Champagne with raspberries in flute glasses by the pool.

The Take On Height - Why Are Champagne Glasses Tall?

Champagne with raspberries in flute glasses by the pool.

Champagne glasses are made tall to indicate that the drink that goes in the glass should be cold. The stem that adds to the height of the champagne glass helps you get a better flavor without your body heat from your fingers changing the taste and aromatics of the drink. 

The tallness of a champagne glass is a factor to look into, which begs the question, is height truly might?  Let’s take a deeper look at how champagne performs in a tall glass and how its height can elevate your drinking experience.

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The Fluke About the Coupe

As modern upper-class society transitioned from using champagne coupe glasses to champagne flutes, the rise of the tall and slender aesthetic came to play. Despite the popularity of the champagne flute in the 1950s, the originator of champagne, Dom Pérignon, the Benedictine monk, has been long drinking champagne in a flute since the 1600s.

As the trends change and societal impressions of the upper class evolved, the way people consumed champagne did as well. The popularity of the flute circled back from the 1600s and became even more than a party trick for guests.

The tall champagne glass and its mesmerizing bubbles became an element to consider more since the coupe glass limited the flavors of the champagne to fully come through.

The Tulip’s Turn

Come the tulip champagne glass that became the talk of the town in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Champagne sophisticates have started making the tulip glass more of a preference when truly enjoying champagne. 

The tulip glass is stemmed, but with a curved edge that makes more room for champagne to collect and activate bubbles on the bowls. This design feat became more favorable since it brought out the best of both worlds great delivery of the fruity taste and activated aromatics in champagne and other sparkling wines.

Height Truly is Might

Sparkling champagne in tulip glasses with chilled champagne in a bucket on the side.

Champagne glasses are created with a certain height to appreciate the bubble works in the champagne. Stemmed champagne glasses like flutes or wide tulip glasses are typically 7 to 8 inches tall, with a stem of at least 4.5 inches. 

The long stems of champagne glasses not only bring out an elegant look, but support the champagne's quality overall.

Drinking champagne in tall glasses is a must for connoisseurs because they believe that bubbles play a big role when nosing the champagne. Another thing many amateur wine drinkers don’t appreciate about tall champagne glassware is that it is designed with temperature and aromatics in mind. Champagne should be served cold to fully enjoy the bubble works and well-rounded flavor.

How Tall Champagne Glasses Work

Tall champagne glasses help regulate the abnormal amounts of carbon dioxide that shoots up at the highest point of the champagne glass when the stem is tilted towards your mouth for better consumption. The same concept applies to champagne flutes wherein the stem makes it easier for you to enjoy the fizzy element of the champagne.

Your Drink, Your Choice

Apart from the fruity flavors, aromatics, and aesthetics, champagne glasses are created tall to preserve the best components of the champagne, while also regulating the external factors that may influence your drinking experience.

Whether it is the finger marks, heat transference, or even functionality when drinking champagne, the way you enjoy good champagne is your choice at the end of the day. Let us know in the comments what your champagne experience is like with tall stemmed glasses.

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