Man throwing a flair bottle behind a table of cocktails

13 Best Flair Training Classes: Becoming An In-Demand Bartender

Man throwing a flair bottle behind a table of cocktails

Flair is an important skill for anyone working in the foodservice industry. Flair bartending classes are designed to teach bartenders new tricks, styles, and skills that will help them make their tip jars flow with more money. 

They can also set employees apart from their peers and give them a leg up on promotions. If you want to excel at being a bartender, then it is important to take courses in this area.

To help you get started, we have compiled some of the top schools offering these services for you to explore so you can become the best employee that any boss could ask for!

1. European Bartender School

European Bartender School website

The European Bartender School has been branching across the globe and in 20 years, they have opened more than 25 schools worldwide. Over 70, 000 people from all over the 5 continents take their unique courses which often lead them to achieve honorable things.

This school has the largest number of students and schools all around the world so it's no surprise that their certificate is globally recognized.

You can find their schools in 20 countries all over Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa. You would be proud to hold such an impressive record!

Their International Bartender Course is the best of its kind. They're well-known for providing students with first-class practical and theoretical education, which makes them stand out from other schools' courses.

They offer various courses but their most famous courses are:

  • International Bartender Course (4 - week duration)
  • Online Bartending Courses (3+ -  hour duration)
  • Basic Bartender Course (1 - week duration)

Their advanced bartender courses include:

  • Advanced Bartending Course (2 - week duration)
  • Advanced Flair Course (6 - day duration)
  • Instructor Academy (3 - week duration)

They also have specialized bartender courses such as:

  • Mixology Course (2 - day duration)
  • Working Flair Course (2 - day duration)

Their Board of Education takes its responsibility very seriously, ensuring that the industry's most elite bartenders are educated in all aspects.

Representing this group is Gavin Wrigley, who is the head of the European Bartender School Education Department alongside Tom Dyer, Björn Kjellberg, Ludovic Ducrocq, and Giacomo Giannotti.

2. FlairBartending.TV

FlairBartending.TV website

The FlairBartending.TV is a one-stop-shop for all your bartending needs. From learning how to flair and stage to proper service techniques that will make sure guests never walk away unsatisfied, FlairBartending has got you covered!

These videos are specifically designed with the goal of teaching people with no flair background everything they need to achieve bartender greatness. Then you can apply your learnings both behind the bar and when hosting social events or parties at home.

Chris Myers is the brain behind this site. He started FlairBartendingTV back in 2007 when he uploaded instructional videos about the drink-making process for his friends. He was surprised that professionals from Sweden and Thailand ended up watching them! He flourished from there.

Myers is one of the most successful and well-known pourers in all of bartending. One of his many achievements is winning the title of Stella Artois World Draught Master and earning the trophy as the best pourer of Stella Artois in the globe.

Furthermore, Myers went to London, where he represented America against 30 other countries for a global title that would take him into victory lane!

Here are some of the flair bartending video lessons on the site:

  • Juggle Flair Bottles
  • Chin Stack
  • Flair Combo
  • Tin Lift Off
  • Onverse Pour From Tin
  • Arm Roll Down to Double Across Body (with Pour/Cut)

3. Professional School of Bartending

Professional School of Bartending website

The Professional School of Bartending has been the go-to for bartenders in Massachusetts since 1977. They have trained more than 10,000 professional mixologists since their opening!

They teach the processes of how to be a confident bartender with all the skills needed for this industry. It'll help build up valuable knowledge that can make an impact when standing behind bars or at home serving drinks.

You'll be able to use all aspects like preparing ingredients and learning about the necessary bar tools and equipment. Moreover, you'll also learn customer service techniques in a realistic environment where they provide everything for their students!

These are the classes they offer:

  • Flair Bartending
  • Complete Mixology/Bartending Program
  • TIPS – Responsible Alcohol Service Training
  • Free Intro Class
  • Bartending 101
  • Private Class

Moreover, they offer event services and team building. Here are some of the pros for enrolling at the Professional School of Bartending.

  • Their instructors are bartenders with real bartending experience
  • Easy access by public transportation
  • Unlimited class time
  • They offer flexible scheduling
  • Assist in job placement in local and national workplaces
  • Updates its book approximately every 3-years

Flair bartending is among their most well-known classes. Opie is an internationally recognized award-winning flair bartender and corporate trainer who will be taking charge of this class. He focuses on the drink-making process while still obtaining professional standards of excellence! 

4. Professional Bartending School of Miami 786-BARTEND

Professional Bartending School of Miami 786-BARTEND

The Professional Bartending School of Miami 786-BARTEND offers an all-new flair program that will teach students everything there is to know about creating drinks with extra style!

This school is the best choice for professional bartenders who are looking to expand their skills and learn stylish flair moves. With over 28 years in the industry, every instructor has plenty of experience teaching others how to mix drinks right!

They will teach you everything from the basics to more advanced techniques - from stocking bar caddies, maintaining bar essentials, and all the way up through making your own custom garnishes.

They also provide practical hands-on lessons in tossing, flipping, and spinning for any level bartender looking to make huge tips!

