Some of the best whiskies to gift your loved ones this Valentine’s day

14 Best Sweet Whiskey Gifts For Valentine's Day

14 Best Sweet Whiskey Gifts For Valentine's Day

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As we celebrate the day of love, let’s dive into the exciting flavor profile of sweet whiskies. This liquor is perfect for whiskey lovers at heart that crave mellow and subdued tones. To help you plan your Valentine’s Day better, we streamlined the best sweet whiskey that makes a beautiful present to your favorite person.

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Our Top Picks

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskeycheck price button

Most Nostalgic - Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Candied licorice and caramel

Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Most Unique - Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey

One-of-a-kind I with golden syrup tart and spicey cereal

Jameson Whiskey
check price button

Most Affordable - Jameson Whiskey

Fruity concoction with pears, hops, and green apples


1. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey with box

check price button

Classic concoction for any season
70 Proof

In 2011, the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey incorporated real honey with its classic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. Not all distilleries can pull off flavored whiskies, but Jack Daniel’s did not fall short with its light, sweet, honeyed aroma, which brings out undertones of sugar maple and charcoal-mellowed fragrance that stands out on its right. 

This sweet touch by Jack Daniel’s whiskey can be found in any bar, which makes for a great start to your Valentine’s Day dinner plans. If you plan on staying home, it is best to prepare this over ice or add a sweet whiskey shot to a tall glass of ginger ale or cola.

2. George Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey 

George Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey

check price button

Liquid courage for the shy type
86 Proof

This spirit is a more exclusive selection from George Dickel Barrel. This rarity is a premium gift you can give to your loved ones since this sweet whiskey is made in small batches just once a year. 

Composed of a high corn mash bill and hints of sugar maple charcoal, this liquor undergoes a chill and drip charcoal filtration process, making the white whiskey go through a 10-layer filter. When it comes to nosing the spirit, expect tones of corn, honey, and caramel sweetness, along with a strong whiff of vanilla.

3. Collier and McKeel Tennessee Whiskey

Collier and McKeel Tennessee Whiskey

Sweet tooth’s choice
86 Proof

Collier and McKeel Tennessee Whiskey boasts a base with limestone-filtered water with flavors of corn mash, rye, and malted barley. This charred bourbon is processed in a hand-hammered copper pot for distillation with sugar maple charcoal drippings for a sweet finish.

This sweet whiskey is aged for four years and doesn’t shy away from bold aromas like vanilla and caramel. This concoction plays around with cocoa, espresso, and leather, which then crumbles into sweet hints of butterscotch.

4. Fireball Whiskey (Canadian Whiskey)Fireball Whiskey (Canadian Whiskey)

A puppy love’s potion
66 Proof

Better known as fireball cinnamon whiskey, it could be the best sweet whiskey Canada has to offer. It may have been aged in used American bourbon barrels, but the flavors are distinctly fond of cinnamon, which boasts subtle sweetness despite the 33% ABV. 

This spirit features a syrupy mix ideal for a house party setting and an excellent variant for young, first-time whiskey drinkers. If you’re not planning to get a little boozy this Valentine’s day, gifting your significant other who enjoy sweet drinks will appreciate the simplicity of this sweet Canadian whiskey.

5. Jameson Whiskey (Irish Whiskey)

Jameson Whiskey (Irish Whiskey) with box

check price button

Fruity Irish delight for the senses
80 Proof

The Jameson Whiskey is best known for its ingredients, consisting of fruity favorites like pears, hops, green apple, and vanilla notes. Think crunchy caramel-dipped apples when sipping on this Irish delight. It has sweet hints of caramel and a smooth finish that leaves you with a medium-length spice and honey. 

This sweet whiskey is also an affordable choice for whiskey lovers and dabblers. Getting this for your significant other wouldn’t be such a bad idea, thanks to its creaminess with a ginger biscuit finish in the palette.

6. West Cork Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey

West Cork Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey with box
check price button

A tropical whiskey wonder for the brave
80 Proof

This could be the youngest contender on our list since its producer, West Cork, has been distilling whiskies for only 18 years. Regardless, this distillery has been a stand-out for using Irish grain, triple distillation, and pot stills. Going the extra mile, West Cork also malts some of its barley. 

The West Cork Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey uses thyme, red apple, caramel, straw mats, banana, mango, and dried papaya. The mouthfeel is subtle with a nutty trigger and a slight spice with light oaky pears on the palette. This sweet whiskey is for the fearless who are not easily daunted by this whiskey’s strong finish.

7. Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey (Japanese Whiskey)

Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whiskey with box

check price button

The golden pearl from the orient
90 Proof

One of Japan’s renowned and high-end whiskey distillers, Nikka Coffey, has slowly made waves in the US. This sweet whiskey has blends of Japanese single grain at 45% ABV. The tawny gold color will surprise you once you start nosing the honey vanilla and toasted coconut.

