Can You Drink Champagne Out of a Wine Glass?

People have been truly invested in drinking champagne from a flute so what if you don’t have that glass but need to bring out the champagne? Can you drink champagne out of a wine glass? Definitely, yes! 

In fact, probably one of the most overlooked facts when drinking champagne and other bubbly wines like Prosecco. The design of the traditional champagne flute may keep the fizz in, making it more visually inviting but at the same time, trapping in the aromas which defeats the entire purpose.

So why are people so caught up with the traditional flute that they think serving champagne in other glasses is sacrilege? One thing that comes to mind is tradition. For the longest time, this has been the glass used to serve champagne. Another is convenience. If you want to pass around celebratory drinks, you can put in as many champagne flutes in a tray than you can with a regular wine glass. 

However, some glass makers who specialize in grape-varietal glasses decided to design a glass best used to serve champagne. After years of research, they came up with the design that has a slightly wider bowl and narrow rim, much like the white wine glass. This design allows the aromas to come through without becoming too acidic. 

Can You Drink Champagne Out of a Wine Glass?

One of the reasons why champagne is better served in a white wine glass or a specially-designed champagne tulip is the play of the aromas, much in the same way as it is in red wine glasses. Bigger surface areas allow air to mix with the champagne, releasing the aroma. The wider rim also allows the drinker to get a whiff of the champagne while drinking it, a feat you cannot achieve using a champagne flute. 

If you serve champagne in a wine glass, choose the Pinot Noir design as champagne is usually made with Pinot Noir grapes. Should you decide to use this, keep your champagne 47-50 degrees Fahrenheit (8-10 degrees Celsius). This lessens the chances of the bubbles to fizz out while enjoying the aromas and the drink. Serve in small amounts as a fizzed out champagne tends to be flat. 

Finally, there is no one correct way to serve champagne. You can go ahead and serve it in a traditional flute, a white wine glass, or a champagne tulip. The best reason to celebrate is to enjoy the celebration itself. Don’t get too carried away with traditions. 

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