5 Best Cocktails And Pizza Pairings That You Won't Resist

5 Best Cocktail And Pizza Pairings That You Won't Resist

5 Best Cocktails And Pizza Pairings That You Won't Resist

Whenever it comes to pizza, there are seemingly endless combinations of toppings to make it the perfect meal. Whether you like pepperoni and sausage or Hawaiian with pineapple and bacon, there's a pizza out there for you. 

Beer and wine are common companions to a hot pizza. However, if you want to shake things up, cocktails can make great accompaniments, too. And when it comes to cocktails, there are also plenty of options to choose from. So why not combine the two?

Here are the best cocktails that perfectly pair with your favorite pizzas. Cheers!

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1. Aperol Spritz & Margherita Pizza

A glass of Aperol Spritz

There’s a reason why Aperol spritz and Margherita pizza make the perfect pair—they’re both Italian. Imagine you’re eating dinner on the Amalfi coast with this orange drink in one hand and a fresh slice of pizza in the other. Sounds like paradise, right? 

The cocktail’s bittersweet finish complements the pie’s simpler flavors without overpowering them. Plus, its light citrusy taste will help balance the heaviness of the cheese, dough, and other ingredients.

Get the cocktail recipe here.

2. Old West Sunset & Hawaiian Pizza

2 glasses of old west sunset cocktail

Who says pineapples don’t belong on pizza? Have your Hawaiian pie and a drink to match—the Old West Sunset. This cocktail has hints of pineapple, lime, and smoked orange flavor, which taste deliciously tropical when you mix them. 

The bourbon and sherry give it a little kick, not to mention some color. With a dark pink hue on the bottom and a light orange layer on top, you’ll feel like you really are sipping the sunset.

Get the cocktail recipe here.

3. Nuanced New York Sour & Meat Lover's Pizza

A serving of Nuanced New York Sour with skewered blackberry

A hearty meat lover's pizza or filling fungi pie calls for something light, like a nuanced New York sour. This cocktail features a light-bodied red wine, which perfectly complements the earthy and rich flavors on the pizza. Choose a sweet, fruity wine to add an exciting layer of flavor and take your entire meal up a notch.

Get the cocktail recipe here.

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4. Hellraiser Picnic & BBQ Chicken Pizza

2 glasses of Hellraiser Picnic cocktail

Did someone say BBQ chicken pizza? This insanely popular pie is a mainstay at many restaurants and bars. However, if you’re struggling to recommend a cocktail to accompany it, try the hellraiser picnic. This salty-sweet treat is fruit-forward and reminiscent of summer, making it the perfect beverage for hot-weather picnics and spring celebrations alike.

Get the cocktail recipe here.

5. Italian Stallion & Veggie Pizza

A serving of Italian Stallion on a small wine glass

Veggie pizzas are just as tasty as meaty ones—if not more so. That’s why it’s important to have a go-to cocktail to recommend or enjoy yourself whenever you’re craving lighter, healthier fare. That’s where the Italian Stallion comes in handy. 

This tangy, exhilarating drink tastes like summer and is sure to bring out the bright flavors on your favorite veggie-covered pie. Plus, as long as you have a reliable blender, it’s super easy to make.

Get the cocktail recipe here.

Creating the Perfect Pair

You don’t have to be a mixologist to create the perfect pizza and cocktail pairing, but it certainly helps. When in doubt, use the recipes above to shake things up, tantalize your taste buds and thoroughly impress guests.

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  • I loved how you shared different pizza and cocktail pairings. The part that got me was the pairing of nuanced New York sour and meat lover’s pizza. I agree that a light-bodied red wine will go well with the earth and rich flavor of this pizza. I’ll give it a try this weekend when I order pizza with friends. https://www.pizzajoeexpress.com/pizza-delivery


    Elaina D'Agostino

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