They offer three courses:

  • Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Exhibition flair classes monthly

The introduction to working flair is a four-hour intensive hands-on training seminar that includes the basic skills and materials. This class also gets you a fantastic flair bottle, a mixing tin, and all other class materials.

The intermediate working flair course covers all of your basic and many advanced moves. From pouring techniques and tricks to explaining how best practices are broken down for any workplace setting - this is one class you don't want to miss out on.

Furthermore, if you're planning on joining a flair competition in the future, then taking the Exhibition Flair course is a must. You'll get to learn stylish flair moves in this course, including juggling, pyrotechnics, bar magic, and many more!

The instructors are composed of Isaac Ergas, Manuel Munoz, and Michael Magnone. These three experts will make sure you'll master multiple routines, advanced pouring techniques, stacking, exhibition flair, and more.

5. Bartender & Hospitality Training

Bartender & Hospitality Training website

Bartender & Hospitality Training is also another establishment that will help you become the best bartender in town! They specialize in pouring drinks more impressively, stacking glasses better, and even bottle-maneuvering magic.

You'll be able to impress friends and customers with skills that are sure to put money into your tip jar faster. When it's time for the big day, graduates are given a valuable gift such as a copy of Flair Bartending Made Easy and America’s #1 Shot- Master Drink Index - all ready to take home!

One enthusiastic student shares his perspective on joining the Flair-Master Bartender Certification. He was blown away by how much information they could teach in such a short amount of time. He was really impressed with how much value he got out of this course.

Other than the Flair Master Bartender Certification Program, they also offer the following programs:

  • Professional Certification
  • Professional Certification Plus
  • Masters of Mixology
  • Advanced Programs
  • TIPS Training

Becoming a graduate of their Bartender Program means that you will be prepared to face interviews and know how to interact professionally socially. You'll have all the necessary skills for success, and you'll shine on interviews and get plenty of job offers!

6. San Antonio Flair Bartending Class

San Antonio Flair Bartending Class website

One of the only schools in Texas to offer a state-approved flair class, The San Antonio location is perfect for bartenders who are interested in not just enhancing their fantastic flair skills but also increasing their potential income.

This school has proven itself as one where people go out looking different from other bars because they're so well trained and skilled!

In this school, students will learn some simple flair bartending tricks and moves. Some skills they can expect from this course include flipping tins, garnish tricks, bridge pour, waterfall or pyramid pour, and more!

This four-hour bartending flair class is a great way to add some flair, creativity, and self-expression. They allow any student to enroll, either with experience or none.

The San Antonio Bartending School's staff is comprised of four people - Rachel Burdett, Larry Stratton, Mrs. Theresa Haxton, and Adam Clay.

Rachel is the owner of the school, while Adam Clay is their flair instructor. Adam has helped numerous students improve and develop their bartending and flair talent that led to their success.

A former student named Dylan came into this school thinking he was just going to get a little extra money from learning but instead walked away with skills that can be used in many different ways. And what made it even better was the incredible staff.

7. Pro Bartending School Online

Pro Bartending School Online website

Professional Bartender's School has been in operation longer than any other school. The bartenders who graduated from their programs knew that they were receiving an elite level of education.

Their North County location in San Marcos has been operating since 1983, and it's still going strong. This school offers the best and most affordable bartending school in North County, San Diego. They also provide an amazing selection of classes for every skill level and schedule.

Professional Bartending School's instructors are passionate about teaching their students the ins and outs of bartending. They have years' worth of experience, which they can use to help you become a professional bartender quickly and easily!

Their Flair Bartending Class is a step-by-step training course that will help you learn the fantastic art of flair bartending. The lesson includes video demonstrations and all information found in their book, which introduces this exciting field!

In addition, this course will prepare and certify your fantastic bartending skills with extra style. Quizzes are included that help measure progress in learning the art of flair bartending. If you complete the home practice, you will be rewarded a Flair Bartending Certification Of Completion.

8. Maryland Bartending Academy

Maryland Bartending Academy website

Maryland Bartending Academy has been the go-to school for bartenders in Maryland since they were founded back in 1980.

They provide hands-on training that will provide you with all of those fantastic flair skills and confidence needed to start your first job as soon as possible! Known throughout town, this respected academy has been a breeder of amazing bartenders.

The Maryland Bartending Academy is a top-notch school. They are a well-recognized and approved training center for bartenders, cocktail servers, mixologists in the DC area by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Since 1981, they've been a member and have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In 2005, they were appointed as the exclusive training facility in Maryland/Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia vicinity.

They've also been awarded an official citation from the Senate of Maryland for 25 years of excellence in bartending. They were awarded the Quest for Excellence Award by the Professional Bartending Schools of America (PSBA) in the most recent times.

Aside from the trick or flair bartender course, they also offer the following:

  • On and Off-Premise Alcohol Awareness Certification
  • Wine Classes/ Education
  • Beer and Spirit Education
  • Safe Food Handlers
  • Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course
  • Gratuity Secrets
  • Bartender Bootcamp

Christopher Tucker, a former student at this academy, loved learning with his wonderful teacher. He said that she was so patient and helpful in the classroom while also being understanding of all the different levels he had learned over time. 

