Sam-Sam The Pickle Man Is A Pickle Beer Worth Trying

Sam-Sam The Pickle Man Is A Pickle Beer Worth Trying

Coffee lovers, here’s some interesting news. Hold on to your bar tools because we would like to introduce you to this year’s newest and most unique beer variety in town, pickle-flavored Sam-Sam the Pickle Man, from the Massachusetts-based brewery, Down the Road Beer Co. That’s right. Pickles don’t just come in jars anymore; you can also have them in a glass of ice-cold beer. If this doesn’t pickle your fancy (pardon the pun), then we don’t know what will.

Down the Road Brewery

Down the Road Brewery Co. is one of the fast-emerging breweries in Boston today. Located in Everett, Massachusetts, it is founded by brewery expert, Donovan Bailey. Recently, Down the Road Brewery has collaborated with a local pickle company, Grillo’s Pickles, for Sam-Sam The Pickle Man, a sour-flavored beer that became an instant hit during this year’s Boston Pickle Fair.


Introducing the Pickle Beer

And the rest as they say, is history. What was initially a simple Pickle festival treat was sold out in just a few days. After its Boston Pickle Fair debut, this exciting pickle and beer combination was for a time sold as a draft in the company’s taproom. It also became available in cool, takeaway cans featuring the mythology-inspired art of Down the Road’s talented illustrator, Nikki Rossignol.

This is why we’re hoping the Bacchanalian gods would come sweeping down from the skies and bring us another batch of this lovely tipple with a glorious mix of dill-spiced brine and habanero peppers to satisfy our interrupted pickle beer fix.

Other Down the Road Brewery Products

If you were not lucky to get a taste of pickle beer when it was still available, check out some of Down the Road’s diverse and fresh line-up of uniquely brewed craft beer. All whimsically titled from fairy tale-inspired creatures, we bet they have a beer flavor that’s right for you.  

  •        Pukwudgie Session IPA – has an ABV of 4.5% is of American Pale and Victory range. It is made from Chinook, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. Another American Pale Ale variety is the Citra Pukwudgie, with the additional malt flavor of Citra.
  •        Feyborn Berlinner Weisse - a combination of lager and wheat malts with an ABV of 4.5%. It’s fermented from seasonal fruits which gives it its wonderful fruity aroma.
  •        Reynard’s Witbier – This limited edition flavor is a classic Pilsner with a variety of fruit and floral spices such as Indian Coriander, Chamomile, and Orange Zest.

Down the Road also offers seasonal beer products such as the Darkest Night Imperial Stout, which is made from Chocolate, Rye, and Barley malts and Fee Des Fleurs Saison, a Belgian pilsner with an 8.5% ABV. One of their taproom exclusives is a cleverly named lager called the Rose Colored Spectacles which is raspberry rosé and American sour flavored.

If you ever find yourself in the Boston area and had a sudden craving for delicious ice-cold beer, don’t forget to stop by Down the Road’s taproom for an enjoyable and unique drinking experience, with or without the pickle.



  • I live in Pa , how do I get a case of this pickle beer?????


    Joe Riepensell

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