12 Best Bar Lighting Ideas To Create The Perfect Ambiance

12 Best Bar Lighting Ideas To Create The Perfect Ambiance

Bar lighting

It's not just about the drinks anymore. Bars and clubs are all about creating an experience, and nothing sets the mood like good lighting. Not only does it make people feel more welcome, but it also makes your bar or club stand out from the crowd.

The following 12 ideas for bar lighting will help you create a space that is inviting to patrons while establishing a unique atmosphere that is perfect for everyone who visits!

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1. Track Lighting

Track lights

Since track lights are organized in a single continuous line, they're ideal for highlighting the space right above a bar. They are available in various designs and brightness levels.

2. Chandeliers


Chandeliers are available in different sizes and types. Traditional ones exist, but there are also contemporary and dramatic alternatives available. Chandeliers are ideal for bars that want to create a big visual impact.

However, many of these fixtures may also produce a lot of light. They should also be put above tables or bars in most cases.

Neon signs are an excellent choice if you want to add some romance and a relaxed vibe to your bar. You can customize a one-of-a-kind neon sign at NeonSigns.com according to your favorite pattern and bar style. These Custom Bar Neon Signs are very statement-making. They can not only brighten up your bar, but also create the vibrant and stylish atmosphere you want.

3. Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights

Many pubs include pool tables or other activities that may demand their own unique light level or brightness. Pool table lights have their own distinct look. Large lights with stained glass and beer or liquor brand names or graphics are frequently used as statement pieces.

4. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights

Recessed lighting in your bar area has the advantage of being dimmable, making it a wonderful option to create a cozy or practical lighting source.

Keep in mind that each recessed lighting fixture will be different in size and light projection. Avoid baffle trims if you require huge recessed lights with a diameter of 6 inches or more.

You'll want to choose a trim that will smooth out the light and isn't too harsh. Trims come in various colors these days but stay with neutral-colored trims if your primary focus is the lights above the bar.

5. Decorative Wall Lighting

Wall lights

If you have an empty wall that needs to be filled, consider employing wall lighting solutions. For you sports fanatics, lighted signs are a terrific addition!

A wall sconce is an excellent way to add more ambient lighting to your bar area, and it's also a great way to emphasize any columns you might have.

LED lighting strips may be used to create a light-art installation on your walls. They are quick to set up and easily taken down, making them ideal for decorative lighting that you can modify to suit your mood or occasion. Plus, they can last for years!

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6. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights

Over a bar counter, the most frequent lighting fixture is a pendant. Shade styles, chord choices, canopy shapes and sizes, and bulb kinds are all available for this sort of light. Pendant lighting is typically thought of as a single-unit fixture.

However, there is also multi-pendant lighting available. Pendants provide you more choice in terms of placing over your bar; they also allow you to build custom lengths, illuminate to an ambient light setting, and maybe excellent conversation starters.

Pendants with translucent shades will light the bar's surface, providing users with additional work lighting and a more intimate environment.

Shades that are not opaque and let more light in are perfect for usage in areas where the space and bar must be illuminated.

7. String Lights

String lights

String lights are best used as a decorative accent rather than a primary source of illumination. They do, however, bring some aesthetic appeal and variation to a variety of places.

They can even be used in pubs with outdoor patio areas. Small twinkling lights or strands of lights with huge statement bulbs are available.

8. Under the Bar

Under the bar LED lights

Using the same applications for your liquor displays is a beautiful approach to light up job areas under the bar.

Keep in mind that you may also utilize similar lighting strategies to highlight the key features of your bar. If you have a glass or opaque countertop, for example, LED strip lighting is a terrific way to draw attention to your bar in a unique way!

Edge lighting around the edges of the stairs around the bar can provide a fresh viewpoint for "under the bar."

Considering bars are frequently sued for "slip-and-fall" incidents, they are highly advised to use this sort of illumination. For this product category, LED lights are the way to go!

9. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting in a restaurant

Overall, this is the most common type of illumination. Ambient lighting comes from windows and lighting fixtures, and it may also be used to replace natural illumination.

Ambient lighting is recognized for adding warmth and depth to a place while also providing glare-free illumination.

Ambient lighting is ideal for restaurants, bars, and breweries since it is simple, easy on the eyes, and can be achieved with nearly any lighting fixture.

10. Stained Glass Lamps

Stained glass light

Traditional bar décor calls for stained glass lighting. They come in various colors and patterns. So you may choose which ones correspond to your aesthetic aims or scatter them across the area.

Although these lights may enhance overhead lighting or create a dramatic bar atmosphere, these lights are more decorative than functional.

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11. Industrial Lighting

Industrial exposed bulb light

The basic and robust appearance of old factories and industrial buildings is celebrated by industrial lighting, a popular style of lighting used in bars nowadays. 

Strong, unpolished, and long-lasting materials were used to create lighting in these industrial areas. Exposed bulbs, metal, and unpainted surfaces are some of the most common.

12. Laser Lights

Laser lights

Laser lights are lighting devices that beam narrow, highly concentrated rays of light into a specific region. They are monochromatic, linear, and coordinated. These should only be applied in a restaurant or bar where an electric and bright atmosphere is desired.


The following twelve lighting ideas should give you an excellent start to creating the perfect bar or club atmosphere. Once your place is lit up, many people will come! 

What is your preference on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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