9. Shake & Pour Bartending School

Shake & Pour Bartending School website

Some people would say flair bartending is hard. Well, not with Shake & Pour Bartending School! With their innovative 40-hour course, you can learn all the basics of flair bartending, such as a basic flip, ice throwing, spoon flip, and more, in no time.

Plus, there are no rotating shifts or sharing the bar like other schools. At Shake & Pour, they believe that training should be hands-on guaranteed to ensure that each student gets real experience in perfecting basic techniques of flair bartending.

Get the inside scoop on how to create an exciting atmosphere while learning with their comprehensive flair bartending course. The flair class is comprised of the following:

  • 5-hour flair class
  • A flair bottle
  • A large cocktail shaker
  • A small shaker
  • Plastic garnishes, straws, and toothpicks
  • Unlimited practice time
  • Free refresher courses

Other than their flair class, they also offer the following courses:

  • 1-hour Free Trial Class
  • 40-hour Pro Bartending Class
  • Clases De Bartender En Español
  • Quick Shake Class
  • Tasting Seminars

10. Flair Bartender’s School (FBS)

Flair Bartender’s School (FBS) website

The Flair Bartenders School is an institution in Italy established by the American Bartending federation to transmit passion and professionalism.

This school is a dynamic and professional training facility for those who want to pursue their dream bartending or mixologist careers.

You'll also get to meet the ultimate dream team of FBS: Pino Ascione, Marco Moccia, Vitale de Rosa, Marco Silvestro, Mario Pipicelli, and Francesco De Rosa. This team has vast experience in every area and the ability to organize anything based on your requests.

Moreover, FBS offers their very own Craft Flair Course and other courses like:

  • Bartender Pro Course
  • Extreme Course
  • Executive Bartender Course
  • Bar Chef Course
  • Master Beer Course

11. Local Bartending School

Local Bartending School website

Local Bartending School is the brainchild of an internet entrepreneur and a nightclub/bar owner who met in 2011. The idea of starting a bartending school was born out of the bar owner's frustration over the difficulty in finding skilled and adept bartenders.

They both saw that bartending is a high-demand job across America, so they decided to join forces. They started with 300 instructors and have already produced a whopping count of over 5000 LBS professional bartenders.

With over 1300 facilities nationwide, LBS is among the oldest and biggest bartending schools in operation nationwide. And with their instructors available to you at any time, you’ll be able to find the right one who can teach your needs and exceed them too! 

LBS also believes that flair is a valuable skill to have since it will help owners and marketers promote their bars and brands of liquor. Possessing such skills can also be a great asset to a bartender's resume. You can take the flair lessons as an add-on or ala carte option.



In 2010, Strictlyflair saw an opportunity for their business to grow even further by moving their brand from San Francisco all the way out eastward to Las Vegas and even Nepal.

They have thrived ever since while providing service through their flair bartending course as well as staffing events with some of today’s best bartender professionals who are eager to teach what they know.

Strictlyflair's amazing team is a veritable army of flair and mixology. With Kushal Poudel at the helm, the company has been able to improve tremendously.

The CEO has appeared on TV channels and magazines. He's a master of speed, mixology, as well as flair moves. He runs his business together with his most trusted managing director, Ram Gautam, and the instructor, Kumar Panday.

This course will cater to both beginners and advanced students. Other services they offer are:

  • Private Events
  • Flair Bartending Stage Show
  • Improvise Service and Standard

Strictlyfair has also helped multiple students, including Bhim Rana Magar, who extends his gratitude to the CEO and managing director for opening the best bartending school in Nepal. He says they've helped him hone his skills and given him plenty of opportunities.

13. Fine Art Bartending

Fine Art Bartending website

Fine Art Bartending was founded in 1973 and is Canada’s most acclaimed bartending school with over 25,000 graduates. These people dream of becoming professional mixologists through the company's Commercial Certificate course that's recognized as one of the best around!

Fine Art Bartending's success is due in part to the quality of their bartending school. They are known as Vancouver's longest-running and have trained more than 9000 students over 35 years!

One of the courses and services they offer is the Flair Bartending Seminar, a 4-hour session that will teach you over 50 working flair moves.

You'll also learn how to put together short sequences so that your routine is easier and more entertaining for customers - all while impressing those around you with ease of execution.

This flair class is led by their experienced bartender Mike Quinn, who started this program from his years of teaching around North America and beyond! Mike has a knack for simplifying the complicated and making it feel approachable.

When you’re just starting out, Working Flair can seem like an intimidating skill set - but Mike focuses on fundamentals so that even beginners have something to build off of in their pursuit of flair! 

Here are more of the seminars they offer:


If you’re an aspiring bartender or looking to update your skill set, it is essential that flair bartending become a part of your repertoire. It will help you build confidence, showcase your skills in front of customers, and make you a more experienced bartender overall.

Whether for personal enjoyment or as a job, flair bartending will undoubtedly give you an edge. Are you ready to enroll in your flair bartending school of choice? We'll be happy to hear about your experiences in the comments below!


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