Other tropical fruits you could catch in this sweet whiskey include melon and grapefruit. You will find balance from crunchy biscuits and fresh vanilla, leading to a gritty finish bringing you vibrant corn notes. The Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey also took home the Gold Award at the 2013 International Spirits Challenge, so you can never go wrong with this one.

8. Pendleton Whiskey (Canadian Whiskey)

Pendleton Whiskey (Canadian Whiskey)

Sweet tone for the subtle drinkers
80 Proof

The Pendleton whiskey is another Canadian contender that could easily be the best sweet whiskey on the market. Although this whiskey originated from Oregon, it’s a Canadian blend in oak barrels and is proofed with water from Mt. Hood.

The Pendleton whiskey comes off with a bright copper and quite a translucent gloss. In terms of the aromas, it will hit your senses with caramel and burnt marshmallow. More detailed scents emanate from nosing the whiskey, wherein you will get notes of rye spice and vodka.

9. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

 Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

check price button

Striking nostalgia with roasted peanut notes
70 Proof

A touch of childhood nostalgia is what you’ll get with the Skrewball peanut butter whiskey. With 35% ABV, it has a strong aroma of caramel, coffee cream, toasted vanilla, and peanut butter. As expected, the Skrewball peanut butter whiskey is thick, just like actual peanut butter but without the viscosity. 

This best sweet whiskey boasts touches of cinnamon and candy licorice. However, the finish is rather extensive with sweet ethanol, nutmeg, and honey sweetness, making it an ideal choice over ice or as a mixer to cap off your Valentine’s Day.

10. Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey with box

An evening surprise with aromatics that linger
92 Proof

This one-of-a-kind best sweet whiskey is for the adventurous at heart. With classic tones that meet new flavors, the Teeling Irish whiskey comprises 95% corn mash and 5% malted barley, making the spirit smoother than usual.

Nosing this sweet whiskey will give you an exciting aromatic experience brought by honeyed apples and red grape, along with floral and vanilla spices. The palate boasts light and buttery tones with a dried cranberry that lingers. Topping this whiskey’s finish will awaken your senses with its golden syrup tart and spicey cereal.

11. Johnnie Walker Sweet Peat Scotch Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Sweet Peat Scotch Whiskey

Smokey and nutty malt after every sip
80 Proof

Another best sweet whiskey for the day of hearts is the Johnnie Walker Sweet Peat Scotch Whiskey with its unique juxtaposition of smoky and sweet blends. It includes Caol Ila and sherry matured Glendullen. Notes of warm caramel and toasted fruits lead to an indulgent caramel palate that features a smooth fruity and nutty finish, including apples and oranges. 

This scotch’s unique factor is the lingering taste of smokiness after every sip. It is an ideal present this Valentine’s Day, especially for those who enjoy whiskey with a smoky character that includes vanilla and lemon.

12. Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Whiskey

Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Whiskey

Decadent drink for the season of love
71 Proof

The Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Whiskey has a decadent and consistent flavor that doesn’t falter. It features a honeyed fruit taste and finishes with even more sweet tones.

This bourbon has managed to bag the World’s Best Whiskey Liqueur for three consecutive years. Serve this sweet whiskey to your significant other over ice or as a sweet cocktail to end your Valentine’s night with a bang.

13. Blackened American Whiskey

Blackened American Whiskey with box

check price button

A symphony of apricot notes and butterscotch
90 Proof

The penultimate of our best sweet whiskeys is an award-winning premium choice of the century. The Blackened American Whiskey brings amateur and avid whiskey drinkers a hand-selected blend of well-aged bourbons and ryes. It’s value for money that delivers way more than just honey tones, but also butterscotch, cinnamon, and mint.

This stand-out sweet whiskey is a superb choice on neat with stone rocks. A smooth finish is well on its way from black brandy casks that bring whiskey enthusiasts apricot notes, creating a symphony of flavors with caramel and honey.

14. Bird Dog Spiced Flavored Whiskey (Kentucky Bourbon)

Bird Dog Spiced Flavored Whiskey (Kentucky Bourbon)

Award-winning sweet whiskey for cocktail lovers
80 Proof

The Bird Dog Spiced Flavored Whiskey has won numerous accolades like the Sip Innovation Award and San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It’s a Kentucky-brewed bourbon with hot cinnamon flavors that bring you sweet and spicy notes while leaving you with an aftertaste of vanilla and oak.

This spiced sweet whiskey is usually best over ice on your favorite whiskey glass or infused in whiskey cocktails for a more casual take. With its magnifying peach flavors oozing from the glass as you nose its sweet aroma, it makes for a great drink to gift your significant other after a lovely heart’s day dinner.


Did you enjoy our selection of the best sweet whiskies? Not only do they make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, they are also a great way to try something new with your loved ones. 

You might also want to pair your sweet whiskey with the best whiskey glasses to get the most out of it.

Don't forget to share this article with your fellow whiskey lovers and let us know in the comments which sweet whiskey sparked your interest.

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