Man writing article on laptop with food and drinks on the table

Top 6 Snacks & Drinks For Writers

Man writing article on laptop with food and drinks on the table

Very often, you may find yourself in a state where you don't know what to write. All ideas are boring. However, creativity can be increased by consuming certain food and drinks. 

Is there a food that boosts productivity? What to eat to write like a machine? This article answers all these questions and suggests the best food and drinks for writers.

Importance of Right Food and Drinks for Authors

Famous writers have a few more secrets of success in addition to talent and experience. Writers need to have three more ingredients to be successful: creativity, inspiration, and productivity. 

Some believe that these are entirely insignificant indicators. That productivity is a trendy concept and inspiration is an emerging phenomenon. However, there are ways to influence productivity, inspiration, and creativity through food.

Food and Drinks that Make You Productive & Creative

1. Coffee

Brewed coffee being poured to a cup

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is coffee. Coffee is no longer just a drink; it is a whole religion. On the way to work, people grab a cup of coffee to wake up and cheer up. For professional authors, coffee is a signal to be productive. 

From a psychological point of view, you just need to instill in your brain that with a cup of coffee, the magic productivity button will turn on. From a scientific point of view, caffeine suppresses relaxation. Also, it increases attention and speed of reaction. 

According to Harvard studies, coffee contains a mixture of different chemicals. Some studies say that even the smell of coffee can invigorate a person. Thus, coffee helps to concentrate on writing and not be distracted.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea with a leaf

Green tea also contains caffeine, but not as much as coffee. Many people who do not like coffee or those whom it is contraindicated resort to consuming green tea. Green tea can boost mental alertness. Its consumption significantly affects a person's attention and memory. 

There is one crucial difference between green tea and coffee. 

Coffee boosts your energy from the first sips. Before you finish your cup, you will feel a surge of energy. Often, even a couple of sips is enough to forget about all the surroundings and delve into writing. However, after a short time, you will feel tired again. 

While green tea doesn’t give you vigor immediately, it will energize you for a more extended period. Besides, according to the Forbes investigation, green tea is likely to reduce the number of diseases.

3. Water

Girl sipping a glass of water

It may seem that this is quite obvious, and there’s even a phone app that reminds you to drink water several times a day. 

The reason we get tired during the day is that we don't drink enough fluids. Water is directly related to focusing attention. A sip of water is like a sigh from which you begin to write. The purity and clarity of the water are associated with pure writing and clear thought. Every person has their own unique need for water intake.

4. Chocolate

White and black chocolate bars

Inspiration is most often influenced by foods that you love so much. Sweets produce serotonin in our body - the hormone of happiness. After consuming sweets, the body’s endorphins level rises, causing a feeling of pleasure or even a kind of euphoria.

When you are happy, you have a desire to write. New ideas and thoughts come to mind where ideas and storylines are born. Sweets directly affect our brain, and coffee and sweets are a great combination. Thanks to this pair, the writer increases productivity and inspiration.

Chocolate triggers our hormones serotonin and endorphin, which are hormones of happiness. Writers who want to think creatively often consume chocolate. 

The nutrients in chocolate dilate blood vessels. It promotes lateral thinking and blood flow to the brain. The caffeine in chocolate encourages us to work. The strength and energy appear to write something, invent and work on their projects.

5. Beer

Mug of beer on top of a table in front if the sea

Admit it; you are pleasantly surprised to see this product on the list. Why do writers drink beer? It has been noted more than once that beer stimulates creativity. Moreover, it increases your ability to come up with new exciting ideas and solutions. 

Medically speaking, alcohol makes you lose concentration. It makes you sluggish, less productive, and full of ideas. People from absolutely know the scientific explanation of this. 

However, the percentage of alcohol in beer is small. It helps to relax, worry less and worry about problems around the corner. This will help you think more profoundly and thus come up with more interesting ideas. However, remember to measure. Excessive alcohol consumption has negative consequences.

6. Nuts

Bunch of peanuts in a bowl

Nuts are not only a great source of energy and carbs, but they are also a super important aspect of your inspiration. The satiety that comes from eating nuts helps you focus on writing because you are not distracted by hunger. 

Also, when you snap nuts, the sound creates a particular atmosphere in which there is a clear stream of thoughts. Among other things, nuts contain a considerable amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals for your health.

Final Thoughts

So, it is clear that certain foods are directly related to your productivity, creativity, and imagination. All the facts listed here have scientific evidence. Now when once again you think about snacks on your desktop, open this article. 

Remember, not all of the foods described here are good for your health, especially if you consume large amounts of them all the time. Monitor your diet, sleep patterns, and physical activity. All this also plays an essential role in the efficiency of your work.


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