Can We Drink Beer In A Steel Glass? The Reason Behind

Can We Drink Beer In A Steel Glass? The Reason Behind

We see beer everywhere, in the movies, on the television and especially in real life. No matter what setting, they are always served in transparent glasses, whatever the shape. How about stainless steel vessels? Are they also qualified to hold such a delicate beverage? Apparently, no, and here’s why. 

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There are stainless steel beer mugs in existence, yes, they keep the beer cold longer and yes, technically, you can drink beer from them because they are containers that can hold liquid, but it doesn’t mean that you should drink beer from them. Beer is a unique beverage, in a way that it affects almost all the senses. Serving beer in a stainless steel glass deprives perhaps the most important sense, the sight.  

Getting a good look at your beer has a huge impact on how it’s going to taste. Being able to see that golden or dark hue with the majestic and velvety foam on top greatly affects the drinking experience. Serving beer in stainless steel mugs denies the drinker from this opportunity. And for what? For keeping the beer cold longer? It doesn’t seem like a worthy choice, to sacrifice the chance to see your beer just so it can keep a low temperature. 

Truth be told, stainless steel mugs are not harmful to the drinker or to the beer. In fact, beer is brewed using equipment made from stainless steel. But, brewing is different from drinking. Stainless steel is used for brewing beer because it doesn’t add any unusual flavors and scents to the beer. But, when you are drinking from a stainless steel mug, your nose gets in close proximity to the stainless steel vessel, allowing you to take a whiff of metal. Smell and taste go hand in hand, when you smell that metallic container, you would also seem to taste like your beer is metallic which can be unpleasant. 

Stainless steel is different from pewter but the latter is known to hold beer. While reminiscent of beer tankards that used to hold beer in the old days, pewter mugs may pose some hazard to the health as they contain lead. Nowadays, pewter mugs are developed to be lead-free and are said to be safe. They tend to be expensive though, so beer glasses still have the upper hand. 

We eat or drink first with our eyes. But, the only thing we see with beer served in a stainless steel mug is the peeping head or foam that will soon deflate and the gray outer surface of the mug that blocks the supposedly awesome view of the beer’s color. There are numerous shapes of beer glasses that play a particular role to each type of beer. And a stainless steel mug or glass doesn’t offer much shape and design and doesn’t give the same appeal as the glass ones. Beer glasses made from glass have also been the norm since it evolved from the tankard, so it may be difficult to drink beer from a different vessel other than the ones that are already perfect for it. 

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  • Why not keep a transparent mug, keep looking at it and use a steel mug? Also how many of us used to enjoy the looks of beer in a mug during a college/family/group get together



  • It’s good to know that drinking beer from a stainless steel mug can leave you with weird smells. My husband and I are looking to get some new beer mugs for our home in time for our Fourth of July party. We’ll have to order the beer wholesale, so we know there’s enough of it to go around.


    Eve Mitchell

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