Woman Scanning Bar Code Using Wine App

12 Best Wine Apps And Software: The Ultimate List

Woman Scanning Bar Code Using Wine App

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What do you get when you combine wine making and the internet? The future of your palate! With the help of technology, such as various wine making apps and websites, we can learn all about how this alcoholic beverage is made from start to finish. 

In this post, we will review some of the best wine apps and software available for download or purchase online.

1. WineMaker Pro by SharpeTech

WineMaker Pro by SharpeTech

Are you a winemaker looking for an easy way to track and share your wine recipes? Winemakers App is just what you need! 

It will keep all of the essential details from transferring, adding wine additives or nutrients, calculating alcohol content by volume (ABV), reminding when it’s time to transfer or clean up after fermentation as well as calculate perfect bottle yields so that each batch can be stored in one place with ease.

With this app backing everything up automatically into cloud storage, exporting information in straight PDF format and printable reports are available at any time.

2. Vivino App

Vivino App

Vivino will take the guesswork out of finding your next favorite bottle. Simply snap a photo, and Vivino does all the work for you! Get ratings, read reviews, check prices, and anything that might influence your purchase decision is at their fingertips with just one click.

With an expansive database containing thousands of wines from around the world to choose from, including our personal favorites like Lindeman's Chardonnay or Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon – the possibilities are endless when it comes to discovering new flavors and vintages while saving money in stores or restaurants alike!

3. HomeWine Premium

HomeWine Premium App review

HomeWine is the application that supports you in making your fruit wines at home. It provides valuable functions during the preparation, fermentation process, and collecting recipes and information about produced wines. 

The most important aspect of this best wine making app is its recipe features, enabling users to create their own homemade wine concoctions.

A fun way to mix things up with friends or family members on a lazy Sunday afternoon would be switching from beer pong into creating some new brews together using HomeWine's recipe generator – all without having any prior knowledge of winemaking!

4. Wine Dictionary

Wine Dictionary App

You'll be able to chant the names of your favorite types of wine with ease, thanks to this free Wine Dictionary app. It contains 900 words and definitions in a wide range of categories from grape varieties used by region or taste.

Whether you're looking for different ways to describe the flavor profile on Pinot Noir or more information about how much alcohol each type carries, it's all here!

5. Decanter Know Your Wine

Decanter Know Your Wine App

Decanter Know Your Wine is a micro-learning app. It uses ‘spacing’ – or what some have called “spaced repetition” to deliver learning in highly efficient short bursts.

Wine enthusiasts can use it little and often, progressing through the ranking system without cramming by taking up your time with long sessions at any one point for fear of forgetting everything you've learned before starting again from scratch on something new!

6. CellarTracker

Cellar Tracker app

CellarTracker is a free app for Android and iOS which helps you find new wines to try, read reviews from fellow tasters, or share your opinions. With over 3 million wines listed in the database (and many more added all the time), CellarTracker has something for everyone!

Connect with members of the community by sharing tasting notes on different types of wine based on what's currently in stock at stores near you – it will let others know if you have similar tastes as well as provide recommendations so that you can buy your next bottle without having to do any research.

Plus, the mobile app has Label Recognition, allowing users to find any type of bottle they are looking for from CellarTracker’s massive database!

7. VinoCellVinocell App

VinoCell is a new, cutting-edge wine cellar management system that can track the history of your cellar (stored and gone bottles), draw and fill your racks and shelves, record tasting notes from world guides for every bottle you sample. 

This is one of the wine apps that will automatically generate recipes to match each dish with its perfect partner on any given day or occasion.

Furthermore, this mobile app provides a complete wine summary with image, vintage and location, varietals of the grape variety used to produce it. You can also check out their current price and how many bottles are stored in their warehouse at any given moment.

8. Delectable Wine

Delectable Wine app

Delectable Wine is one of the best wine apps for those always on the go and loves wine! With Delectable, you can take a photo of any wine bottle label to get instant ratings and descriptions. You'll also find information about wineries worldwide from top experts like sommeliers or other leading figures in this industry.

The best part? All your favorite wines will be conveniently available right at your fingertips with this app so that you never have an excuse not to buy what you're craving again. Moreover, this best wine app features sommeliers and winemakers to help guide your next purchase with curated lists of wines that will fit any palate or occasion. 

9. Pocket Wine Pairing: Love Food

 Pocket Wine app

Food and Wine Pairing is one of the best wine apps that is clear and accessible. The mobile app gives you a detailed index of hundreds of meal types - from breakfast to dessert - showing you the best matches for different wine styles, grape varieties, and blends.

The “Do’s & Don’ts" section, along with "Quick Guide To Food Types," provides valuable information enabling you to discover even more unique food and drink pairings for yourself while also being able to add photos as many times as desired!

10. Wine Searcher

Wine Searcher app

You’ve never seen a wine app quite like this before. Wine-Searcher brings the world together in your pocket, making it easier than ever to find wines and compare prices on your smartphone or tablet so you can make sure that you get what's best for both yourself and those around you. 

With an easy search engine within the app, finding new bottles of vino is as simple as typing words into Google Search – but without all the extra ads!

11. Wine Maps

Wine Maps

Wine Maps is one of the great wine apps that also serves as a handy tool for wine experts and novices alike. Sommeliers will find it particularly useful in teaching others about the world of vino. 

At the same time, novice drinkers can browse through regions at their leisure to learn more without having to sift through wordy text or get bogged down with confusing jargon. It's perfect for both home consumption as well as classroom use!

12. WineBid

WineBid best wine apps 

WineBid is one of those wine apps that feature wine auctions which is the perfect way for wine connoisseurs to invest in their love of all things oenology. Whether you're buying or selling wine, they have what you need to make your experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible!

Furthermore, WineBid is an innovative and cutting-edge wine auction website that has revolutionized the way people buy, sell, and trade their wines. With a white glove service to offer top-notch processes as well as quick payments for buyers who purchase on Winebid's online platform or mobile app, they have certainly mastered the art of selling fine wines!


Technology is changing the way we do everything. Now that there are more ways than ever to explore what makes a good wine, it’s no longer enough for us to simply rely on our opinion or instinct when picking out which one to buy.

These wine apps and software can help you understand the process of making wine from start to finish and learn about its different types, so you know exactly what you're getting into before shelling out your hard-earned cash!

If you want some professional guidance with all things related to wine, look no further than this article. Click here for fantastic wine making kits!


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