge sauce. 


For the dark chocolate fudge

For the martini 

How to make

  1. Make the dark chocolate fudge
    1. Add the brown sugar, corn syrup, half of the chocolate, salt, and heavy cream to a medium saucepan.  
    2. Reduce the heat and let it simmer after bringing the mixture in the pan to a boil and wait until the chocolate starts to melt.  
    3. Remove the pan from heat and add vanilla, butter, and the remaining chocolate to the ingredients in the pan. 
    4. Keep stirring the contents until all of the chocolate melts entirely. Keep it aside for it to cool down. 
  2. Assemble the cocktail
    1. Drizzle a little dark chocolate fudge on the inside of the martini glass. 
    2. Proceed to fill up the brim with crushed ice and put in whole ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. 
    3. Add the chocolate fudge sauce, half and half, chocolate malt powder, chocolate bitters, creme de cacao, and vodka inside the cocktail shaker 
    4. Shake thoroughly for 30 seconds. 
    5. Pour into the prepared martini glass. 

2. Chocolate Mint Julep

2 Chocolate Mint Julep

The chocolate mint julep is a refreshing and delicious cocktail with a unique twist of flavors. The secret ingredient to making a chocolate mint julep amazing on the tongue is having your ice as fine as possible. The best way to ensure this is by placing the ice in a zipper bag and hammering it with a mallet until the constituents are powdery. 


How to make

  1. Add sugar, club soda, and mint into a julep cup and start stirring. 
  2. Gently add the bourbon to the contents of the glass as you keep stirring gently to attain the right mix. 
  3. Now add crushed ice to the glass and pour in the remaining club soda until the glass is full and stir once again. 
  4. After the contents mix well, stop stirring and garnish the cocktail with a little bit of chocolate mint. 
  5. If you like to have more chocolate in your cocktail, you can add half an oz of creme de cacao to your cocktail before you add the club soda and ice in the cocktail glass. You can also provide your guests with birthday return gifts full of chocolatey goodness for making the day special with their presence. 

3. Venezuelan Chocolate Rum Drink

The Venezuelan chocolate rum drink is a decadent masterclass of a cocktail that combines chocolate with rum. 


How to make

  1. Take a big saucepan and add brown sugar, allspice berries, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and milk and start heating at a medium temperature. 
  2. Keep stirring continuously to dissolve the sugar until you scald the milk. 
  3. Lower the heat and let the contents of the pan cook for 10 minutes before removing the saucepan from the heat. 
  4. Let the recipe rest for 10 minutes and strain it into a big pot. 
  5. Add the dark rum and bittersweet chocolate on top of gentle heat and whisk for around 5 minutes until the chocolate completely dissolves. 
  6. Fill the drink in a cocktail glass and top it with whipped cream before serving. 

4. Chocolate S’Mores Martini

Chocolate S’Mores Martini

This cocktail brings the exquisite flavors of s'mores along with marshmallow vodka, and cracker crumbs into a delectable cocktail. 


How to make

  1. Dip the rim of the cocktail glass in chocolate syrup and then dip it in graham cracker crumbs. You can also add more chocolate syrup to the glass rim if you want extra chocolate. 
  2. Take a cocktail shaker and add creme liquor, creme de cocoa, vodka, chocolate milk, and ice and shake it thoroughly.
  3.  Pour it in a cocktail glass and garnish it with a toasted marshmallow dipped in chocolate syrup and rolled in graham crumbs. . 

5. Drunken Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Drunken Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Everyone’s (except for those with nut allergies, that is) going to love this deliciously decadent cocktail that should not really be a cocktail at all. This is best as a dessert cocktail that you’d love spooning instead of drinking. Yum!


How to make

  1. Prepare the dark chocolate fudge by adding the heavy cream, white chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and peanut butter into a saucepan.
  2. Simmer over medium heat until everything has melted and properly mixed. Do not allow it to boil.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool for a while.
  4. Add the Irish whiskey and chocolate liqueur.
  5. Rim the serving glass by dipping it into some melted dark chocolate and crushed peanuts.
  6. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream into the glass.
  7. Top with the dark chocolate fudge you just made.
  8. Garnish with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. 

6. Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

The chocolate martini is a classic chocolate cocktail that is simple to prepare and also heavenly on the taste buds. You can prepare the drink by mixing vodka with your favorite chocolate liquor and the combination is indulgent while taking only 2 minutes for preparation. 


How to make

  1. Take a cocktail shaker and add chocolate syrup, skimmed milk, dark chocolate liquor, and vodka. 
  2. Ensure that you fill only up to ⅔ of the cocktail shaker with these ingredients and fill the remaining portion with crushed ice. 
  3. Frost the rim of a martini glass by frosting it and dip the rim in vodka and cocoa powder to make frosted cocoa powder on the rim. 
  4. Pour the recipe in the glass and top it off with chocolate shavings. 

7. Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate

The Mexican hot chocolate is the perfect recipe to warm you up if your birthday falls in the cold season. The cocktail uses tequila, cinnamon, and cayenne to make a mesmerizing drink. 


How to make

  1. In a pan at medium heat, add cayenne, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, milk, and chocolate and heat the mixture by whisking constantly. 
  2. Add tequila in a mug and pour in the chocolate concoction while continuing to stir
  3. Serve with a garnishing of cinnamon, star anise, and whipped cream. 


The bitter and sweet intoxication of dark chocolate is a perfect ingredient to soothe the burn of the flavors of liquor. The dark chocolate cocktail also functions as a dessert as well as a drink due to its unique flavors. However, you will need to find the right combination and ingredients as blindly adding dark chocolate to a cocktail will not make a great drink. 

Dark chocolate has a high concentration of fats, and this can result in the cocktail acquiring a grainy texture. You may get around this problem by crushing cacao beans and soaking it in vodka or a similar alcoholic drink for a while to make your chocolate liquor. Chocolate in a cocktail is an amazingly potent combination as the phenylethylamine acts on neurotransmitters and causes an immediate pleasurable feeling in the brain. 

Can’t get enough of these chocolate cocktails? Here’s more chocolate cocktail recipes that you will love to enjoy knowing its health benefits. 

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